1. H

    Resident Raleigh, NC

    I am leaving this up in case anybody is located in the Research Triangle metro area. I'm 25 years old, have started out in game 3 months ago and have done 79 sets as of this writing. I consistently do at least 10 daygame sets/week. My preference is daygame on college campuses, but I've also...
  2. G

    Visiting Looking for wings: Scoping out Atlanta Mar 30 - Apr 4

    Hey gents, I'll be visiting Atlanta from Wednesday, Mar 30, through Monday, Apr 4 or so to check out a grad school I got into. If all goes well, I'll end up moving there this August. I booked a trip for the whole weekend so I could get a sense of the nightlife. Any wings going out during...
  3. G

    Resident Looking for committed wings in Baltimore/DC

    Hey gents, I'm looking for committed wings in Baltimore for day and night game. I go to DC sometimes too. About me: I'm 27, 5' 10", and slim. I'm a motivated beginner to cold approach. Before the pandemic, and without cold approach, I was typically dating with or sleeping with 2 girls per...
  4. Beck Bass

    LR Pretty Tatted Brunette Cums Her Mind Out

    So I messaged HBRocker from Thursday, I woke up around 1PM and shoot her an text, meanwhile I go make some other things like clean my appartment, take a shower, read some dumb shit online, whatever. I think I was going to the grocers buy some stuff to make drinks, but it's closed! I'm like wtf...
  5. LemurKing

    Resident Fayettville/Raleigh NC Wingman

    Piere is the name, Daygame is the... well Game Background Been doing day and night game on and off for about 6 months now but I started to hard and to fast and overwhelmed myself. I'm trying to start fresh with the fundamentals and build up from there. I live in Fayettville NC but can drive up...
  6. M

    Resident Hamburg and Berlin

    Intermediate Level.
  7. P

    Visiting Anyone in Townsville, Australia?

    Hello, my name’s Luis. I’m visiting Townsville/QLD for a month. Just arrived from Japan. 20 yrs old Background: I’m still somewhat intermediate. My lay count isn’t high - I’ve hit double digits. However, at least 9 of those lays came from this past year. So that counts for something, I think...
  8. H

    Visiting Looking for a wing-Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.

    I am looking for someone to go out with in the Broward/Dade county area. I am located in Fort Lauderdale but I am more than willing to go to the Miami. Perhaps we could game a mixture of the two cities.
  9. C

    Resident Wingman in Scarborough area?

    Hi, I'm Richard, 24, I lived in Scarborough my entire life. I just discovered this sub-thread so not sure why I haven't utilized it yet. Background: I've been reading a lot of GC material and have done some cold approaching, bar pickups, and in-person speed dating. Even though I'm still...
  10. E

    Resident Chicago - [Pickup] Ride or Die.

    Hey, name's Eyuel, 25. I've been in Chicago for 3 months now and ready to put myself out there again. Background: I've done cold approach pickup off and on for about for about two years. No results to show for it expect that I am much or comfortable with the rejection aspect now. It is a bit...
  11. S

    Resident New York City

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently looking for a wing of anyone in the NYC area preferably below central park. I'm currently living in Soho and am just looking for someone to chill with while we're walking around during daygame (the lulls can get really boring). I'm 18 years old with some but not a...
  12. B

    Resident Looking for a wingman for Philly

    Hello I just recently moved from my home town to Philly and I am now looking for a new wingman to go out and meet women. I am already at a point in my seduction skills where I can go up to most woman and start talking without much issues and keep a good vibe however, escalation and closing seem...
  13. WittyJester

    Social circle from scratch/ social media

    How do I start social media from scratch? I have little to no friends. No social/partying/pickup friends. How do I start from scratch. Where do I find friends who go to parties and how I find the best parties, the most attractive friends and people to do pickup with and etc? What about social...
  14. F

    Visiting Waiting help

    Hi, I have a special and different case: When I was very young ages like 12 I have been abused and raped by older boys than me. And this has made change in my sexual drive. I have never had a girlfriend and suffered from difficult lone times. Now I am sure and believe that if I could have a...
  15. W

    Resident Looking for a wingman in Connecticut

    I’m in New Haven county looking for a wingman to do day and night game with. I’ve done some approaches but am still pretty new to pickup. Let me know if you’re interested!
  16. C

    Resident Looking for NYC Wings

    Whats up guys, my names Chase. Ive been in the game for almost 2 years but havent had much success running solo game. Im from NYC and live around the Queens area. Looking for wings or anyone serious about improving their game. Feel free to message me and lets connect