PH's Daygame: I meet girls.


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 4 of day game, june 2022

Just one of those days where I didnt feel like sarging but I went out anyway because I already had it planned into the schedule. My mood was down, so I started pre-gaming by asking for directions (about 4 times). It was a really busy part of the city (Singapore, Central area) so there was no shortage of women. Most women here are Asian.

Not the way I expected
My first approach was a cute blonde hair dyed girl with indirect direct. A few back and forth banter, before it died down and I bounced. Next it was a girl at the bus stop. I opened her with the same opener and her bus came. Then followed by a girl who was waiting for her boyfriend. And another girl who kept on walking.

5 minute break
Eventually I took a seat in one of the benches in the mall. Feeling the sense of urgency to continue I stood up and opened a girl who was standing next to the wall.

Me: Excuse me, do you know where the library is?
Her: (Bunch of directions)
Me: I just had to come to tell you that you look really cute and I would regret it if I didn't come here to say that now
Her: Smiles*
Me: So what brought you here today?
Her: I am waiting for my friend
Me: Going to have dinner right
Her: Yeah, how about you?
Me: Yeah I'm also here to have dinner. What will you be having here?
Her: Hmm (pause) I dont really know.
Me: Like what is your favorite food?
Her: I dont really have any favorites, I just follow my friend usually.

(Throughout the interaction I could feel that she was moving a little away from me)

Me: And your friend just happened to leave you here alone
Her: Yeah, she forgot her purse so she went back to take
Me: Aww, so you are stuck here
Her: Actually it's my fault, I should have reminded her
Me: Wait it's not your fault, like she forgot and you would have reminded her anyway if you saw it. (I went onto some analogy. Looking back I realized I should be on her side instead and says its her fault)

The conversation ended as she claimed her friend was calling her. I didn't want to wait for a girl to call someone.

More boyfriends
Another girl with a boyfriend
Another girl whom I left after the indirect part of the opener

Finally I met the final girl for today standing at the mall entrance. She had some purchases which she left on the floor. I ran through the routines of indirect direct.

Me: I would regret it if I didnt come to speak to you.
Her: Laughs*
Me: What brought you here today?
Her: Having dinner with a friend. Hbu?
Me: Yup I am having dinner too
Her: You waiting for someone?
Me: Nope, eating by myself. Used to it. I mean sometimes I do eat with my secondary school friends, just they are distant, not physically but emotionally because we dont always have time to meet.

Looking back I could still be honest and say yeah, but later.

Me: Oh yeah what do you love or hate?
Her: Looks confused*
Me: Context. I mean what do u love or hate about this place?
Her: I dont usually come here
Me: Too crowded ah
Her: Yeah
Me: I also dont really like here, its so crowded and it feels like people are squeezing past you in and out while standing here.
Her: Yeah
(A few more lines)

Eventually her friend came and she left with her.

Final thoughts
Today was bad, but I'm glad I learnt something. Everyday is a good day to sarge and practice.


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 5

Today I felt alot better. Mood was good, even got into a high energy gamey state. Enthusiastic to sarge. Right off the bat using indirect direct with the 1st girl without any pre-game warm up. Unfortunately she appeared to not understand English very well. Kept trying to open her regardless, with the just keep talking strategy and hope that it hits.

"Can I not answer you"
Following that was this standing middle aged lady whom I just opened because I wanted momentum. I started talking about myself and why I came to this shopping mall. The moment I started to ask her about it she says "can I not answer you". I failed the shit test as I didn't think it through and immediately answered you dont have to answer anyone if u dont want to.

Walking approach
The other girl was alot more interested. She reached the hook point nearly immediately with my indirect direct followed by a few questions about her. We started talking about whether she likes to do her job.

Her: Yeah I like my job
Me: Wow so you are really unique, you actually like doing your work. So many other people just work for money, they may not enjoy it and just tolerate their job. What's so special about your job?
Her: I work for a shipping company
Me: What do you like about it?

She pauses for awhile before answering. I felt that she wasnt sure what to say

Her: I just like it. What do you do?
Me: I work part time selling medicines

She looks at her phone and told me that she had to go

Spaghetti strap Japan chick
She looked more local than Japanese. Felt more nervous than usual approaching her but managed to open regardless. She didnt really understand English but she did her best to communicate. Her accent was the best thing, made me feel even more attracted.

Me: You don't sound local
Her: Yeah I am not
Me: What brought u here out of all places like Australia, USA,
Her: I just really like Singapore
Me: Wow thats cool! So of all the places you feel that this is the best
Her: Oh my friend is here.

A dude came over and she went off with him.

Hired gun
Young chick looked like she just got out of school and came straight to work after changing her clothes. Used the same openers and teased her on her product knowledge. Then started discussing our jobs.

Her: I'm working part time here and also full time
Me: And you also work you were saying. Wow that's crazy how do you have so much time to have 2 jobs and study at the same time
Her: Now I am on holiday.
Me: Ah that's where you get all your free time
Her: Smiles
Me: And what do you do with ur other free time?
Her: I go hiking, like at Bukit Timah (some hill). Have you gone hiking before?
Me: Me, I only go to botanic gardens, henderson bridge and bedok reservoir for hiking before. Did you enjoy the hike? Was it difficult?
Her: The hill go up very high at start so like not easy then after that it's easier
Me: Oh so the terrain is steep at start, then flatter and easier
Her: Yeah correct

Eventually we reached a low point and I asked for her number. She hesitated abit before giving and immediately after that she said she had to work. I felt like she gave me a fake number or was not interested, but it was genuine.

Around the whole neighbourhood
True indirect opener for the last lady. Literally courier service with just a question. Huge amount of investment on her end, should've taken her number at least

Me: Hey do you know where the library is
She: Its over there
Me: Confused look*
She: Turns around and says follow me

As we walk, we talked

She: So what brings you to the library?
Me: Actually I'm not really a bookworm myself, but my friend asked me to meet there and I was thinking to myself why not, maybe I might actually be reading a book for once
She: Laughs*
Me: How about you, what brought you to that shop? (that shop I approached her in was selling ear rings, necklaces)
She: Oh I was going to go to Thailand, I was making preparations before I go.
Me: Wow no way, which place in Thailand?
She: Going to Bangkok
Me: Oooh I have been there before. That time I still remembered it was a crazy trip I went with someone I barely knew and we booked the flight in like 15 minutes.
She: Wow that's crazy, why did u decide to book even though you dont know your friend?
Me: Yeah I went against my judgement because it sounded like a really fun trip and I was having a holiday. So where will you be going?
She: The other time I went with my family. Now I am going along with my friends to Bangkok

We eventually reached the library and I thanked her.


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 6

Overflowing with approach energy, feeling like the shopping mall was a club. 1st official attempt at doing screening and qualifying. Previously made the incorrect assumption that qualifying was unnecessarily complimenting the girl and avoided it. Having done it today at least twice I felt that it's hands down one of the best ways to build rapport. Nothing feels better than sincere appreciation at being great, especially if they have put in alot of effort to it.

The pre-game
Yes, its that girl with a boyfriend again. I was so ready to do my screen and qualifying only to get blown off immediately. Next. Another girl who just kept on walking upon approach. Next.

Movie girl
Opened her indirect direct followed by a cold read of where she was from (China).

Me: I'm here to buy some strings for my ukulele. I love music. What brings you here today?
Her: I am actually here to buy some movie tickets.
Me: Thats really cool, I like girls who like to watch movie. Movies are amazing. Recently I watched Dr strange and it was one of the best movies I have ever watched.
Her: Wow thats nice, I never see that. Oh sorry I got to go buy the tickets.
Me: You know what lets watch a movie together someday. Let me add you on my phone (Pulls out phone)

Felt good, a number close in less than 3 minutes.

Indirect direct opener at the bubble tea store. Girl was waiting for a drink.

Me: I'm here to buy some strings for my ukulele. What bring you here today?
Her: Waiting for my bubble tea drink.
Me: Sounds yummy. Do you do anything musical or artistic?
Her: Nope.

She failed the screen so I had to punish her. I punished her by pausing and just looking away a little disinterested. I resumed with another question.

Me: How about anything sporty?
Her: I am more of an introvert
Me: Ah

(pauses again)

Not knowing how to come back from this I walked away. Probably could've continued building rapport from the bottom up saying something like what do you love doing as an introvert as a third attempt to screen and qualify.

True chinese lady
I just started the indirect part of my game and she said in chinese she dont understand. She was one of the lady selling a massage product, but she stood so far away I thought she was another shopping mall goer. I opened her direct in chinese and she laughed a little. We were standing in front of a speciality drink stalls for tea, so I teased her to buy the tea for me too. She misinterpreted as me signaling I want to buy for her.

Facepalms* (Thats not what I do lady)

Unfortunately the damage was done and she walked away as I tried to clarify.

Golden hair braids
The final girl. Had to open her over the golden hair braids. Just one of those times where I clearly don't know what I was doing and just approaching for the sake of it

Me: Amazing golden hair.
Her: Thanks
Me: What makes you decide to get your hair done?
Her: Courage
Me: Thats really cool though, like my watch, initially I didn't really want to get it but I decided like hmm let me just get something great to look at so I bought it.
Her: Oh
Me: So what brought you here?
Her: I'm going to meet my friend. Ok I got to go (and she left)


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 7

One of those days where I didnt feel like sarging but I already had it planned. I was not going to let my mood get in my way. Today's venue was at the center of the city, but after the pandemic, many large stores have closed down so the volume was low. I walked and walked for way too long that my feet hurt, as the traffic was thin and dispersed over a large area.

Mama's girl standing
Me: Hey do you know where the library is
She: directions*
Me: Just kidding I just thought that you were really cute.
She: Smiles*
Me: So I came over here today to buy some strings. My friend has a ukulele and wanted me to get some strings. Are you a musical person?
She: Nope
(I pause)

I was trying to screen her at that time. Now I realize the screen was actually hard to pass. Not many people will define themselves as a musical person, an artistic person even if they do art or music because they perceive it to be not good enough or they just arent doing it often enough to consider it as a hobby.

Me: What brings you here then?
She: I'm waiting for my mum, going to buy clothes
Me: She buys your clothes or you choose which ones you want to buy?
She: She buys my clothes
Me: Ah, so you are more the type of person who is more easy going when it comes to clothes.
She: I mean I have to respect my mum decision also.
Me: Oh why not buy your own clothes. You have like your own styles and ideas and sometimes your mum may not understand you
She: I mean I sometimes buy my own clothes too, but I also wear what my mum buys for me
Me: Ah, so sometimes you prefer to buy your own, other times you prefer to respect your mum and wear what she wants you to wear.
She: Still looks confused*
Me: You are confusing me

More disappearing girls
Open her once, get several lines in, her friend comes.
And once again another girl too as her friend comes back from work.
Blown off a total of one time today later on, as a 30+ year old lady snobbishly walked off.

Underpass approach
She was walking towards me. I knew I had to open.

Me: That's a really great curly hair you have. It looks amazing
Her: Thank you!
Me: I wish my hair was that curly myself, but mine gets rather messy, so I keep it short. What bring you here in this part of town?
Her: I am going for my lessons actually (she was about to go)
Me: Are you studying ice cream making (pointing at her ice cream she was eating)
Her: Haha nope
Me: You should, it looks really tasty!
Her: Yeah
Me: Before you go, let me add you on my phone

On hindsight, should've kept her for longer before pulling the trigger.

No chance
Did another one of those approaches where the lady was already halfway past me as I opened her. At that moment I felt that the approach has already gone bad, but I opened her regardless and she continued on after hearing the opener.

Did one sitting approach where the lady completely ignored me after opening. Awkward. I didnt care. I opened her with about 3 different openers before giving up.

Even more fails
Another standing lady who I didnt realize was a mum.

What was good
Persisted to complete today's sarge despite setbacks

What can be improved
Lower screening difficulty, or just ask what they are good at if they fail the first screen
Less time walking, more time talking


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 8

I was reading Mark Manson's Models today and in one of those section of honest action was called internal resistance (to change). The stories and voices in our head that may interfere with our approach such as the following below.

"I dont want to bother her"
"Her boyfriend might come over"
"I had prettier girls ever than her" etc.

As much as I feel comfortable with sarging women on a daily basis, I too have my own stories that I tell myself that really affects my sarge. So I began to work on reframing them in a way that was helpful and true.

1) Other strangers close to the set (within earshot)
- Feels like I'm disturbing the peace
+ Look it's the public, it's normal to talk
-> If you want peace, get your ass to the library

2) Girls showing skin/really hot girls (They attract attention)
- More people looking and thinking I'm cringe
+ Tbh, one glance is all the fuck they give
-> She's another girl get over it

- Hot girls are socially skilled, harder to sarge
+ They are still girls, they need hot guys to approach them
-> She's another girl get over it

3) Walking girls
- She wont stop walking
+ 80% of the time they stop
-> Get them to stand nearby and not block the traffic

4) Touching girls (pre-open/in conversation)
- What if they shout molest
+ Happens 0.01% of the time (touching her arm or hands)
-> Dont worry about it, you will be struck by lightning first

- What if others see
+ Think about how you react when you see a good friend
-> Touching is normal

Moving on to today's sarge
Shorter day than usual, as I was going to gym later. Felt good. Managed to implement point 1) from above by sarging without caring about the other strangers who may be listening in. Started off with basic direction questions to 4 people, and continued on with the 1st lady, who was walking in my direction. I stopped and opened her. She laughed and walked away.

Girl 2
Moving on to girl 2, an indian girl with a laptop sitting on a 6 chaired table. I went opposite with a indirect direct opener

Me: Hey is there anyone sitting here?
Her: Nope (as she cleared the space for me to sit opposite her. I took the center seat)
Me: Actually I came here because I thought you looked really cute and I wanted to say hi. My name's xxx (I extended my hand but she did not reciprocate)
Me: Whats your name?
Her: Shaz xxx
Me: Wow I dont like your laptop it's really small, but I really like your watch
Her: Haha its just a cheap watch
Me: Let me see (gesturing to bring it over)

She leaned her arm towards me and I took a look at it

Me: Looks good actually, where did u buy it from?
Her: Takashimaya. It was on offer supposed to be 120 dollars but now only 50 dollars
Me: 50 dollars is not cheap
Her: Haha yeah

Me: You look like a student from the polytechnic
Her: Nope, I am from ITE
Me: Whats ur course?
Her: Im studying business something*
Me: Wow that sounds really cool. I have a friend studying there too, she was in biochemistry course. What made you choose that course out of all the available choices?

She said something about how she likes business and that it was challenging for her to enter the course

Me: Haha you don't look it someone who studies a lot. Really impressed how u managed to beat the rest of them for the course.
Her: Yeah


She doesn't seem the most interested, alternating between using the laptop and continuing the conversation. The whole time I felt like I was on thin ice.

More rejections
Girl 3 was sitting on a table for about 6 people. She seemed annoyed to share the table as she asked politely for me to leave when I approached her.
Girl 4 had her male companion when to the toilet when I approached. Been in set for about 30 seconds before the guy tried to AMOG me. I left as per usual. No point dealing with sets of 2 when I can barely deal with 1.
Girl 5 was sitting at the lobby at ground floor. I came over and sat next to her. After 2 seconds, she angled her body away from me. I opened her but she completely ignored me with her earphones in. Contemplated doing pre-opening, but decided against it as she clearly seemed not interested.

Girl 6 was having lunch at a table of 2. I sat on the opposite side and immediately began opening her. I still remembered talking way too fast with her. Her talking speed was slow and mine was fast, just slightly slower than an indian spokesman. I love my indirect directs.

Indirect direct complimenting her as cute
Her: Smiles as she continues her meal
Me: I saw you sitting here and eating your meal and you seem to be enjoying yourself, and even though you felt a little uncomfortable that I am here, you know that it may eventually be a fun experience.
Her: I am from secondary school (Ah crap, another youngling)
Me: You know like the roller coasters going all the way up, and then swarming u down and how do u feel when it goes down?

She did not respond.

Me: Alright cya I gotta go get some stuff
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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 9
Yes! The slow speaking approach is definitely the right way. Today I tried something different. I decided I was going to talk slowly with every single girl that I was approaching today, making sure they hear what I was saying completely.

I used to speak fast because I was trying to "speed up" the seduction before the girl gets interrupted. I wanted to cram as many PUA techniques inside, such as screening and qualifying, push-pull, but it felt like certain girls I couldn't really attract. I thought my game was off, or they just weren't interested. Looking back I realized most of the girls whom I number closed over this week were of Indian and Malay descent who were generally speak English well and fast.

The results were stunning. For the first time, I was able to reach the hook point in a chinese girl who spoke broken English to communicate with me. I number closed her shortly after and left as she told me she had a friend she was going out with later.

Standing chinese girl
Me: Hi, do you know where the library is.
Her: Points at random direction.
Me: Actually, I know this is really random, but you are really cute. My name's xxx
Her: My name is xxx. (She proceeds to say again in Chinese)
Me: What brings you to bugis here?
Her: I meeting with a friend today (she translated in chinese)
I nod signaling I understood
Her: Why you come here today?
Me: I'm waiting for a friend, going to buy a new piano together.

She didn't understand and I had to translate in Chinese again.

Me: Come here (I gestured for her to move towards me as I moved back)

She complied and I told her I didn't want her dress stained by the wall.

Me: You seem like ur from other countries
She: Yeah I am from Malaysia, Sarawak
Me: Why Singapore though, why not Australia

(pauses as she didn't respond)

Me: I like Singapore also, it's clean and safe here, no robbery, gun violence and people are nice
She: Yeah
Me: Let me add u on my phone
She: we chat?
Me: Dont have (I dont use that)

She gave me her number and we parted ways after I told her lets eat together sometime.

Long brown hair'ed girl (standing)
I am not too sure but I think I opened her before on a previous day. I love taking the same routes. She didn't instantly blow me away though, until the whole opener was done. Boy was I slower this time and I felt like we were talking with the same speed.

Myanmar girl (walking)
Sometimes u you just open girls that you didn't want to open just for sake of good practice. She was one of those older lady's past their prime and it shows on their faces.

Indirect direct opener about going to library
Me: I was walking by and just thought you look really cute
Her: Oh

She took out her phone to help me search for the library despite my opener. I took out my phone and brought it close to her and searched for the library.

Me: Hey I know how to go there. I'm local here so many years already.
Her: Laughs*
Me: You seem like you are from other countries
Her: Yeah, I am from Myanmar
Me: What brought you over to Singapore?
Her: I am here to work

At this point it was good as I was locked in and she was facing towards me. However as we continued talking, she walked out of my way to the other side. It was clear that her English was not the best that affected the conversation. She eventually left me.

2 girls 1 approach
4 girls dressed in uniform walked out of the mall. The 2 in front were some distance away from those at the back. I knew it was a high difficulty low reward set but went anyway. I brisk walked near to the 2 at the back and our hands collided.

Her: Sorry
Me: Indirect direct
Her friend: Laughed at her as she continued walking while staring back
Her: Showed me some directions
Me: So what brought you to bugis today?
Her: Work (as she walked away from me)

Next it was girl #5 who was dragging her luggage and walking as I approached her. She engaged my opener but wasn't interested as she continued walking

Korean girl
This tall looking korean girl was giving me ioi. As she walked past me, she looked at me for like 4 seconds. I knew she was interested so I made a detour backwards to open her from the side. However, what ensued was disappointing

Me: Hey, do you know where the library is?
Her: What library (she appears confused)

Showed her the book sign with my hands.

Me: Actually I came to tell you that you look really cute.
Her: Smiles
Me: What brought you here today?

She seemed confused

She: I am from Korea.
Me: So I see you walk here with so much food, I think we should eat together if you are hungry

She still seemed confused. At this point it doesn't seem like its gonna work so I ejected myself. I realized afterwards the only thing I could really do was get this girl to follow me, using more gestures and maybe using picture's on the phone to communicate.

What was good
Talking slowly (Practice that more)
Moving the 1st girl to maximize compliance

What can be improved
Being more concise to non-native English speakers


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 10
Wow it has already been day 10! Time flies and we are already 19 days into June. Today was considered a rush day as I had plans for the other half of the day. Everything had to be done efficiently.

Today's focus was to open girls who are more available for insta-date, such as those who are shopping alone. The game was as much as possible to move girls upon a couple minutes of meeting her. Other objectives include slow speaking and getting numbers.

Brown haired foreign girl standing
Opened with my favorite indirect direct approach. I stood steady and barely moved my body as I talked.

Me: You don't look like a Singaporean
Her: Yeah I am from the Philippines
Me: Cool, really admire u to come all the way to Singapore for work
Her: Where are you from?
Me: I am local, was borned and bred here for my whole life
Her: Oh you are Singaporean
Me: Yup

I gestured for her to follow me

Me: Come over here

I confidently strode to the nearby directory machine. When I look back I was surprised she actually followed me and was right beside me. I showed her how to operate the machine.

Me: Good, let me show you, we are at here and the library is here.
She: Ah nice
Me: Yup, the library is just nearby.
She: I still prefer the one at Hougang
Me: That one's abit far

Suddenly, she receives a call and told me that her husband was waiting for her. I was thinking why didn't u tell me u were married earlier.

American girl standing
Blue eyes, freckled face, brown hair. She stood out wherever she went. Opened her with my favorite indirect direct. I felt like eyes were on my when I opened her as there was a long queue of people on the other side.

Me: Where are u from, u don't seem like ur from around here.
She pauses before answering
Her: I'm from America
Me: That's cool, ur blue eyes are really unique.
Her: Thank you.

As we were having the conversation I noticed her feet were moving away from me slightly in a consistent pace. I took it as a sign that she was uncomfortable with me being too close up. So I reciprocated and moved back 1 step. She kept moving backwards regardless. At this point I feel like we were way too far to have a close conversation, but I also have no way of closing the gap without making it more awkward. So I decided to eject.

Shopping for women
My target was large chain retail shops with a majority female clientele. Did shopping game for the first time. Went into uniqlo, cotton-on and mini-so and other similar shops.

Cotton-on was large but empty, only 1 to 2 couples and 2 girls who knew each other and a few other older women.
Uniqlo had a large customer base, but many were unattractive older women. Did talk to 1 girl here but I failed to do the direct part of indirect-direct.
Mini-so was a smaller store, I followed 1 girl in to the back of the store and it happened to play really loud music there.

Other similar shops
Took one circular cute penguin pillow from the shop shelf and softly hit it against a Myanmar girl standing beside me looking at other goods.
Me: So cute
Her: Haha
(pause as she continues looking at the goods)

Me: You don't seem like u are from around here
Her: I'm from Myanmar
Me: Oh wow u came all the way here from Myanmar to Singapore. You must really like travelling
Her: Yeah I came here for work
I picked up the name card holder she was looking at
Me: Wow this toy is really cute
Her: Haha
Me: Maybe I should buy this but I dont need it

I ejected as I didnt really feel that she was interested. Looking back, should've direct open instead.

Guy friend?
Guy friend stood nearby, opened regardless, screen and qualify, move her (fail), left her

Sitting girl
Opened, screen qualify x1, push pull x2, moved her (fail), left her

Things that went well
1) Alot more trying to move girls

Things not so well
1) I started fast talking again
2) Made too much unnecessary movement in convo


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space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 11 - Anxiety
My anxiety demon nearly struck back today as I was doing my 2nd approach, threatening to derail today's sarge. Then, I got caught in a series of missed approaches which amplified my anxiety. I took a break, forgave myself, gave myself a second chance to complete today's sarge. That was all it took to get the ball rolling again.

First 2 approach
My 1st approach wasn't particular noteworthy.
Opened and she walked past. Finished my opener and she was gone. 2nd approach was inside a earring, rings, inexpensive accessory store. She was a customer. I avoid opening hired guns unless I feel like I need the social momentum

Me: Hi, you seem like you really know your accessories. I was wondering if u know where to pick up a ring
Her: Yeah what kind of ring are you looking for?
Me: A diamond ring
Her: Wow, you shouldn't come to this store if you are looking for that
Me: I'm thinking of buying a replacement ring. I mean ... cant think of the word for it

Me: Ah yes a placeholder ring that's the word for it
Her: Do you know her ring finger size?
Me: Nope
Her: When my husband first bought my ring, he asked for my size first. You definitely need that to buy
Me: Thanks anyway, you really are knowledgeable about rings. I will ask her

Took a long break between 2nd and 3rd approach. Started asking for directions to warm up my game again. In one of those I noticed that I opened one girl and her face immediately frown when I started saying excuse me. Apparently with girls that are shorter I started bending my head downwards to open them, which was quite intimidating. Thanks to their intuition, I was able to correct my body language. It was a simple fix of holding head high and opening them instead.

Pilipino girl
Opened a Pilipino girl while she was locked in i.e. she was sitting while I was standing. There was no seats beside her so I couldn't lock myself in. She wasn't too interested and the conversation died.

American girl
Saw this really cute girl walking pass a jewelry store and I knew I had to open her. Walked past her, turned back and opened her with indirect direct.

Me: You don't seem like you are free around here.
Her: Yeah I'm from America
Me: Wow u came here to Singapore all the way from America?
Her: Yup
Me: That's really cool, it must have been a long journey. Why Singapore though
Her: Yeah I came here because of my boyfriend. He is a Singaporean.
Me: Oh wow how did you guys meet?

She explained, but I wasn't too interested in their story and I didn't know how to relate. Next.

Singaporean girl
Went specifically to this Japanese store Muji as I recalled opening a cute girl in this store previously. I couldn't see her face, so I was a little anxious on whether I had to bail mid-opening. Luckily she was young and I opened with indirect direct.

Me: You seem like you are from Singapore.
Her: Yeah I am
Me: Well that makes the 2 of us.

She seemed a little hesitant to reply

Me: What brings you here to Muji out of all places?
Her: I came to shop.
Me: Same, I like the Japanese brand

She walked away.

Older lady and subway approach
One of those older lady was really well dressed. I mistook her for a younger girl and took about 10 seconds to walk beside her.
Boy was I disappointed.

Went to the walkways at the subway. Did an indirect direct to a walking lady who continued walking.

Married lady again
This time I used a new opener.

Me: I know this is really random, but I saw you standing here and I thought that your dress is really cute.
Her: Confused* Whats with my dress?
Me: Its like a layered cake, really cool green white and black colors
Her: Thank you!

Me: Where did you buy it from?
Her: Shani. Its an online website
Me: Looks good, do you think it will fit me well?
Her: Laughs* It's for girl's
Me: I'm a progressive guy, I don't discriminate against women's clothing. Gender equality.
Her: Sure, I'm wearing S by the way. I think you need an L
Me: L yeah I think so too. Thanks
Her: No problem

I gestured to move her a short distance away to a sign, but she didn't move. I walked a few steps back and re-engaged her.

Her: I am waiting for my husband.
Me: Oh. That looks really cool (pointing to her brass colored band on her right arm), but the other one not so much (pointing to her necklace with a ring at the bottom)

She started explaining a little about the significance of both of them. Eventually her husband came and she walked away.

I went into a store to browse some supplements, turned around and opened a girl standing outside. I started the conversation talking about supplements and how my name is connected to the supplements and the periodic table. Finally I teased her with whether she actually studied the periodic table in school. She didn't really seem to hook.

Accessory store approach
Teased a girl wearing a really cutsy hair band. I asked her which one was best for me, before opening her. Really fun. Shouldn't have ejected and spend more time talking to her.

Things that went well
Completed the sarge despite setbacks
Fixing my body language through girl's reaction

Things to be improved
Do not eject unless she specifically asks you to leave or leaves herself/has bf


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 12
Another day, another sarge. Shorter day because I was having a date later through bumble.

Middle aged standing myanmar girl
Opened her and she couldn't understand English well so sometimes the conversation would just die after I speak. I first opened her indirect direct (ind dir) and just said that she looked really familiar, like I seen her from somewhere before. She tried to tease out where it was and I wasn't being definite about which area.

Later she said that I was following her, so I turned the frame around, saying she was following me. Didn't ask for her number as I wasn't too interested.

Looking back, while I was talking with her I should have calibrated for her level of English and spoke slower so that she could understand and make it lower effort for her to reply.

Married Japanese? Girl standing
Opened her ind dir. She thanked me for the compliment, saying you are so kind. Then she said she was married...

Girl outside uniqlo standing
Opened her ind dir

Me: Before I miss my opportunity, do you have a boyfriend. Or are you married
Her: Nope I'm not
Her: I am also not looking for a boyfriend
Me: What brings you here?
Her: Shopping my friends
Me: Oh wow how do u know them
Her: Through secondary school
Me: No way that's so unexpected. I also just recently meet my secondary school friends from last sunday. It was a long time since we meet already.

Her friends came back from the toilet to interrupt us and she immediately walked back and joined them

Girl standing facing the mrt
Ind dir
She saw me and she understood what I was about. I am already taken she said
Oh well nice to know u

Standing girl inside store
Opened indirect direct
Me: I really like your outfit, it looks so stylish in it's black white and yellow hues. Where did u buy it from?
Her: Oh that one someone bought it for me. I dont know where it is from.
Me: Bored look*
(she was beginning to move away)
Me: Oh nvm actually your outfit also still good
(she walked away)

Walking girl approach
I opened ind dir, moved my body against one of the shops to not block the crowd.

Me: What makes u come all the way here to that shop?
Her: I am buying something from fairprice.
She continued walking to her destination as she engaged me.

Shouldve ask her to stop, come over here

Good things today
Body language was great. Standing straight, chin parallel to ground. The visualisation technique from the book really helped. (The Charisma Myth - Oliver fox)

Things to improve
Nothing it's perfect.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 13
Journey of a thousand miles begin with one single step. Onward to that 1% improvement for today. We discovered that we were talking too fast and it was not very attractive. Body language was good. Other than that, thinking too hard to continue the conversation. When in doubt, just repeat their words in your own words. Today was a shorter day, because I had another date through Hinge

Fashion - Decent 1 accessory, stylish fitting short pants and t-shirt
Body - Visualization technique from Charisma Myth helps
Social - Talking too much
Vocal - Not there yet. Need to slow down more and add pregnant pauses

Walking girl

Indirect direct opener (Ind dir)
Me: Excuse me, do you know where the library is?
Her: Directions
Me: Actually I just came to tell u that your glasses are really round and cute.

At this point she already walked like halfway past me and stopped. I continued talking

Her: Haha
Me: What brought u here today?
Her: I'm going to the library. Have a talk going on
Me: Oh, who is giving the talk, are you?
Her: Sorry I got to go (she said as she continued walking)

Sitting girl, 18yo
She was doing her biology work as I opened her

Ind dir opener
Her: Thank you
Me: What brought you here today?
Her: I came here to do my school work
Me: Wow you are really hardworking, if I were you I would still be at home on the bed doing my homework there
Her: Oh yeah the library is over there.

I think she wanted me to leave, but I wasn't completely sure

Me: Oh so you are from jc, and you are doing biology. That was one of my favorite subject back when I was in jc
She looked at me and continue doing her work
She: I am busy doing my bio homework
Me: Ah I am busy too, it may not look like it but I have a ton of things to do

I said as I left.

Sitting girl probably in her 30s
Ind dir opener
Her: Thank you
Me: What brought you here today?
Her: I came here to do work
Me: That's cool, I like this place, its a really nice environment for thinking and doing work
Her: Yeah

I tried to slow down my pace of speech because I realized I was talking too fast. Unfortunately her response did not really improve

Me: You are really lucky, you can decide where you want to take your workplace. For me, I am bound to work outside. Because I am a legalized drug dealer I need to meet clients no matter what.
Her: I see

Sitting girl
Ind dir opener
Me: Actually I really like your skin color complexion. (She had tanned brown skin)
Her: Thank you!

I pointed at my own skin.
Me: Thats reminds me of the time I joined canoeing and I was everyday out in the sun, my skin was also like yours but even darker. Did you join any outdoor sports yourself?
Her: Yes I also go out in the sun. I did floorball in my school.
Me: Wow that's so unexpected! I really like that you are so outgoing. Which school did you go to?
Her: xxx Polytechnic
Me: What year were you in when u joined softball?
Her: Year 1
Me: Sounds like you are an expert in softball already!
Her: Haha I just joined for about 2 months
Me: What did u do before that?
Her: Before that I was in basketball
Me: Wow thats cool, another outdoor sport. Why did u joined
Her: It was fun

At this point I had trouble relating. My memory kept going back to that one time where I played basketball terribly when I was younger.

Me: Arg, this is embarrassing. When I was younger, I didnt know how to play basketball, so I went to play with my friends one day. Then suddenly the enemy passed me the ball. At that time I didn't know u need to go out and come back to shoot. So I just immediately took the ball and shoot
Me: Score! (I smiled and then frown) and then they look at me like wtf is going on

This story could've been better phrased to add emotions. You could've start with "Have you ever had a time where you were really bad at a sport but you thought you were really good?" We played basketball I felt confident of my abilities even though I never played. The enemy passed me the ball and I shot it in the basket. I remember feeling so happy and the rest of them being upset because I didn't follow the rules. Have you ever had such a thing happen to you?

Her: Oh yeah u wanted to go to the library
Me: Yeah I know where it is, I am an expert, I just came here to talk
Her: Oh I see
Me: Anyways I gotta go somewhere now. Lets go somewhere together sometime. Let me add you on my phone
Her: Its ok

I thanked her and left.

What was good
Really fast approaching today!

What could be better
Major problem was talking fast again
Add more feelings. Eg
- I like this place, it has a liberating feeling
- Wow you are really hardworking, you make me feel motivated like I can accomplish anything.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 14
My head is about to explode. This is like the 4th or 5th time I had to tell myself to talk slowly, but I still talked fast in 4/5 approaches. I forgive myself for preferring to talk fast but I must change that, so I will be implementing a new scoring system for approaching women.

From now on, I will not receive any credit if I talk fast in a conversation. This is down from the current half-credit count if I talk fast. Essentially this means that I must talk slowly for every interaction. This includes the pre-gaming part where I ask directions from people to warm up.

Today was another shorter day, again with another date in the evening. Yesterday's date went well, and by well I mean I am still chatting with her today. Progress!

Girl standing in front of a store
Standard indirect direct (ind dir) opener. Conversation speed was fast :(

Me: So what brings you to the mall?
Her: I am actually selling some stuff waiting for the buyer
Me: Wow that's so unexpected. So you are like a merchant selling things online.
Her: Yes
Me: Thats really cool. I did that sometime ago as well, selling some in-game currency to a 10 year old guy. Of course I was really nice to him since he was only 10. It was through this game called 8-ball pool. Have you heard of it?
Her: Nope.

I failed to "punish" her for failing my screen.
Should've gone like "hmm" (pause) So what do you sell?
Instead I was smiling the whole time.

Me: Oh, so what are you selling?
Her: I'm selling a k-pop album
Me: Which singer is it?
Her: GOT 7
Me: What?
Her: GOT 7 its a kpop band
Me: Got 7. Ah I see all the latest bands. I used to be really into kpop when I played this game called auditionsea. It a dancing game where u press some buttons and ur character starts dancing. Have you played it before?
Her: Nope

Again failed to "punish" her for failing my screen. I love smiling I can't help it ok.

Me: Maybe we play different game when young. So what do you enjoy in your free time?
Her: I like listening to music, especially pop music.
Me: Cool, you should get one of those earphones things then u can listen while walking
Her: I don't really like that. Anyway I gotta go alr my customer is coming
Me: Wait let me add you on my phone
Her: Its ok

I eject

Not interested
1 or 2 girls I approached as they were distracted ordering food and it didn't went anywhere.

Girl standing in store
She was excited playing with the fans in the store, setting them at various speed as I opened her. Conversation speed was fast :(

Ind dir opener
Me: My name's xxx
Her: Oh wow that's a really nice name
Me: What's yours?
Her: softly speaking
Me: Huh
Her: xxx

I extended my hand out, but she didn't went for handshake

Me: Wow, you must be really good at swimming
Her: Ok la not really.
Me: Have you taken like swimming lessons before.
Her: Yeah when I was younger.
Me: Haha you must be experienced by now.
Her: Still not very good. Oh yeah I got to go.
Me: Waitt

She left.

Girl standing at lobby
She seemed like a local girl who was abit older. When I opened her I noticed that her accent wasn't local. Conversation speed was slow.

Ind dir opener
Her: Thanks
Me: So what brought you here?
Her: I am actually on holiday.
Me: Oh wow, sounds like fun, when's ur holiday till?
Her: End of July.
Me: Thats so long! Don't you have like school or work. Where are you from btw?
Her: Yeah I'm having my summer break right now. I am from California.

(pauses as I was thinking where is that)

Me: Oh isnt that in Cana-, I mean America
Her: Yeah. I am in UCL college
Me: Oh that reminds me, you know of a guy called lahwf?
Her: Is he a professor?
Me: Nope he is a youtuber, he goes around talking with everyone in college
Her: Haha I dont really talk. I think maybe my friends will know him


Me: So what brings you to Singapore of all places?
Her: My relatives are over here
Me: Your family?
Her: I mean my relative are in Singapore but my family is in US
Me: Thats really interesting, so you get to stay here for free then
Her: Yeah (smiles*)
Me: Yeah, Singapore's an expensive city
Her: At least the food is cheap.
Me: Oh yeah I heard, food is ex in US.
Her: Yeah and its nowhere as good as Singapore
Me: Really, actually I like US food better I love western food. The only reason I don't eat it everyday is because it's like 3x more expensive than the local food here. What's your favorite food?
Her: I like erm (pause) wanton mee

I just didn't like her answer, so I just felt a little bored

Me: Hmm (pause). What about the other foods like chicken rice?
Her: Yes I like those as well.
Me: That's my favorite!
Her: Oh my brother's waiting for me (She checks her phone)
Me: Ah, alright cya later

She looked at me for a few seconds longer as I left her. Maybe I should have gotten her number. Oh well, it is what it is

What went well
The one time I slowed down my conversation

What needed improving
Talking slowly
More emotions


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 15
My very first day game at night (8pm). Yes, I have worsened. My sarge count went from 10 to 5 to only 1 girl tonight.

Short and skinny girl with pink and black hair, tied up in braids. She was sitting at a really long concrete bench. Another couple was sitting about 1.5m away from her, in hearing distance. I wanted to sit about 1.5 seats away from her, but there was a piece of bird shit in the way, so I sat about 2 seats away from her.

Standard indirect direct opener
Me: Hey do you know where the library is?
Her: I think it's there (she pointed)
Me: Thanks. Actually I came here because I saw your pink hair and I thought its really beautiful
Her: (She smiles brightly)

Me: You seem like a party girl. What made you dye your hair pink?
Her: I like to dye my hair.
Me: So you went to the salon to dye your hair. Where did you got it dyed?
Her: Actually I dye my hair at home.
(I gave her a stunned look)
Her: It is not that hard.
Me: Wow that's crazy, u must have like 5 mirrors at home or something (gesturing with my hands)
Her: Haha, nope I just use my hand and 1 mirror. Its not that difficult, not my first time doing it.

Hook and deep dive
Me: You must be an expert haha. My name's xxx btw (extended my arm too far)
Her: I'm xxx (She extended her hand and we connected)
Me: So what brought you - (I wanted to try out this new technique. Instead of asking questions, answer your own question first then ask the question. So I rephrased it mid-sentence)
Me: So you came to Singapore for work. What brought you here?
Her: I came here to escape my family.
Me: (Oh what? I thought in my head) Oh, why though?
Her: My family. When I was younger, my family want me to marry this guy, but then I don't want to marry him, so I ran away from home.
Me: (I slowly and slightly nod while listening)
Her: My family is friends with his family and I know him from a young age.
Me: Oooh so you know him since young?
Her: Yeah we grew up together, but we were friends. I don't see him as a boyfriend. I didn't want to marry him
Me: How old were you that time?
Her: I was 18 that time. So I went online, had some friends and ask them where I could go to run away. Then I ended up in Singapore.
Me: Wow you are really brave to come to a new country alone and start a new life
Her: Yeah I have no choice.
Me: So what did you do after coming here?
Her: I help to take care of baby
Me: Ahh, you became a babysitter. How long have you worked here?
Her: I worked for about 2.5 years
Me: 18+2.5 oh now ur 21 already. What did you enjoy the most here in your 21 years?
Her: Yeah

(We continued talking for awhile)

Me: Oh yeah do u work from Mondays to Fridays?
Her: I am only off once a month
Me: (Ah I expected as much) So you will be going back today soon
Her: Yeah 9pm

Move her I guess?
Me: Come lets go over there (I pointed to a sign that was like 3m away)
Her: Where? I got to go soon.

I stood up and gestured, and to my surprise she also stood up
Me: Lets walk over there
She: Ok

At this point I was thinking hmm do I really want to see her again in 1 month. Nah it's too long for me. We walked towards the train station and parted ways.

What went well
Deep diving

What needed improvement
Open more girls
Do more kino


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 16
Online dating dinner date today. I was prepared, took a 5 min look at her profile to see her hobbies. I was ready. Only problem was me fapping 2 hours before the dinner date. Never do that.

Saw her wearing a spaghetti strapped yellow dress. We went to each other.

Me: Hi, you must be xxx
Her: Yeah are you xxx

We started walking and had small talk about how the mall was less crowded than most places. Then she clumsily bumped into me while walking and apologized for not knowing the directions. I told her she could trust me and follow me. She asked me what the surprise was, since she initially didn't want to come her but I convinced her otherwise. She was disappointed when I told her we were going to Astons. I gave her another option which was a cafe down the road but she wanted to go Astons instead.

We went to the top floor and joined the short queue outside. I was locked in. She was facing me, while I faced 90 degrees away from her leaning on the railing. The conversation sparked back and forth. She seems interested and it felt like everything was going great.

When we went in the restaurant and got seated across from each other, she started asking a lot of questions about my experiences with my ukulele. Literally deep diving me. I asked her back a few questions and she answered quite vaguely, then proceed to ask about my experiences in my work. Again, a lot of questions, deep diving me about many aspects of my work.

At this point, I felt like something was off, like I should be the one doing the deep diving. She knows way too much about me and I barely knew anything about her. So I decided to ask her questions, but they didn't stick. Maybe I wasn't too interested in her. Maybe it's just her dodging the questions too much. Eventually we finished most of our food and she gave the excuse of having to do work. I tried to stop her by saying to go somewhere for a walk but she wasn't into it.

Learning points
No fap before dates
Avoid dinner dates

In the future, going to do coffee date, tea dates or ice cream dates etc.
1) Can move her multiple times in the date. Much easier to bounce her to seduction location
2) Most restaurants place couples across the table. Hard to kino in dinner dates
3) Less expensive


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 27, 2014
Hey man, were you attracted to this girl at all? I feel like maybe she felt that vibe coming from you and that's why it made her more evasive/closed off. Always tough to force yourself to put in effort when your not really feeling a girl lol


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Yeah you got a point there. I was trying to be interested and that was the problem. It was like I am only half-interested and half-overthinking about how to game her.

Day 17
Today's conversations were great. I feel like the girl's were significantly more attracted after I stop asking questions and make more statements about her, and ask her questions about whether the statements were true.

For one, it allows me to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. Many people love to hear about what people think about them, other's interpretation of their clothes, their mood, their attitudes. Secondly, it also makes it easier for them to follow the conversation, especially if they were initially not in a conversational mood. It gives them time to warm up to speaking with a stranger.

1 number close today, but it was too little considering I opened like 10 of them. Forgetting about ABC.

Older lady 30s standing
Yes, there was no one young there. I said F it and went to approach.

Indirect direct (ind dir) opener
Me: Hey your hair is really cute, its so unique
Her: Thanks
Me: I like how to bundle it like that, did u learn it from somewhere?
Her: I learnt it by myself
Me: No way, are you serious, how did u do it?
Her: I just flipped it like that and then like that (She showed me)
Me: Really cool skills, maybe you should join the sewing club. Do you sew?
Her: Nope I cant really sew
Me: Aww. So what do you do in your free time?

Her: Yoga
Me: That's cool, all the really difficult poses. I think I will try it one day.

I saw her friend coming from behind her, but she said let me show you this app. I looked at the app, it's called healthy 365. I broke circle as I felt uncomfortable with her friend coming over. I didn't close because I wasn't really into her.

Girl with big white specs standing
Ind dir opener
Me: Your white spectacles are really cute, it's like the cyclops laser goggles. Where did you buy them from?
Her: (Some spectacle shops name)
Me: Really stylish too, it's works like a sunglasses. Does it have power? Like degrees
Her: Yeah
Me: My mum was telling me when I was young. Don't play computer games it makes your eye spoil. Look at me now haha
Her: Yeah my mum too. I think some people are just borned like that.
Me: Yeah its quite unfair.
Her: Yeah
Me: Oh yeah my friend was going for laser surgery soon. Maybe u can consider doing that

At this point, her friend suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood beside her. She didn't notice because 100% of her attention was on me. I felt the social pressure to introduce her, like I feel like it's gonna happen sooner or later.

Her: My degrees aren't that high yet.
Me: Ah so u can still see mostly normally. (Notices her friend standing so close to her)
Me: Hey your friend is here (broke circle)

After that I ejected myself.

Failed approaches
1 beneath the escalator who didn't respond to my follow up statements after opening.
1 was because I hesitated before opening

Older girl (food blogger)
Ind dir opener
Me: I saw your black shirt (it was a dress) and I think it's really cute
Her: (Puzzled look)
Me: Like your black shirt and black hair really matches
Her: Oh. (She looked back and forth as though looking for a camera) Are you recording this
Me: Nope, that's not what I do. I meet people, not video them.
Her: Do I know you? (more puzzled look)
Me: (I looked slowly in her eyes) Nope, never seen you before in my entire life.
Her: How can I help you?
Me: You are so nice. I havent even said anything and you are already like how can I help you
Her: Haha, you wanted to go to the library right?
Me: Yeah, I wanted to, but not now. I don't usually read books to be honest
Her: Are you a student?
Me: Nope, it's been a long time. How about you, what do u do?
Her: I don't really feel comfortable to say what I do.

Me: Ah. So what do you do for fun?
Her: I am a food blogger
Me: Wow that's cool. I love food. So tell me which are the best foods here?
Her: Yeah, but I am a vegetarian food blogger.
Me: Aww, you go stand over there, don't want to talk to you already.
Her: Haha
Me: Just kidding, I want to hear you. Are you vegan or vegetarian?
Her: Vegetarian.


We fizzled out somewhere here and I decided to leave because I wasn't really into older girls.

An even older girl (probably in her 40s)
Me: Nice earphone, nice phone, nice hair
Her: Haha thank you.
Me: That's some really cool earpieces, what are you listening to?
Her: I was actually calling someone just now. I don't like the radiation coming from the phone so I try to avoid that by using an earpiece

I was thinking: Ah lets just let people believe what they want to believe

Me: Yeah I also don't like the radiation from my phone. How do u know about the radiation?
Her: My friend told me about it. She does research. She connected this green bean plant near the phone and we realized that it wouldn't grow.
Me: That's interesting. So she did like a lot of times and compare them?
Her: Erm, yeah, she is an expert one she knows. You got see the green bean plant not growing because of radiation
Me: Yeah this new technologies sometimes not reliable. Do you use telephones at home?
Her: I use the telephone one, not the cellphone kind, also a lot of radiation from them.

At this point I realize, we are probably not within the same generation and so I ejected

Girl with white blouse standing
Opened her ind dir
Me: I just noticed your shirt is really cute, where did u buy it from?
Her: H and M
Me: So you bought most of your shirt there. Do you usually shop at H and M?
Her: Nope, most of them I buy from other places.
Me: I like how you know where to buy fashionable shirts, are you a fashion blogger?
Her: Nope

She started using her phone and I left.

Girl sitting on bench
Male spectator sitting at the opposite end of the bench. I paid them 0 attention as I was focused on her.

Opened ind dir
Me: I just noticed your shirt is really cute. Where did you buy it from?
Her: Thank you. It is from China
Me: No way I can't buy it. Are you from China too?
Her: Yes.
Me: Wow, I heard recently that it's really hard to get out from China.
Her: Yeah because of the covid situation inside China
Me: You are really lucky to be able to travel outside!
Her: Yeah
Me: Did you come to Singapore with your family?
Her: They were in a European country.
Me: Oh nice to meet you

I left the conversation again and walked off. Went to do some shopping, came back to see her still seated there and went to open her again. It was about 10 minutes later.

Me: Hey, nice to see you again.
Her: Hi, haha
Me: I went to the library already. Thanks for showing me around
Her: I didn't really do much haha. You can see this platform here. (Information booth for the mall)
Me: Come here

She followed me to the information booth nearby. I just pressed abit here and there and showed her the way to the library. I went back to her bench where she placed her purchased items.

Me: Let me add you on whatsapp

She complied.

Me: Lets go out for food sometimes.
Her: If you need help, you can contact me.

Learning points
Always be closing (ABC)


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 18
Overslept. More tired than usual. Wanted to approach no-one today.

Strong willed myself through the first few asking for directions in the mall.

Bus stop
Lazily strolled to the bus stop to the first girl. She wasn't my first choice, but I have to get started somehow and she just happened to be standing there.

Opened her with indirect direct (ind dir) to a slightly excited look
Her: The library is over there 4th floor (she repeated)
Me: Nah actually I don't go to the library often. I like books but I read them on my phone
Her: I see.
Me: You don't seem like someone who goes to the library. Do you go to the library?
Her: Nope, I prefer reading articles on google
Me: Oh wow, you are like me then. What articles do you read on your phone?
Her: I read [article].

We didn't talk for long as I ejected.

Outside a breadshop
It was awkward.

Opened ind dir into a bored look.
Her: Ok
Me: What brings you here?
(pauses as she recollects her thoughts and thinks about what to share with me)
Her: I am waiting for my brother.
Me: Did you buy food from this store?
Her: Nope
Me: Oh yeah the bread store, you like bread I see. Are you a bread person?
Her: Bread?
Me: Yeah you carry all that bread. (points) You must really like it.
Her: Oh yeah I need to call my brother.

She walks away. Totally didn't intend to ask 2 silly questions initially. It is what it is.

Taxi stand
Bonded. Should've gotten into her taxi too.

Opened ind dir to a wide smile.
Me: Thats a really lovely black sweater you got, looks really fitting with your white top. Where did you get it from?
Her: Thank you! I got it from cotton on.
Me: Your color coordination is really good, you should be a chess play- I mean a fashion designer.
Her: Haha, that's too hard for me.
Me: To be fair everything is hard. Like when you reach a high level, it takes a lot of effort to be better.
Her: Yeah.
Me: So you should just try if you get the chance.
Her: Oh yeah my grab is here, see you.


A cute girl with black long eyelashes. Spotted her walking, but another customer was nearby. Opened her as she walked nearer to me.

Opened ind dir into a smile
Me: Actually I came here because I saw your eye lashes and they were really cute. Did you get it done somewhere or do it yourself
Her: Thank you. I normally get it done at kallang every 2 weeks or so.
Me: That's cool, if I were a girl, I would probably get long eyelashes too. Would you go to the gym if you were a guy?
Her: Hmm, idk how I would feel haha. I might.
Me: Oh you were looking at these bras. Do you prefer the white one or the black one?
Her: It depends on the occasion and stuff.
Me: I don't think most girls would wear it outside here. Would you?
Her: Maybe, depends on where it is.
Me: Yeah, like where?
Her: I need to take this call.

I didn't want to wait so I ejected.

What went well
Approaching even when I didn't feel like it

What needs improvement
Focus on the topic


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Month of June Summary!
1) 18 days of sarging
2) Approached approximately 100+ women
3) Number closed 9
4) Dates 0 day game, 5 online, 2nd dates 1
5) K close/F close 0

Verdict: Meh, everyone's gotta start somewhere

Can definitely do better next month


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 19 (1st of July)!
Felt great. Mini sarging session today. Going on a 2nd date in the evening.

Opened 5 girls today in total. 1 of them walked away after opening (I think she's underage, which explains her discomfort). The other 1 was a walking approach who resumed walking about 1 line in after opening.

Matured looking young girl
Opened her with indirect direct (ind dir)

Me: That's a really cool looking hair clip u got! Where did u buy it from?
Her: I bought it from Shoppe (e-commerce)
Me: It's so unique. Ah only shoppe would have such stuff. What else about you is unique?

She pauses as she is unsure how to answer.

Me: I mean like any childhood things that u keep. Like I used to keep this nice looking ruby piece. It was actually plastic and I took it from the christmas tree.
Her: Ah, whos christmas tree was that?
Me: It was in the mall and I was still young. So I looked around and no-one was paying attention so I took it haha
Her: Haha
Me: I kept it with me till this day. So what do you do for fun?
Her: I play netball.
Me: No way, you don't look like a sporty girl.

She stopped and showed me her shirt which says "netball 2022"

Me: Haha I didn't mean your shirt, just you don't look like one.
Her: I even used to join track and field back in my old school. Are you a sporty boy?
Me: Me. I used to. Nowadays I am more of a gym person. I used to join canoeing last time.
Her: So you are an outdoor sports too.
Me: Yeah. So you were talking about how u joined track and field, why didn't u join it in your new school?
Her: My new school don't have track and field, so I joined netball.
Me: Ah so you have always been a sporty person. How was track and field?

She started complaining to me about her coach. She felt that her coach treated her unfairly and looked down on her because she was in a class that was less smart than the other class. I agreed with her and say that's so unfair. She said she was forced to join short put team because her coach put her there and she didn't thought about fighting for what she liked (long distance running) at that time and just went with it.

Me: Yeah, now you know, got to stand up for what u want. Lets go inside this mall, it's much cooler there.

I was half expecting her to say no, but she followed me into the mall for about a few steps in. We stopped somewhere near the entrance to continue talking.

Me: Ah, feels so much better now. It was so hot.
Her: Yeah
Me: Oh yeah u were saying about your coach
Her: Yeah he is very proud type, the kind who has a big ego
Me: Luckily now u changed to a new sport, you no longer have to face him.
Her: Yeah
Me: Let me add you on my phone. We can go for food sometime.
Her: I don't give my phone number


I continued chatting a little while more until I found out she was only in secondary school. Way too young anyway.

Fake blonde hair girl
Saw her in a highly unapproachable angle, with her body tilted 90 degrees facing the entrance of a shop. I opened her and walked a little backwards from the entrance so I wasn't blocking the entry way to the shop.

Opened her with ind dir
Me: Actually I came here to tell you that your blonde hair is really cute. Where did you dye it?
(pauses and looks questioningly)
Her: Singapore
Me: So you like the color blonde. Otherwise you would have chose like idk, purple. Is blonde your favorite color?
Her: Yeah
Me: That's cool, what do you like about blonde?
Her: Er I am waiting for my boyfriend

I pretend I didn't hear her.

Me: What's so special about it?
Her: I just like it.

I ejected.

Cant understand girl
Opened her. She didn't understand English well. It was hard to communicate.

I only rmb saying her clothes were cute (it had mickey mouse repeatedly printed all over it), and she was from malaysia. She wanted to buy a suit for work, which I heard as soup. The misunderstandings were affecting the interactions. Got her number, but she wasn't too interested in giving it out. Then I told her I was going to walk and for her to follow me since we were going the same route. I turned around and started walking and she didn't follow.

What went well
Deep diving was fun

What needs improving
Doing kino with foreign girls to improve communication
Moving foreign girls


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 20
Rough day. Asked for directions 8 times, 4 more than normal, and when I was supposed to open with indirect direct, I asked for directions another 2 times. This snowballed to an avoidance of approaching. Took a short break, had to build up social momentum again with more direction asking and was finally able to start my approaching engine.

Opened 8 girls today in total. The first girl was indian who didn't really respond too well to the compliment. Unfortunately I didn't have enough social momentum so I ejected early.

Indian girl 2
She was wearing a ton of make up on her face. Her cheeks were full of scarlet makeup and wears eyeliners and more. Yes, I am not familiar with make up terminologies. I easily opened her and was quite excited.

Indirect direct opener (ind dir)
Me: Actually I came here because I saw your make up and I thought it was really cute. It looks like you are performing in angklung (malay musical instrument) or something.
Her: Haha, actually I am just here to meet my family for lunch
Me: No way, you put on all that just to eat with your family?
Her: Yeah
Her: Oh that's my sister

Strangely her sister didn't wore any noticeable make up. I decided to eject after that

Girl 3
Opened her. She wasn't impressed. At all.

Me: Actually I just saw your earrings and they look really cute. Where did u buy it from?
Her: [Shop name]
Me: You should get a silver belt too, it matches really well together. Do you normally wear belts?
Her: Nope
Me: Reminds me of my own belt. What other accessories do you wear?
Her: I don't wear
Me: See ya

Another 2 more rejections. One was due to a phone call interruption about 1 minute into the conversation, another one straight up tells me she has a boyfriend.

Girl 4
For the first time in like forever, I finally introduced my name.

Me: Actually I just saw you and I thought your minion bag looks really cute. You must be a really big fan of the minions
Her: Yes I am. Laughs*
Me: I'm [name]
Her: I'm [name]

I extended my hand open palm, and we held hands for a second.

Me: Did you see the latest minions movie?
Her: Yeah I already got tickets.
Me: Wow you really are a true fan. What brings you here today?
Her: I am here to meet a friend.
Me: Wait don't tell me you are going to watching the movie today.
Her: Nope
Me: Haha that would be so crazy. Where would u be going after the movie?
Her: I dont know. I think we will be going to a cafe. Depends on where my friend wants to go.
Me: Oh yeah if you are watching movies you should watch top gun, I recently watched it and it was really good.
Her: Oh, I don't normally watch movies, too busy nowadays.

Me: Ah I see, what are you busy with?
Her: School
Me: Cool you are a student. Which school did you go to?
Her: College of the arts
Me: No way, I totally wouldn't have guessed that you were the creative type.
Her: I am in videography
Me: What type of videography? Do you record movies?
Her: Nah I record for companies
Me: Oh is it like making videos for the companies like advertisement?
Her: Yes
Me: My friend also makes such stuff. He is working for 3m as a videographer.

We continued for a while until the conversation died out.

Her: Oh yeah you should go to the library
Me: Oh yeah

Ah crap, the words came out of my mouth and I walked away without closing her.

Set of 2 girls
No 1 set? Just go for 2 then. The taller one was cuter so I instinctively went for her.

Apparently, they weren't that close as I have opened 2 sets before that just kept looking at each other and laughing like some kind of inside joke while I was speaking to them. I focused all my attention on the taller girl.

Me: Actually I just thought that your pendant looks really cute
Her: Thanks.
Me: What's your name?
Her: [name]
Me: My name's [name]

1st time doing the handshake in a 2 set.

I spoke for a line or 2 before I blanked out and ejected.

What went well
Opened a 2 set today

What needs improving
Always be closing (ABC)
Visualization technique needs to involve my chest, not just my head.

Changes to next sarge
Starting my openers with "Hey" instead of "Excuse me". Going to take abit of practice.
Do rainbow ruse for post-opener

To do list
Demonstrating value
- Telling stories showing explicit value by baiting her
- Showing implicit value without stating it

Kino during day game (including pre-opening)
- Pre opening
- Moving closer during conversation
- Touching her on high points

- Telling her to show me her outfit/accessory/turn around her body
- Telling her to follow me

Indirect sex talk in day game
- Telling stories about my adventures

Opening only girls who are shopping (Higher chance they are free that day)
Ramp up to 20 girls per day (3-4 hr/day)
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Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 21
Switched up my game to introduce my name after opening. It felt awkward to the girls that didn't click and often they quickly bow out after that. I feel that they just needed a bit more time to adjust to meeting a new person. Will be switching to introducing my name after about 2 lines in instead for the next day game session.

Today's pacing was good, I just kept opening. I talked to about 6 girls today. Mostly short conversations. This was understandable since I was changing my opening routine to introducing names first after opening, which is important to do shortly after opening. The other thing I changed was using the words "Hey" to begin my opener instead of "excuse me".

Girl 1
She was at the bubble tea shop standing and waiting for her order when I came over to open her with my indirect direct (ind dir).

Me: Hey, do you know where the library is?
Her: I think it's there
Me: Actually I came here because ur shirt is really cute and I want to come and say hi. My name's xxx

I raised my hand intending to shake hers

Her: Sorry I am muslim. My name's xxx

Did a quick google search. Apparently it is prohibited. That's rough.
The labor court said in a statement, as published by the Times, that Alhajeh "adheres to an interpretation of Islam that prohibits handshaking with the opposite sex unless it is a close member of the family."

Me: Where did you buy that shirt from?
Her: I bought it from shoppe
Me: Oh really, didn't expect they have such nice clothing designs.
Her: Yeah

Rainbow ruse time!

Me: You seem like a laidback person, but I know that you also have things that you are really passionate about. What makes you feel passionate?

I ejected shortly after, as I misinterpreted her not shaking hands as being not interested.

Girl 2
Pre-opened her at the bus stop, then sat next to her and opened
Me: Hey I saw you standing here and I just had to come to tell you that you looked really cute

She stood up and walked away. Maybe she was too young. Next.

Girl 3
I started with "excuse me" instead of "hey". So it didn't count and I ejected immediately.

Girl 4
As I was walking by I noticed a petite cute girl behind me. As she walked a little faster. I opened over her shoulder ind dir.

Me: Actually I came here because I thought that you looked really cute and I want to come and say hi.
Me: My name's xxx

I held her hand for a few seconds

Her: My name's xxx
Me: Add fish (pun on her name)

She laughed but her body was only 30 degrees tiled towards me and we stopped.

Me: You seem like a student
Her: Yeah
Me: You must be one of those that score really well even without studying huh
Her: Haha I wish

And she started walking away again. At this point I made the mistake of not telling her to stop and repeated myself.

Me: Maybe you are one of those who score well.

Girl 5 and 6
Opened a girl sitting on a table with her laptop opened who was working on a project. She wasn't impressed. Tried to initiate the handshake name introduction but got rejected. So I ejected.

Same deal with the next girl on another table.

Girl 7
She was standing and watching a public movie when I opened her. I wasn't exactly interested in her both she just happened to be there and I needed to approach 1 more for today.

Me: Hey do you know where the library is?
Her: The library (directions*)
Me: Actually I just thought u looked really cute and I wanted to say hi
Her: The library is over at the block 2
Me: Btw whats your name?
Her: My name's xxx
Me: My name's xxx


Me: You seem like someone who is not from here. Where are you from?
Her: I am from Myanmar.
Me: Oh wow, thats cool, what brings you over to Singapore?
Her: Work. (Goes on to tell me a lot of info about herself)

Apparently she was a babysitter taking care of a child so she had to come here and wait for the child to finish his lesson.

Me: You are really lucky to be able to watch a movie here while you wait.
Her: Yeah, haha
Me: Alright cya

I left because I wasn't into her.

What went well
Transitioned to using "Hey" for the openers instead of "Excuse me"
Did rainbow ruse

What needs improving
Body language during opening using visualization
Increasing number of approaches to practice more rainbow ruse