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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Discussing seduction as an artful doing
- Shooting in influence and stimuli on various layers subconsciously or consciously, like how an instrument would take various routes and points of stimuli, a dramature inside things.
- Keeping cool headed and calm in the midst, owning the vibe of the interaction unreactively, eliciting and adapting her being as we progress and adapt, being fully self mastered in it.
- Thinking seduction more as a momentum of things, a flow, much like gen two escalation
- The calm steady for ward lead in this, cozys even keel or slightly more for re-booting momentum
- Embodied presence to enable all the powers of that, slower parts.
- Exploding various resources in that to lead vibe, that ignites her and us back.
- playfully enjoying the doing of techs as an immersive array or an array for other emotional routes with her. Enjoying it w her.

the tech and the joy of it in combo with a deep concentration and immersion in the doing, the pleasure of the doing.
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Just working at a cafe today for a few hours. Got a hint the barista is within the music industry starting her own thing up there. Super interesting chick with access to fun events etc. asked into it actively and ran elicitation rounds, a further development of the elicitation things i outlines, while mirroring and labelling her as well. The girl was totally passionate and chatty when we finished and she number closed me after i causally dropped a just shoot me a text line - baiting her. Not super attractive visually, a seven maybe. But very interesting social connection and chick i found stimulating to talk to.

Took ten min of chat or so. She might open doors. SC game.


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Two focal points these days. I have some time since its summer so wanna deepen into two connected but different areas. In short, combining hovering in day game especially with tension and sexual tension. For the creation of harmonious and sensually ignited openings. Ive done sexual tension magic moments multiple times but now i wanna gain a more clear command of it since ive understood some dimensions better.
note: find better ways to explore these endpoints with hints of more in the future. Chase the hints. Find ways to see things better. sparring.

key is to create these while facilitating the process to bring us closer but not being naive about the process needed. Still, see if i can route it alongside these feels more to fast track things. play with it.

Initial tension work - reboot
- Attentiveness to this space
- To little, too much. play with balancing it, grounding. Explore it. Seize more control of right amounts. Command level.
- feel atm - calm it more down, enable vulnerabilities, stay open and alive in the connection
- my own rough edges, sensing them out
- gradual conditioning

- explore sexual tension in it, intent, degrees of it, recapture natural resource
- explore the milder versions of intimacy or the attracted level veils etc. - recall memories
- its on feelings, captivated connections...
- sensing deeper into the micronuances of tension, refine

- open new levels

Hoverings to set these up for creation of moments while being in prox for chatting her up.
- Shift to flow, be a spectacle, letting her take me in
- Precision of positioning, the x mark, eg flow by, to positioning, to half turn for route
- Capturing her attention with movement, sheer attentiveness or more active hovering eg gesticulations, interruptory movement etc
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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 7, 2019
Hey @Glow,

Just wanted to drop in and say that I really appreciate your posts - they have been extraordinarily helpful for me to not only incorporate new techniques but to comprehend their impacts at a deeper level. Seeing guys like you and @Bacchus having such immense ability with language is extremely motivating for me as I endeavor to develop my game in this area.

While reading your notes, I became remarkably curious towards your concept of attracted level veils and the desire to recapture the natural resources of sexual tension.

I know that these are your personal musings, but would you be able to expand on these ideas just a bit if you get the chance? Really fascinated to understand the full meaning of these thoughts!


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Fuck me

just read a lil in my old logs and scrap book from NEXTASF - damn i miss those conversations and inputs.

in short, ive digged down into the wrong approach again.

Need to uncover the real aspects of seduction. not this meh focus. Hm.. where is that coming from? Unveil the source...

Some parts are right but its like the full core isnt really tuned into the depths of things.

ah... >>gets it<<

the uncertainty in the base... cramming, gghhhh - yeah i get it - know what to activate...


Can i connect with that.. strengthn it. yes. its readily available. but why buried...! oh yes. Ofc.

i need to get myself into that route it seems.. take ownership of it.


>>tunes up<<

how to manifest this best...

Hey @Glow,

Just wanted to drop in and say that I really appreciate your posts - they have been extraordinarily helpful for me to not only incorporate new techniques but to comprehend their impacts at a deeper level. Seeing guys like you and @Bacchus having such immense ability with language is extremely motivating for me as I endeavor to develop my game in this area.

While reading your notes, I became remarkably curious towards your concept of attracted level veils and the desire to recapture the natural resources of sexual tension.

I know that these are your personal musings, but would you be able to expand on these ideas just a bit if you get the chance? Really fascinated to understand the full meaning of these thoughts!

Thanks man, happy it can provide something. cool w your interest in verbals.

yeah key parts, let me think about it. Its not something you just explain easily.
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019


{ 1 } PREPARE attractive walk in vibe purposefull to my movement and vibe to ignite attraction on sight

Keep radiance of competence
Maintain vulnerability aka openness or connection to create opening...
Prep my attunement to the slower layers and emotions, to her, true attractiveness layer

{ 2 } Emperor Walk-in, like i own the place... social pressure non-care

Breathe her in, fuel it up to sissle and fluctuate.

{ 3 } Move into her radius purposefully, low attention awareness - direct or half circle

Mark hit,​
slight side position..​
quick peak phone - let her take me in - allow her just to crave me.​

{ 4 } Half-turn and tension... slightly prolonged facial hold

Controlling my take-in - filtering it and reducing it once i get a grip of it, system repeat and solidity

{ 5 } Grounded opening charged with just a reduced glimpse of the take-in...​

opening style: feel commands, grounded
And prepped attunement to her response energy - play of that for routing our dialogue​
Note her response energy - i want her to experience a slight vacuum she moves to fill out created by my grounding​

{ 6 } Nudge into fun and interesting topics, follow emotion, articulate the vibe, elicit
Ignite emotion​
Elicit her world​


main focus - exchange joy, charge feel.

To Do
- both appearances needs some training or recapture.
- spectacle mindset and body posture, sharpness, purposefull attitude
- revisit tension memories
- drill radius engagements
- more refined phone glance - this is less floaty and more decisive - purposeful, just enough to let her take me in
- study my intent, reduce my reach

Hypo: Underreach comes from stronger grounding. maintain vulnerability when doing it.

then do the same with relaxed pleasure feel vibe.. jim morrison style. aka more pleasure principle
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Rolling back into momentum

chatted up super-cutie in coffee shop today. a solid eight for me.
i made a mingly pass by misinterpingly playfully-cute nick-naming her croissant by a sentence from her friend mentioning croissaint
could have played w that more flirt-fun-cool style
reality paced her on coffees shops as pockets of self-indulgance and escapes from the daily choirs
double entried as bach just outlined in the rp post which was a cool bridge from the initial misinterp fun sexy cool vibe to a more immersive state making her responsive to me and stimulating her emotionally, settign up conenction and indulgance sot

glow: you know, i find something really interesting.. - Looking around as if i was inspired by the environment -
glow: have you ever thought what coffee shops brings to our lives - effectful pause - ...?
girl: - full attention -
glow: For some its a break from the daily choirs - a place you go after work or school to just drop, lean back and indulge in some relaxing leisure time of your own choice. a book, a friend, just indulging fully in a snack and a smooth-tasting cup of coffee..
for others its a next level bubble. these people are drawn by the unique mood the environment brings, feeling... a deeply relaxing sensation slide in from the very place itself, from the people there. If youre part of this group you go there to deep chill and maybe for the first time of the day.. truly connect with yourself in this little oasis of nourishment that coffee shops uniquely provide...
glow: how do you feel about them?
girl: xxxx

Exitted sadly due to that i was meeting some friends and a social knowing they were there to chat. Quick sorta desicion, But bullshit. Should have routed it eg shooting assumptions or just driving topics or elicitng values. But its just not being in momentum of things atm.

but also not that much of a daygamer to this level of intent so new process to establish

Need to get back into stepping in and leading process
some insecurities awoke which i noted.
i had some time and also felt stronger vibes awake that could have shifted the whole feel too but was too flat on my feet here
all good
getting back in momentum
gonna prep these for a second round tmrw
slowly establishing the route

Anyways - feeling alive and bold which is good to establish new momentum

perfect glances and grounded alluring intent
perfect mingling in
good hovering and lettting her take me in a few times BUT need to be more secure in the hover - felt shaky in it
verbal coofeeshop verbiage flows reasonable

- play with coffeshop verbals
- feel sexual tension, intent
- feel fun cool sexy
- circle the isnecuritis and weakthoughts
. circle more healthy bolder approaches and vibes
- train indulgance and connection as routes
- run elicit values model
- do hovers and get more used to them - own them like stage takings.. like a spectacle
Get this shit into my system as dominant vibes that arise when i tune in on them

be fluid, work memories, boost the right resources and just go again
reboot that shit
i know the routes already - just need to get them embodied and unfolding flow state
- Verbal routing into SOTs. fun and interesting to start out
- Initial immersion w pacing etc
- Fundamental presence of a seducer
- Attraction attunement, stimulating the pleasure feels and chemistry - more nuanced its on moments, explosions of chem
- leading it in spite of her

- flow further right away into shooting assumptions and elicitng cycles
- hit main sots indulgance and connection
- add lags at high points to boost chem levels and moments
- potentially articulate the vibe to step the chem level up, combine w slow burn
- drive the vibe through grounded ghases and intentfulness
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Advanced nonverbal mirroring
socalled Harmonic authentic mirrorings - building on an ongoing or immediate doing from her with my additional harmonic mirroring to make her feel good.

fucking powerful,

just mirrored and incoming girl with a more harmoneous response to her doing

as in a smiley i like that response from her signalling to the bartender

which she was obviously caught by in her deer in headlights looking at me afterwards

sorta like jugglers presmiling effect but based of a pace from her

in short this is true human mirroring where i emotionally react to her uncontrieved but just spin of her emotions and mirrors her with a very harmoneous emotion that feeds her

sorta like compliments between the lines level

but lets call this advanced mirroring instead of traditional direct mirroring approaches. or second level mirroring. where i through my unique response to her, non clingy that is and non intentful response that just serves to mirror her emotions and doings. but in a way that creates a great harmony of interaction.

will investigate this and develop this capacity. its pre-approch-dynamite. or spaceous interaction dynamite.

need sharper language for this but its such a key to mirror this way not nlp bs, this is creatively building and lifting things further vs just mirroring for rapport bs.

there are three levels
- bs mirroirng her body etc
- mirror to understand and feel her
- mirror to elicit
- mirror to bring further in harmonic directions

this one is the latter...


how to investigate this...

*wringles brows*


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
response profile work
Mission - changing my response profile at the moment in regards to coffee shops
this is slow work but i wanna move and refine my internal responses

So one thing i note is that getting back in and especially being more active in a new setting aka more deliberate day game is that it drives a particular response profile inside me. So its a set of reactions that are a mix of tensions, fears and insecurities that seem to drive a stiffened and more frustrated state.

1. First part is revealing that

What are the struggle reaction atm?
- Cannot look too much at them - aka showing interest or looking is restrained in me?
- they dont want me looking at them? uncomfortable?
- they dislike the attention from me?

what lies in this pocket of emotions in me? i need to tie up with it and dig into it.. feel
I need to connect with these feelings

2. Second part is connecting slowly with these layers

Funny its in my face , front side somehow, embedded in there, physical. i know it s a somatic represnation of the belifef and emotions around it. and as i trace it it changes.
interesting, its NOT an insecurity
its form is.. decisive, calm, grounded... like wtf the source of it is actually strong albeit a bit muffled up about something that shapes its state
a concern of sorts, thinking, a concerned state...
anyways first realisation is that it has weight and is a resource, a slow force sorta.
but concerned with something atm....
question is what.

and from that very response to minor rejetions....??? sorta expecting them
ok. good
i realise this
and i feel its changing with that understanding...

aaand ... it seems to link out to other embodied elements
like clenching knots....
how to engage these...


trails them again

oooddd clenching
somehing in my throat clencing in
and in myb back
can i let it go alittle?

whata with the throat part

whats the sotry here?
a terrible thing will happen in the conenction
so that when theres a connection
this inner pain will come
which is locked up inside myself
locked inside
like screaming in pain
but all inward
suffering part

somethin terrible will happen when we connect

its related to an embodied suffering
almost disconnet suffering
so why the connect to girls?
was it prebirth?
super early trauma?
no imagery
jest clenching
so terrible i close in around it
not knowing
seem almost infantile

gonna let it be now
connect with it when i have a more peaceful time
figure out what the need is

3. third part is mobilising new ones
i sense and know these too floating in the next layer - to transfer into these
i can recall from memories
and activate them
gradually they will grow and shape up as new resources more ready for usage if not automated and relayered as the primary

4. fourth part is engaging with it
activating better reactions i sense too floating in the next layer - to transfer into these

btw - another coffeshop opener
chat up of a group of five women.
nothing pretty but just to start pulling the trigger and walking into smaller tensions.
get back the fundamentals on engagement etc
i did a full walk up initially
then re did it to close of w more fun and playfulness
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
current focis - turn around
- Process goals - establish momentum, transform responses and their sources
- Tension setp ups - continually walk into minor tensions and get into a just do it momentum
- presentation - sharpn appearance and fundamentals, tune up resources, amp up attractive vibes
- structure to lead from - pre hook flow and SOT centred elicitation route

> just execute and train techs and snippets so that they flow in. a few key gambits and venue specific pacings

current venues
- metros
- coffee shop

hoover based approach
current focus: Serendipity moment to pre-hook - establish process

- Sizzle up on the way in
- ground without closing
- Run drill
- Stay open no matter, enable emotions from vulnerability
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Sensing it out, feeling the environment, spotting opportunities


- Seized three clear opportunities and moved in cross, Opened one. Note: Patience is key
- Ear shot position is key - overwrite social perspectives, remember im hovering so shes onto me aka appearing non-invasive and intriguing.
- Tangegicality is another key - the slight notes, gravitational levels

  • Spotting opportunities means patience and floating for positioning
  • Ear shot position is key
  • She might adjust too even if attracted. reengage position
  • prepare for responses eg im a foreigner - shoot assumptions and ignite carefree vibe to take her there.
  • theres something in the flowing in and positioning that combines good fundamentals and a precision and vibe that will optimise the roll in to make her notice and do it right!
keep an eye on Frustrations
of impactions
of roughness
dont rough up on conclusions
let experience inform
flip angles
stay in attentive zone and let it truly inform
look at the details MUCH more, nuances vs what some sides of my ignorance seeks

means more nuance
note if i go rough on conclusions... impatience means bad direction

chase the access by swerving around the particular moment or experience
go into details
let intuition inform it better
seek hints
explore these....

- Ear shot placement while immersed in something - be immersed! pheripheral vision
- Note tangenticality of her attention or more
- Own appearance and fundamentals of voice on entry - pre warm up before leaving
- Open with whatever over the shoulder - just to establish initial process.
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
note to self: be a spectacle, embodied honey
make em feel that

Field thesis, to investigate
- the captivation of sexual tension is stronger for captiviation than just hovering. Aka pai mai with real juice. play with levels. The side glance or the look up at her. Ghengis khan style.
- tension itself might be enough
- aka PAIMAI first, after initial juice up and letting it sissle in me.
- then hover to let her take me in , potentially use for vibe effect
- then smooth open, shoot assumptions, pace, elicit
walk in, cobra or slight prolonged ghase, notice, whatever.

might depend on her vibe though for whats smartest.

Sense the true impact, patience...

> increases her take-in of me immensely, and opens her to the potential of an actiual connection which heightns her captivation
make sexual tension do the work FIRST

super-charge it vs just tech

that said - make it an undertone to a styled presence. A glimse of something. balance
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Short field trip today - keeping the momentum
two perfect hovers

Girl one - a smashing niner - perfect distancing, we circulated each other, prolonged ghaze
she was on her phone talking intensely and after i created the look at her moment after having my back turned to herw
which was pure perfection - strong half circle position again
i looked away too swiftly - made her eject while talking even if i sensed a longing.
good learning - provide an opening vibe and continue chemistry and smiley vibe load circulation till she stops
obvious its on moment but i cut it and its fragile if not confirmed or supported

other hovering outside cafe window
two set
look at her until she looked back
smiled and waved kiddishly sweet-fun which she did back w a huge grin

just letting these moment creations inform me but gonna start chatting soon
still need more firm earshot positioning

but opportunities arose today - like alot. im starting to see hover opportune moments and move in decisively
and they just pop up everywhere now.

perfect moments created, sweet-fun connect on one, clear sexualised tension its on moment the other
very joyfuld

back in shape upgrade
got a killer haircut today and amped up my styling. chose a more subtle style display.
obvious eye candy- got nervous level iois and ais like crazy.
some subtle elements to improve but worked magically

Consistent effort... while seeing many details, letting it feed my system.

Results so far
- Spotting opportunities down V
- Walk in- float in to position down V
- Serendipity+ its on moments down V

+ reboot and regrow sexual tension in ec as a prolonged lag - aka slight hint of it
+ Add - opening vibe - maybe to finger signal
+ shoot opening sequences to hook
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Next phase - verbal chat up to hook
So my pre-approach is down and has started taking a life of its own. Good. that means i can move one forw. still need to grow it though but i have significant feel of it atm.

It is already embodied which shows me my own capacity of these things. Feeling a pride and the confidence of skillfulness arises. the precision of things while still staying in the right levels of presence. Good.

im playing more on the right layers of things with a few tweaks. Need to be aware of the hijacks though. and also seek to really see realtity better vs immediate perspectives. circulate things more. sense the hints. Keep slowed down.

The next part is verbals
And need to land the hovering moment creation ofc. spend some time w it. maybe a few sessions
also to broadn it to paimai based two finger opens and the likes in case i dont get time to hover appropriately. Expand the variety of it.

Im devising an approach where i focus on moments that route into opening sequences. I wanna own the flow and adaptively route girls from the moment of connects - the various forms and then down an expanding path with several layers at play.

- to stay emotionally attentive and open in the space and attuned to her - enable the flow of feel
- be in the lead
- to let my nature unfold with it more, the system vs controlled,
- explore
- based on gradual technical development in a way that makes it just slide in

Still a few feeling elements i need to transform. hm... slower process there, keep attention and tak some time to feel

Anyways focussing on the verbal opening sequencing atm. But will keep an eye on other layers.. gonna train a few opening sequences combining various techs, topics and rolls to get it initiated. also gonna train some riker elements. Get the flow based approach so that its just breathing within me. I know itll not be easy. feeling a knot is in the way...


*sits w it, chains up...*

ahhh , it lifts now.. moves and opens up a lil... unfoggyfying



funny this song which i listeded too for state-gen yest is literally inspirational for how i build it all up.. a strong centre pace, fullness of even keel... variations of feels highs and slowdowns

+ A note to accelerate flow in to serendipity its-on moment... sense how they take me in and get ideas for timings and lag lengths...
+ Take notice of the float from striking to soft-intimate type connect...
+ consider walk in vibe - striking type or suave choice etc. - how do i select to vibe bomb her, gradually develop capacity
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
more nuanced RPO model, accelerated.

* run pre process for getting in earshot position and setup vibe
* hit the mark let her take me in
* create striking or serene moment
* drop a cool mindset RPO she can lash onto we hook - drop a hook thinking. Field tested in coffeeshop for perfect hook and shared cool mind weness
* Shoot calibrated question to make her responsive and establish interaction - curiosity knee jerk
* Shoot venue specific RPOs
* elicitation rounds alongside fun and interesting - shift to genuine curious, maybe shift of vibes for initial stimuli and fun.interesting directing
with gambits and stimuli ready responding to her momentum

> gauge response initially to see if i can transfer right into it. state dependent but The rpo i do include vibe bombs that could.
> note resistance, dont be ignorant to where she is
> add chemistry, micro-escalate when she is speaking, flavor it.

pinball seduction lol


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
note to self - the pace as a moment
influence grows immensely when you dare appear weak - the word weak is just my innner perceptance at the moment, not the truth about it
this helps to satisfy the opposing parts need to feel control in the situation by me removing the pressure of my energy.
A better word for weak is being sensitively attentive to her, soft and letting go of needing to influence or be active in her views.
the true pacing is when i truly dare stand out of control in relation to her perspective
letting go of the control
letting go of my need to influence
yessss- it should not ne a need, just a well delivered play.. thats it.
there you learn that giving it up doesnt make you loose it
it just puts it up for play which engages the other side immensely more and which can be genuinely or tactically framed to give her a sense of control and ownership of the thing thats up.
which lowers her barriers immensely
and can raise her empathy for you which is NOT a bad thing but a source for much more interesting modes of interaction giving a higher yield.
its an obvious healthy capacity and adult approach to things

it gives her a sense of control and influence in the seduction which is a huge key to make her active in it in interesting ways vs the chase type idea which often makes her uninteresting and limits how SHE stimulates ME.


hm...thers a lag in the pace here if i wanna use it for a pacing and leading... like giving her enough time before i change perspective to feel her own control of the situation. Need to sense this lag or how to shift this. but i think the true route is to avoid leading for awhile to better see her when i pace on this level.

*taps fingers...*

yessss... thats it - putting in a true lag in the pace and appreciation to let it sink in and feel real. Maybe even holding the tension to make her respond to it trly - i need to sense the impact of it before i move to leading.

Slow it to increase the impact, pregnant pauses, but expand my feel with these to smoothn it.

Also it can just be used to elicit her view and real intel vs superficial immediate answers for a better sharing of things
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Reminder to self - reconnect with the more important parts, dont get lost in... insecurities..?
Slow down
WORK from there
embody that
Work from there!

eg the slight prolonging or added lag of real connection > chemistry feel
eg the sense of the sexual tension
eg arising the related confidence of action alongside it - awake it

see the reactions, stay with these, flow from there...
let it inform me

Forget tech - 10 % of my focus max
And own each

Engage the villain - the sum of fears, the worms..
seek into the motivation itself

yes - got it now!
need to stay on this path
aka avoid bs reading.


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
its starting to work again
women are responding to me much better on sight
just number closed a mind-blowingly sexy girl in a coffee shop after paimaiish initiation of things
she was obviously struck by the tension > materialised next to her as they went outside > RPO > question/SOTs #close as i had to work
lol guy next to me was glaring at her too
just not the way i was :p

+ Obvious flirt eye to eye yesterday by walking set - surprise me a bit so didnt collect
+ A few more

An important micro-change in my vibe at the centreline of sensual connect - striking for women

i need to follow that trail,
grow the ownership of it.



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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
So ive developed a pretty strong way to engage girls DG style
basically its dropping hooks
shooting out rpos and relatable smilepulling experiences
nothing new, remember some guy using the term,
but im doing it with RP based hook openers which ive found to work flawlessly so far.

its great w coffeeshops.

and tested well with walking sets too
Yest. i stood still w walking sets in a spot where i dropped hooks as they walked by over the shoulder, old school mystery style making them stop. key next is a fast bridge so that even if they appear dismissive and strt to move the BL in a continue walking direction you hook them in and respond with amping up the dramatisism of your response - ive written about this before in how i open. its shooting chick crack on a string hijacking them.

collateral seduction..
when theres a less attractive chick sitting in between you and the cutie youre eyeing out who thinks youre vibing at her.
fml :p
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Nov 11, 2019
Female Captivating Presence
A woman on the metro entered and did the 45 degree pose with her foot positioned outward oriented semi-towards me within my field of vision.
cajun touches upon it in beyond words albeit he never showed it properly. but very nice pointer no matter.

Aka a strong posture pose and intriguing foot position - open to the world to be seen - im to be seen direction
note me
her attitude and a sharpness followed the whole look or posture - a presence that created a mix og see me and openness
a dual vibe if you will
take on the world and who are you
one of the most excellently drawing and captivating presences ive seen in a while
number closed her
had to feeding me like that
awakening a very interesting weight in me

Captivation.. A very significant seductive key. Credit: cozy.