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Nov 11, 2019
Sup fellas, G back in the race.

The un-infamous log of things written for me myself mostly. Reflective capacity thing - my way.

In here ill:
- Journal my reflections of field
- keep focus one one or few things until closed (full circle model)
- Collect notes on things - observances, hints i see.
- Collect good scrapbook elements of techs and useful things. Sorta opening topics for further investigations.
My avatar is a simple manifest of an intent of having a calm, but strong forward momentum. Healthy agressive with intent fulness. Something thats currently forming from within as a larger thing on all aspects of life for me.

Mindset changes since last:
- Finish/move in over perfect
- Weight in presence while moving - pace, ground, feel, embody, character. sense, receptiveness ( several layers at once)
- Aliveness - through more focus in me, feel myself in it. Self responsibility on my own behalf. eg nuances of how exactly does this woman attract me.
- Attentiveness and alive responsiveness to women, context etc. while staying active.

Should be good to prime things for a start.

Class is in session!

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Nov 11, 2019
From last Saturdays field trip and some refinement of presence i started i have the following work list for improvement:
  1. Im currently wrapping up my presences attractiveness - refining fundamentals. Voice, movement pace, postures etc from good source (need to define). Sending Cues that attract and harmonises. Reminder to self: It all comes from the feel of these "moves". Feel and source.
  2. Lost a window to sex - My escalation activation (inside me) and Smooth Escalation training aim. Want it to come from within as an active momentum emancipating from me/instinctually controlled layers. So a few layers to it i need to unite across feel, inner notions and skills (lol as i write it comes to me).
  3. Space impact on me in club - central pressure place impact! Connect with it. chain up. relayer. I could be better at unfolding/grabbing life by the balls part better. refine. feels of self amusement, let go. Think ijjji nightgame model. But same thing i believe due to space impact. and i know why... hm.. safety feel, & enjoyment is key i sense.. but also something to connect with. + natural feelings & doing what i like in the space more. own aliveness vs doing to seduce.
  4. Learnings - the Classy sexually agressive hottie - changes of her across resistance points - subtleties of my lead for her to mutually engage. Quality was high. Reconnect w memory. Remember her shifts on her resistance points: 1) on SOT talking about "being in the moments" relationship to having expectations and how to manage that process. (from intellectual to singy-songy in her rough version) 2) how she flipped through my presence and steady lead of us/her from singy-songy to wild - dancing commences in group. 3) From being unfolding, dancing, grabbing life by the balls - to wilder sexualised depth in her. How she subtext communicates things to me.
  5. A larger focus is the passivity pre-doings often across many places? need to sense it. I want to change this to a slow, moving flow of unfolding coming from me - active intuitive flow. Has to do with some larger inner changes of my momentum of things. too many stops. To lean back. Hm... i sense theres a dislike in it holding me back?! Yes thats it, got it, mhhh, larger thing... will connect w it. good.
In sum - Handling mental-emotional blocks, engaging escalatory muscle and collecting around my intent/aliveness/want - an i-ness. Few ideas popping up as i write - maybe ill outline it in writing for my self to collect intel... hm. * thinks*. Nah. Will engage with each one by one and give it time focus for intel and moving each.


Edit: As i leave this text and mental voyage, something collects around collecting myself, activating all my resources in a calm presence. Im ripped out of it by myself and environment. Handling many of the above and more will really land me in a capacity that can do shit activating many things. But connecting with this part and making it layered-ready in a grounded form is a key. I sense its not far. I sense new accesses lies there.. not pretty ones. I need to step consciously.
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Dr Feelgood

Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Aug 13, 2017

do you have your old logs archived? They were full of gold!


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Haha glow is back at it again! :) those crazy long logs :)

Hope we get to discuss these things over tea soon in the future.


hahaha - Totally!!! Wouldnt be a real seduction site without my incessant mumblings in the journal corner :)

Im sure well catchup tea style in the near future.


do you have your old logs archived? They were full of gold!

Thanks Doc.
And hey :) Good to see you check in again.
Yeah, i have them downloaded somewhere. Ping me and ill send em to you in PDF.
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Nov 11, 2019
Ramping things up again. Time to hit field more aggressively.

Atm im boosting up:
- Fundamentals retraining - movement, voice, facials, ways i look at them, being both a spectacle, a tempting cuteness, an inner smile of amusedness rolling of her and an inner smile of harmonic rapport. and a force
- Killer haircut and styling - christmas contrasting. + IFfing - kg drop for better facial micro-nuance displays
- Vibe strengthening
- SOT and sex talk studying and riffing to build vocab and fractionation paths
- Vibe articulation and escalation through all levels of engagements, mundanity to
- Bad ass entry, lay on command model in action, kiss openings - focus on entry, acclimatising, walk of purpose, connecting.
- Micro escalation through embodied unfolding within momentums of fractional escalations - flows of microescalations, of harmonic interactions, of playful of arousal. All slided out over a progressive seductive path with precision.
- Nuancing the feels, the sensations, somatically as feel level.
- harmonic interaction for false rapport and-or rapport. Also what am i truly attracted too.

Above is more a collecting of where i was + next step than doing everything from scratch if it appears a lot.
The vibes are starting to work, haircut captivating. Momentum sliding in. girls looking captivated at me due to the vibe i provide. The feel i give them.


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Nov 11, 2019
Note: On harmonic rapport - False or true
Harmonic mirroring of her emotional cravings and place with me.

when does she start seeking emotional aknowledgements and the likes

when do i proactively give it to move her the right way - through vibe and mirroring

try indulging in the feel despite that its dumm - explore

jesus this one is tough for mz
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Nov 11, 2019
Investigating False rapport
fuck ëverything within me seeks to be precise and correct and i wanna communicate this w others, i even resent them abit if they dont get it
which is A HUGE rapport breaker
bad energy too on some levels.

so changing it

I just emotionally stimulated a girl - and i sensed something was missing
and i realised it was the giving i - me mirroring her feeling. Just decribing is without me in it which is important for her. and for me. its where we connect intimately and it sexually nourishing from an everything is sex view point.

the emotionally descriptive language dies somewhere, it hits her feel but also becomes all in her
the mirroring is what provides the melting feel
the harmonic provider

hm... i will let this simmer

but a huge ONE for me


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Nov 11, 2019
back to Sexual Tension

Delivered as a feint - soft connect
i see her and i like her.. i enjoy her a lil. take her in.
i get up and walk forward, directly into her span of horizon
in flow of my movement I look at her.. swiftly.. with tension, contained inside my body, and i take her in for a sec..
it happens in a moment, a lag to my otherwise forward oriented movement, maybe a small pausing as in being captivated as i see her.. affected
Theres no hesitation in my display, no insecurity.. no nuance of nervousness at any level
it all happens like a flow, so natural.. so pulsating
The feint will providing a slight something of high caliber interestingness for her, but just a peak
she seeks me now, peeks in my direction..
on their second looking at me i maintain the exchange of what i started.. to confirm what shee feels - knowing shes just assessing things, double checking if that thing she felt was real..
and i want her to take me in a lil before i engage.. spice it in whatever direction that is nice at the moment..
i stay in the same thing expanding it while enjoying it all..
From that i open politely and well mannered, adapting to her vibe at the moment..
At default receptive in my wordings, enabling a communications to unfold, maybe adding a slight playfuld tease along a nuance of sweetness and warmth
while letting the sissle burn to an appropriate level depends on her.
and i start eliciting and working style alongside things

- Control of insecurities to stay on the path - dont follow them if or when they arise, back to the pleasure focus. stay w it. Be the source.
- Staying w it. Where do i take it. Whats best for her atm - like how much...
- Opening from it? articulating it w barriers etc.

Two hours in a mcd chilling and Reading

Delivered prolonged - as an explosion

Cute 9er Asian Woman seated to my side.
i did a clear confident paimai of her while i let her affect me.
she was striking and i held it a bit just feeding on it. she noticed it and stopped for a long sec just looking at me.

I returned my gaze a second time. similar w a clear confidence letting it grow and pulsate. EC again.
same level. rip our clothes of feel.

As she leaves, coming towards me i look at her maintainign EC and she stagger like bambi as she left.
Felt Like an explosion of sissle across our bodies and she walked towards me. Lol she almost tipped over trying to do something else but caught by the sexual tension. and i realised that this is sexual tension. Not pleasure. Maybe cause i held the EC more. prolonged.

Delivered with short paimai - what felt quite controlled
I also shared a pleasure exchange with a brunette teen girl who sat down to my left, only using feints to ignite her and then letting pleasure manage the way.
i paimaied her after taking her in a bit
We held ec at a time were it exploded. but i looked away as i didnt want to take it further.
i still grew it and she was peeping at me out her peripherals
i saw her wiggle and her body movements were in response to the energy of it,
with my focus to it the connection intensified w, pleasure of the more nourishing deep sort.

Need to investigate these interrelations more. is there a difference between a full paimai with it and a feint or a short pai mai. the short one felt more controlled. the long one exploded in tension. the fast paimai with follow up seemed more controlled. But the girls impacted me different too.

Tension vs pleasure feel?
- The rise of tension in the hold sorta, the pre sizzle. jesus fuck i never knew t that precisely. i just had it from a few doings like my EC, paimais and similar techs. its the sissle part that appears in the pause before touch, upon proximity, when lips are held close.. like a craving arising in it. a magnetism... Or at least a few key nuances of it
- the warmth is more in the pleasure direction.
> Each their arisal and signature

hm.. its foggy within
but i have it i feel.
the controlled impact on four women i just made through mere ec and some movement to lazer it in
my ability to maintain it - letting it move around my body, skin
i have initial control
time to deepen and sharpn the resources

  1. Play with variations of display - how much eye contact. when. Mix of pauses, lags, feints and full prolonged displays.
  2. investigate the intensity of the feel that arises from her. The asian was way more attractive for me so i locked it more for some reason. prolonged. and a full explosion of sissle across my chest. So investigate the charges.
  3. increase my sensitivity to the connection itself
  4. Open and Maintain the focus and work around it forming a seduction while enjoying it - focus on the pleasure not mind
    1. Play with intensifying and reducing it..
  5. open w a make out - asian was ready - that level and strike power.
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
When the girl pulls... mixing SOTS and SEX TALK and containing escalation

Private party NY eve. Fourteen people for dinner w. various coming all night for later partying and celebration. Im seated deliberately across from SURFER GIRL. Named as she looks like a more nice-rounded version the surfer chick from Californiacation. A good eighter in my book.

So i arrive, connecting with good friends and hanging oozing, mingling w everyone, up-nods and warm acknowledging vibe. As i mingle naturally i get to know everyone in a relaxed acknowledging sense spending some time w each then moving on.

I deliberately engage SURFER GIRL spot on for a proper meet saying hi, having an earnest, joyful vibe, then responding with a so you are the infamous SURFER girl. Your name was mentioned several time in a thread so suddenly i thought who is this SURFER GIRL.. She smiles and likes it, its on already.

Next we sit down and across the dinner we speak about many things in a four set - me and three girls who get our own sorta space from how the convos unfold. And i affirm SURFER GIRL a lot boosting her confidence, while continually providing good angles on things she mention, a sorta positive overwrite. The intimate bubble slides in - we connect across the table in this feeling of our own world almost shaping around us making a wall between us and the rest.

We start chatting broadly and effortlessly, I start out by eliciting values w her, finding out her picture of likings, what she sees and wishes for in the life-scapes around her, details of her motivations and choices.. back tracing some etc. This continues along the talk as my centre path, while the list of topics floating across SOTS and SEXTALK w. her and her friend go back and forth through:
- Flirt cultures - general talking about flirting and how it differs from culture to culture.
- My local culture of flirting, how mystique it seems to most foreigners and what its about. I speak of the difference between flirts where sexual tension is more what drives the flirts, and more intimate forms that are more what people consider flirting. So contrasting between the two. and describing sexual tension as well as intimacy.
- Spontaneousness and how you without expectations by being in the moment can sometimes experience.. one moment... leading to the next by itself as if.. an energy takes you there...
- I outline how girls from different cultures engage in cock sucking how their motivation born out of their cultural background creates better and better feelings to sex from her pleasuring me, to her doing it, cause she likes it wild sexual girl type, to a place where we become one where she enjoys my pleasure and the connection of that sort of chemistry. ..sliding it in between your lips, sucking the fulness of it, feeling the warm pulsating head inside... Inspired by @Teevs mentioning it sometime in a convo.
- We spoke of Guilty Pleasures - mine is warm baths and indulging in it which i describe in detail, sliding down naked into the warm waters, letting it fully cover every part of you body, how you feel as the warmth encompass youre entire being and how you just indulge.. fully.. letting the warmth sweep everything away allowing you to just surrender into it.. to that voice in your head saying this IS for you...
- SURFER GIRL was in a place of reinitiating dating and doing so across countries so i lead us into talking about local love stories meeting in towns never leaving the hotel etc.
- I deliver the Eight orgasms routine credit @Teevster - Entrance to it from an ive always been envious of girls when it comes to sexual pleasure... girls: literally saying why in a chorus.. i did it with a three set here. then cause you guys are literally build for pleasure.. girls can have eight different types of orgasms where guys can just have three... following one of Teevs ways to introduce it.
- And many fun normal type banters.
- various other topics of interest and fun, especially eliciting values from them or asking into their worlds and doings.
- i teased SURFER GIRL w. her having to meet a local guy here that ill set her up w one for her to try it.

Still elicitation of her and her friends values and life was spread across it too with some sessions being more intense - others more fun and interesting. This is always a strong centreline for me to line things up around that shows genuine interest in her too and elicits her world out beyond all the stimulating topics above. I continually reframed perspectives to overwrite things with more positive outlooks, higher roads and angles - leading mindsets.

but also, a key starting point was that the topic of flirt cultures was the centre piece from which everything else unfolded around and returned too. And the mix of SOTS and sex talk was good.

I use quite a few techs but i literally cannot outline it as i trained it as techs and thus just shoot em when it makes sense. And needless to say i fractionated in and out, partly using pragmatics of the dinner and more normal topics while also eliciting their worlds and enjoying their company. Thing is this just flows for me now and the above topics formed by me nudging and giving points in the directions above to which the girls lashed onto easily. Too lazy atm to outline the seduction itself fully verbally. this is just to show and collect the flow of topics and how they rolled.

From there we just hang dance and have fun. Im holding back a lil as i didnt feel like making things obvious but just graced her w sexual tension doing its thing and woking it all. Shitloads of times im sure others would have moved in. i just kept a light burn letting the space work while shooting in little seductive moments here and there. Proximity, letting our lips hang closely, her longedly hovering around me and the sets were in, speaking then me away. I sense shes just waiting for the escalation. But i dont give any at all. Mind you - I have not touched her at all all night.

At two something her friend wants to leave and she comes to me on the DF saying she loved our convo and if i live alone? i answer yes and she suggest we go just her and i. I say not right now as i wanted to party more w. my friends, but that i liked the idea vibing warmly and connectively to insure she didnt go pride-harsh feeling rejected. She suggested that i just text her when im leaving.

And so i did. I was a bit surprised as i assumed i would have lost her from not going when she asked on the DF. She came over and clothes flew off vividly as she entered - the sexual chemistry so pulsating across our bodies that anything else would be impossible.

Considerations for next
- The aftermath is tricky as i didnt want to leave early. so keeping her on a plate warming without loosing her was a bit hard even if it worked. Keeping windows open.
- better lead of techs - commands could have been use better.
- the dinner i used too little second gen escalation and eye caressing of her.. i could have added a lil to make it more smooth sensual in the packaging too. Also to stimulate myself more w her.
- maybe less proximity and sexual tension usage. Especially right after.
- the hyper contained escalation was interesting. not fully clear for me, but it worked enough to keep her ready and waiting nicely. Might be SC setting where game can be a lot more slow. But need to do this more - like a ten percent burn or so. Play with intensities.
- I get hints to giving her space to engage in escalation - like sensing her gravitation and engagement level and leaving her room to do it. key in this is that it stimulates me alot. My side of the chemistry, sexual tension control, intent and verbals provide a route that activates her well. But i should investigate the balance...

Above is just a simple example of why when you know verbals all you really need to do is to get one on one w her verbally. From there its literally game over. Ive done similar things repeatedly. in social circles, or outgoing sets all i really need is to get side to side w a girl - materialising next to her - a specific form of hovering i learned from @Bacchus ' field rapports and details hes been kind to share - and then im confident its on. Girls are literally always mutually escalating on me, presumably as i contain myself some and ooze a little temptingly knowing how my appearance stimulates her and moves her places. Vibes of purposefulness and grounded presence, slow moving, being a calm breath. They even organise their friends often, the ones who are more leading setting things up fixing logistics. Just something ive noticed a lot of so i take it as a hint of me activating her well.



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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
fuck - i got it i think. Finally.

feel it,focus on it, grow it
let the sexual tension sissle w it
cpativate w a prolonged ec, paimai or a few lags
strike her - sexual tension
keep it
change it into sweet, connective or what resonate w her state at the moment but good default - romeo
inner smile grows from there.. hits her
hold ec
walk over
maintain good posture
know shes hit - work her receptively from her response vibe - adjust accordingly
let it sissle all the time, edge her while doing it
maybe - articulate the energy - mutual its on moment
elicit riker + stimulate + flirt

Gonna test tmrw


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
SC - slide-in and chat up to elicitation. Refining verbals and sliding in
Im in the process of refining my verbals for day game especially
Training for this i do all round me - today i chatted up and instagram closed a girl - ASIAN EIGHT at a SC thing.

We were in the same larger group of people, seated two hours in a locked setup.
And my pause was used for mingling w. some peeps there.
I also chatted up another girl at the end where there was a short interaction opportunity.

Patiently creating and awaiting for opportunity + Sliding in
But early i noted ASIAN EIGHT - and i sat the aim.
I was from there gravitating, positioning and awaiting the opportunity patiently.
And as we walked from one place to another i slid in using the reorganisation of movement and chatted her up.

Isolated walk together - opening her up to me
Convo flew driven by me and i drove
- an elicitation of her
- Flirty teasing and pushing back and forward, kino pinging to dramafy her responses to amp up the emotion
- giving i to provide a picture of me in her mind
This first walk was perfect - i opened her up, stimulated her, got physical, and she was opened up in it with a hook to me.

Set convo - too much i
We sit down and i steer her to sit next to me by hyping the window seats.
- Continuely asking in
- loads of nudging in fun and interesting directions. Stimulating topics she was quite woved. maybe too much?
- in the set i kept bringing the focus back on her, while also centering the attention ball a bit. but i lead it all. also who came in and joined.
- i gave too much i i felt. she was hooked initially but started asking into others too which told me she was not hijacked enough. I did try to balance us socially while creating a connection discretely.
- i seeded in my x was her age just to land the frame in her mind that im an option

I felt i became a little too giving i - i didnt bubble her but she was there to socialise i sensed so felt it wasnt time. It makes her feel disconnected im sure. Create more false report and use personal stealth more. Note her and give less. once she feels more connected - take her emotionally deeper and leave her w a mark of sexual anticipation together with the rest. Say i would love to hear more about xxx topic for an isolated meet.

- materialising in and walking side by side chatting and def. making her hooked and accommodating - woke her emotionally
- i brought up the SOT of flirting in cultures and she mildly turned it. But i went too giving i. I should leave her more time to think and relate to it. or drive it down her route vs giving i here.
- i did a chemistry description to the set - again not too onto her. might work her. But it is less efficient this way.
- We instagram closed each other
- used perfect listing BUT should have asked her to give hers - the set took the focus. More steering needed.

- i gave too much me - i should have elicited down her path more
- i should have better brought out her life scapes, to provide for direct to her stimulation. i ran mine a lil too surface level.
point being - elicit better her world, stimulate into that much more
- also slow down and move less in some parts. give a more grounded sissling presence w her.
- use you commands better and slow down on some emotionally descriptive deliveries
- i could with better elicitation give her better reflections on herself to make her feel more confident, thereby moving her into flirty state. her i could add
- i could have been slightly more neutral working her more subtly.. hm.. to be investigated.

key thing to focus on atm
- Elicitation - ask into her life scapes more, more why. Consider paths to start understanding their scapes for better styling and resonance. As well as bubbling her into her own world.
- add more commands and you talks
- get one topic i wanna hear more about to hook up on later - next time alone me and her.

Topic of Flirt cultures
- Setup is fine - introducing how many foreigners struggle here, talking about our flirt culture, other cultures
- Apply You frames and emotional descriptive parts - slide in a weasel part here to make her feel it, maybe attraction related
- Giving i is great but keep it to ten-twenty percent max. And use it for steering as i own the endings for next nudgings and setting focus for the set here.

Took a stroll in the mall just to spot for opportunities to open in these cold times.
just to take it all in.
let it inform me.

Stopping someone in full walk sees a bit in need of something reasonable to me either go direct or a situational thing.
Or pacing them somehow.
i need to sense this a bit more.
but i saw many places where some one walking would later enter a store for a better approach
also opportunities when they stopped, inside stores etc. By places to sit down or alike. Window shopping.
tactics like stumblel across, materialisations, hovers will work well there.

So im looking to hovering as primary for some sort of stable interaction that is more stumble upon
full stop ill need to find a copacing model or alike. But ive yet to see anyone get serious results w this. And for a local mall i wanna stay somewhat discrete. Maybe a captivational approach can work - but need to figure that out for a stop, did it and there was opportunity.

That said i want to be free so figuring out the full stop some how ill have to consider.

Looking to open a few and nail one of those for insta-date or sdl.
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Nov 11, 2019
Note to self - Use the light, captivation
- use lighting to make eyes cosmic - like how light can hit a bush in the forest and make it captivatingly beautiful when its also reaching from fullness of rain and sun.
- ligth straight to my face from a thirty degree angle to the left or right become mirrored to her in my eyes in a strikingly cosmic way

Use this in positioning's for striking captivation of sexual tension moments and harmonisation of the moment
+ in materialisations pre opening
+ add to walks of purposefulness
+ in moving into her vision moments
+ in active hovers that make her look through movement and gestures. capture w. tension. deepn through focus.

same concept as when taking good photos - lighting against your face from a strong, broad or specific source
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
feeeling in control these days..
sexual tension is refined
all i need is EC - striking quality hits her, hits us..
i can level it, or expand it
then confident opening, posture well, grounded within myself. Or triangulation to materialisation to striking moment. the sissle on my skin.

im doing too much giving i - it is a lot for her, too impressive..

aka more focus on her world, her life scapes, expand her...
then style in a flow alongside it
Add vibes, in the lags, in the pauses, make her feel it and feel its consistent, make her believe it.
Polite vampire in action...

> less giving i, hold back the value references
> increase embodied sense w her, the pauses, but control it, just grace her like a light summer breeze
> increase asking in, suggestive stimuli, listing, stimulating language in a slowly evolving and broadening sense
make her senses explode through varieties of styles and vibes
> more punch at the right moments

All i need is her eyes on me..


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019

Im just focussing a while on this simple SC model that is nea perfect. Wanna super-refine it though.

in short im part of social circles were loads of very attractive women come by regularly as guests. Ive laid a few already but wanna refine the process to the next level. Its also a great training process to develop various refined elements and play with things for me as a steady platform to investigate things within.

in short my process is like this
- i tend to note her seeing me or i pai mai her w side glances or strike her from a visual chosen position to ignite attraction or sexuality in her. So i awake attraction between us. Flavor is dependent on what i feel and where she is but each i contained. My positions and walk ins provides harmonic moments or connects in moments where my sexual tension harmonises and hits her.
- i then materialise next to her along movement in the group and get a walk of isolation. this is about seeing opportunities and sliding in.
- here i either make it fun and interesting or elicit things from her through a series of specific recpetive questions that stimulate and provide slight sharp angles that stir fun or insightfulness, tension or receptiveness and attentiveness to her, care and appreciation. Base Focus is on minicold read to an actual read to immerse her - SMMA model. But my choice of tech depends on the girl type and her state at the moment. And what the environment or she invites for. I migth do a few scenario reality based pacings since this flow is same same across multiple SCs.
- i move into SOTS, and potentially while also adding grounding and punch at times for her to feel the sissle of my boundaries. I hint or move into sexuality BUT only when i see her body language going in the sexually inviting direction.
- i fractionate back and forw. to a degree i see needed. Less is more. i play it as music in a spacial awareness letting the sounds expand and come alive.
- Alongside i vibe in pauses and lags, sexual listening type. But its gracing and just hinting my capacity to her. I do this later, just let it simmer with a few prolonged moments where i show the depth i hold.
- i seed in topics using weasel phrases and baits that i use to move things further outside the SC here using plausible deniability. I style it as an easy next for her that appeals to her while also being emotionally stimulated, excited and aroused around me

At the core
- i work her through process of making her feel confident if not, taking authroirty through pacing and leading type framings, eliciting and stimulating using descriptive language - where a key for me is to feel it more vs technical outline atm, and then i deepen in eliciting values behind and stimulating further and deeper.
- mix making it fun and light hearted with a process of elicitation, nudging and leading topics that expands and unfolds step by step.

Status is
ive been landing two hotties in the late month this way. like eights and a niner.

one was a patient flow where i waited for the right opportunity, materialised and chatted her up going to a second venue. insured we sat enxt to each other then got her digits for a meetup around a common topic.

another was ana agressive negative one where i moved in paimai after a sense that she was looking at me - i liked her and sharpned my posture and strikingness and she caught onto it, sligth gravitation and curiosity towards me. She stayed around and joined due to this for an extra going to a bar thing. i slid in and followed along w her connecting. We merged w the group and i orchestrated that we sit next to each other. from there as i entered SOTs she was sold. I escalated the vibe glow style articulated the energy between us and opneed the gates for sextual tension to unfold. SNL happened.

That said i lost about three
- One due to lack of getting her into flirt mode cause i was too impressive. got her digits but didnt reach out cause i know it wasnt there. Migth slide her along a social event to work the next part.
- one was very harsh and i did not manage to flip away from her negativity. she had a lot and not my type either but wanna be able to handle that if needed.
- One i did not get in on the inside - the flow of questions and logistics didnt roll right. i was missing sharpness in impacting her. my control was lost and she feigned - i was not ready to save it - should just have restarted the seduction and snapped into it.

i feel like i need to solidify each stage of the approach - milestone it up sorta and expand each part so that i hold a better arsenal and can be more controlled about the impact.

Improvement focus atm.
> My current weak point is that i come across too powerful in vibe and presence and by my giving i. I need to contain this part a lot.
> My chat buildup needs to be tight and trained more. Each section of elicitatons and techs.
> I need to expand my striking powers, grow the sissle, positining and presence. which is about calming down and entering a better presence. Maybe use physical moves to ignite this. This is working well but i wanna refine this part and layer it in a ready calm way so its light and easy to do-call up.
> I wanna add some more punch elements too, but in a more grounded authorithylike way + playful. maybe look a lil into swingcat again.
> my vibes were ok but not tight. I wanna adjust as i go along w more.

Glow out
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Used the model today
at a school

came out of a room where i worked on a project.
blond chick is looking from an elevated position at something
i roll in next to her, causally shooting sideways - so what are we watching?
she laughs and slides into the assumed rapport relation
we chat back and forw. very light and well connected, mostly playing w perspectives on what were seeing
i sensed a bit of punch in her though
before i got my act together her friends came and she left
all good but the slide in was perfect. her vibe was light and joyful.
Good opportunity for this process once its more automates
i like how easy to apply in many context it is

Anyways starting to roll in again, materialising
so many places for this tactic - this was yet another beyond scs
My vibe is good, playfuld, connective
could add sligth more tension and connect but fine.

i was in my head with preparing something and rusty so all good. But need to drill these things to get into a rythm and milestone process.

Now its time to add techs from milestone to start the flow
gonna initiate w three milestones and a close.
well see.


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
An observation of the dance of eyes - Constructing harmonic openings
gracing eye contacts but never connecting... tempting intrigue

Yesterday i was in a super market and the cashier was struck by me when i left. Nothing new since i own tension and sexual tension like few. but the dance had an interesting delicatesse to it. Girl was the model type, red hair, elegant face, perfect cheek bones, green eyes. like a beauty of nature - the type that run in vikings movies - eg the redhead queen - wife of Ragnar.

i bounced into her initially while shopping w two buddies, and just laughed about her and another persons doing w. a friendly comment. She was reacting smiling w. me. Like a full with me feminine laugh. sorta girl w a harsh attitude, but also a sweetness. refined sorta being. I sensed an opening to an inside connection.

As she fixed my purchasings i sat up a vibe of the warmth - grounded, bedroom feel. Mixed in w. a lil jim morrison movement and feel. Like the warm sorta dominance you would use in bondage type stuff. This energy is quite substantial in me. From there i looked at her paimaish in shortm soft waves - more like lags to my lookings than stops. And our eyes caught each other in glimses. But the eye contact here was not a hold. it was more like the dance of people attracted to ech other glancing at each other, just slightly hitting the connect. Sorta sensing the others interest dancing around the seeing of the other and the curiosity of the reality of the attraction, a light seeking it, while only hints of it was given building it super mildly and slowly.

it was obvious that the light curiosity for me was ignited well by a deeper more warm, confident lover type vibe. She was very curioys and in a SUPER harmonic curious vibe herself.

So here the intensity is purposely kept low, instead a mild touching of the connect, dancing around the good vibes of initial attraction, but NOT creating INTENSE moments of eye contact. the lightness of it served for a much more harmonic dance of eyes than ive noted before.

She glanced after me as i left, i too after her maintaining the dance.

Underlying the tension and related intentfulness was kept very calm. I didnt focus on it. just as a resource that pops up by itself

it provides for a lighter gradual construction of the initial attraction alongside.

interesting to form it like this
- An initial moment for captivation as always
- A much milder construction of it where its never too intense, never makes her avoid it but rather seek it.. mild dance of something rising
- using lags and rimming her eyewise, while vibing well. A movement of eye dance i construct.
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Nov 11, 2019
March 2020

With this post i want to collect around my focus of improvement in relation what is just working for me these days. Ive dropped any seduction activities in the corona times - just focussing on other things but feel like using it to reflect, reorient and move into preparing and refining a few things.

Late model

See, initiate attraction, slide-in or confident walkover, elicit-stimulate, seed bait, let loose together, pull

My many late lays comes from a girl coming across me in a social circle situation. Also when we go clubbing as a group or few sets.
- Mostly if single, these girls tend to gravitate towards me vs the other guys as they get a sense of me and i lead it create opportunities for it and display a positive attitude and open receptive vibe with them.
- With girls not looking i hit them more into a stream of emotions. i ignite things with tension, intent and initiations..even clear interest displays or paimaish engagements where theres a clarity to my intent. Yes i just went to talk to you cause i was drawn. And i display that to ignite her to consider. ive designed this around displays and presences that makes her somewhat intrigued by me.
- in bars etc i walk in strikingly + purposeful and make girls perv. at me gradually or on initial energy. Dependent on their response i engage more or less directly.

In my SC like processes i do a few things
- i use presence elements where i just hit her attraction to me a bit, polarising vibes. Polarising positionins and doings. use of fundamentals.
- i await opportunities and use them
- im grounded
- i take the lead
- i SOT talk and always reframe their persepctives giving my angle on it - one that displays deep capacity. This is where Most of the girls flip from intriqued drawn to ON,
- i own logistics smartly, positionings and lockins
- find an environment of cool peeps with more refined understandings.

Current Stickies
  • Theres an avoidance factor in the initial meet i need to investigate. replace with Intentfulness. But i need to connect with this one first, not overrule it. integrate it.
  • I wanna ground more, something abou that energy that calls me. Voice, presence, how much i move towards her energy wise - i lakck a clear word for what it is.
  • when she invites me in w her body, Im halting a bit on my escalation - as in i should lead that part more - they tend to present themselves to me but i wanna step over into owning it more, being the escalator. Containment works well with the seductive vibes and presence i hold, but im a lil too much on the backfoot. See the memories and enact better visually.
  • im halting a bit on bait to remeet with SC girls. lost an Asian Ten due to this. - figure out a model.
  • im halting a bit on even better elecitation and stimulation - more control and flow
  • im halting on vibe usage - its getting better but still some reactions that are problems - think to acclimatize and slowly change it, sisszle up.
  • im halting on access and opening to lockin. i have a solid pipeline and swerve by going, even paimai like doings, tension feings
  • i would like to enjoy them more - aliveness in it
  • also i need to elicit more and better - discover her lifescapes even better, its also attractive for me to do so - figure her out.
  • using the female perv creation more, and engaging based on it - smooth models, dream of meeting a guy with my capacity. Run session of sissle where i hit them strikingly and confidently open them
  • more embodiment for aliveness of interactions too
Outcome aims
- Own each part more, increase control, increase aliveness
- Deepen into the better principles, follow them, train them, do them.
- Settle down my SC model and my DG model and my night life model
- Get past the opening mind block, i have shit loads of ways, just need to punch through it, slowly though, wok with it. Develop a repertoire.
- Increase refined sensations in sex, dept of feel. Seek really into me in it.

- i wanna increase intimacy, explore feelings around nakedness - deepen more into sensual intimacy and just connective dimensions.
- i wanna nuance the responses from her in my body - seek into what she ignites on refined levels - rolling explosings of chemistry and sexuality
- i wanna play with some new things

Not that im not good on each except for a flatness still in my vibe usage. and i get the lays. I just wanna make each sharper. refine quite a few thngs. My access and opening is also limited atm. Thing is once im locked in - shes typically mine. And she will mutually engage me. i see and drive the changes in her well. Almost without doing things atm.

- work one focus at a time
- work from memories - active remembering, sensing and working the feels and motivations...

Work on key resources to boost to lift my impact
- Select vibes - train the nuances of each. the five attractive vibes - train these, mobilise them, get control
- Expand intent and sexual feel as the core in the midst of it - pleasure. Investigate new routes for it eg. more sweet intimate connected - the flow into it was it unfolds connectedly and
- Walks and memories to bring each up - others?
- appearance positionings that trigger things in her - end points that are held for increased tension around it
- Grabbing life unfoldign energy, letting go
- Escalation
- verbal more flow and steering control vs laid bac kflow - train nudging and wesling
- rikers convo model - the three chunks.
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Variations of vibes for seduction
Few notes on a DRAWING vibe or how vibes DRAW women in -

Is this an example of a sexy walk?

I see the shoulder swagger as well

His walk is a sorta protruding walk with a good cadence as i see it. Typical model walk.

His vibe is interesting w it though - here hes obviously model trained - he has a gaze upon me vibe trained prob as a model, in which he has a confidence with a sorta gentle-handsomeness to it. A delicate elegantness maybe.. hm... one nuance of the vibe i get ive seen with very attractive guys, but he has minimised it compared to them.

I dont think its as powerful as other vibes but its in some ways similar to some of jim morrisons vibe albeit with small difference of refinement.

but it might be interesting from its drawing effect.. very interesting. I tend to have a more striking effect. Or an invigorating one. But i recall situations where i was more drawing eg w waitresses touching my arm from nothing to the astonishment of my peers. And others with girls sorta gravitating towards me from a refined attentiveness to her delicate feminine features which feels in that direction. Hm....

This insight is very interesting actually - sweet.


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Current focal points
- Daygame openings and getting to a good interaction
- Leading a riker centred progression of verbals, immersive model, training talks and even more leading as in nudging, eliciting, active topic intro, weasel statement etc.
- Broadening my attractive Appearances and vibes - owning my self and my impact in the space more
- Training verbals - content and techs as two separate elements to train and develop. get it into my system.
- One seductive oriented five min convo a day at least w at least an eight.
- Playing w. a reason to pull - extravagant coctails, and art of cocktailing. Socalled mixology. I already created a cool as f bar in my mini-penthouse. thinking in other similar things that i like myself and which could excite girls, sorta champagne for breakfast sorta thinking with celebrating the little moments and making them awesome. Same with tea, and maybe green smoothies for active girls. Since im already doing these anyhow and into green dining cuisine. A cuisine chef sorta self frame. Love of the delicate and refined in all things food and drinks. refined indulgence.

Adding mark mansons the subtle art of not giving a fuck to my talk piece stack. my stack is not a set of gambits but topics i know about and techs. Most girls know it and love it, aka high hook potential. + it allows for some great dimensions and i can flip most girls thinking on the area taking authority. Then move it into eg sexual expression arena from his accepting suffering sorta point eg. A good bridge topic between sexuality and interesting topics while suggestively pumping her not giving a f attitude and carefree ness around her friends and other obstacles. Further activates her to pursue me and step onto the mutual escalation and seduction.

Also it will stir her feistiness which is a vibe i sexually love in girls.
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