Karea's Harem Management

Karea Ricardus D.

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Tribal Elder
Oct 9, 2012
I'm going to share one of my posts from back in the day that seemed to really help a lot of guys out. It's a little advanced but will be very helpful once you start juggling more than 2 or 3 girls. At some point I was juggling between 10 and 20 girls... that sounds impossible because there's only 7 days in a week, but that's actually the whole point... when you have that many fuck-buddies in your phone, you don't meet them that often and you do NOT schedule anything. More on this below.

This is a compilations of posts I wrote between 2009 and 2011.

(1) Time Management
A harem can take up a ton of time and I do prefer sex with a new hot girl over sex with an old hot girl. This time management issue is something I noticed especially in one of my wings who never does seem to have time to go out... I was joking with him that I'm not sure whether he has a harem... or whether a harem has him.

So, this is how I've been working it lately: I don't schedule my girls anymore, unless if it's for late after work (days when I don't have time to neither go out to pick up new girls, nor to set up a date with a new girl I've recently picked up and not closed yet). So, if on any given day, at 7.30 pm I still don't have a date for that night (be it an instant date that I think I can same-day lay, or be it a time bridge), I figure the chances for a new lay are slim that night, cause there is a midnight-last-train time constraint in this city. So at that point I start calling some of the girls I already have sex with to see if they're free THAT NIGHT.

Most I've had were sexual access to 19 girls at a time, so chances are, on any given night, one of those is gonna be free and down for some action. I just call them in order of preference, and say "Are you free tonight" (much like the sex club in that movie "Deception"). With this strategy, the harem takes up ZERO time for maintenance - not a little bit time, but NONE. Yet I can have sex any time I want, at the push of a button... just dial them up. Try this and let me know how it works out for you.

Karea's Law of Harem Time Management:
Counter-intuitively, the size of your harem is inversely proportional to the amount of time, work, energy and effort it requires to maintain.

Karea's 3 Rules of Harem Scheduling:
1.) Don't schedule FBs. Just call them and invite them over, in order of preference, when there's no new lay in sight that day.
2.) If they suggest another day to meet up, tell them your schedule is really random and that spontaneous works best for you.
3.) If they ask you to go somewhere other than your house to meet, tell them you have some work to do at home, but they can come over when you're done.

Most people obviously think this works the other way round - the more girls, the more time they require. I constantly hear PUAs (including myself until maybe 2 years ago) complain about how "the harem kills the motivation, the harem takes time away from going out, and in order to lay many new girls we have to shrink the harem". If 1 girl takes up 1 day a week, then 7 girls take up ALL your time right? No, wrong... The opposite is true. The more girls you have, the higher the chances that you can get one of them to come over at the snap of your finger... without scheduling anything, ever.

(2) Hurting Girls And How To Avoid It (Managing Expectations vs. Managing Emotions)
One thing I see again and again on pickup forums is guys asking for advice on what to do about this one girl that's getting too attached, "even though I clearly told her that I don't want anything serious." And if there's one thing I'd like to help fix in the community, it's to prevent this from happening because it ends up really getting people hurt badly.

The problem is that it's the LAST thing most people learn. Guys get in the community and the first thing they learn is how to approach. Then they learn to build attraction , get numbers, set up dates, qualify , build comfort , set frames, escalate, deal with last minute resistance , and so forth. They even learn how to make girls have serial, multiple and squirting orgasms and setting up threesomes ... all before they FINALLY learn about this "really advanced concept" called... managing expectations, which IMO should be the first thing anybody who's going to get involved in this game should learn.

The truth about managing expectations is that it's completely unnecessary as long as you do something else first: MANAGING EMOTIONS. Women's pair bond mechanism triggers if they hook up with a guy once a week or more. It's biochemical and no amount of logically convincing her that "you're not looking for a relationship" is going to prevent it. This is why girls get hurt, grow resentment towards "players" and become more cautious before they get involved with anybody (which ultimately also leads to more last minute resistance for everybody else).

On the other hand, if you don't want a relationship, please do her the favour and meet her only once every 10 to 14 days. I know, it's nice to be with her and all... and especially if you're just starting out and seeing only one or two girls so far, it's hard advice to follow. But this is going to prevent a lot of drama and tears that you really don't want to put her through.

If you just follow this one rule, managing expectations becomes as easy as dropping 4 simple words anywhere during your set: "I like being single." That's it... done. Yes that means that if you want to have sex every day, you will probably need to be seeing more than one girl. But if you don't want to commit, then that's probably your goal anyway.

The underlying problem that causes this whole ordeal is that most of us ("PUAs") grew up not getting a whole lot of attention from hot girls when we were young, which leads to insecurities that we end up overcompensating for. This is pretty natural, but it needs to be dealth with in a healthy way. Many guys however end up bragging how "this girl is too much into me, help me"... pretending like they see it as a "quality problem" when really they're just proud of the effect they now suddenly have on women with their new found powers. It's really a lot like giving out guns to children... people get hurt (I've made this mistake too in the past)

If you learn how to strike that balance between getting a girl totally into you on the one hand... but not emotionally attached on the other (see above)... then you can create any dating life style you want without any drama. And all your girls, current and ex, will always be happy to see you, whenever and wherever you happen to run into them.

(3) Framing the Booty Call
After the first time you have sex with her, talk to her once briefly (text is enough) the next day or two, then meet again within a week and then a third time a week later. After that you can start the once every 10 to 14 days rhythm. If you have sex with her for the first time and then immediately drop off the radar for 2 weeks, you might have trouble getting her to come out again cause she might feel used that way.

People often ask me about time management. I have this set up in a way where the first time I meet her, we get together for a drink at a bar, and we'll head back to my place about 1-2 hours later (the speed depends a lot on the girl). The second time I meet her for a hot chocolate, so this time we head to my place after 30 minutes and then the 3rd time I ask her to come over to watch a movie. Now the precedent is set that she comes straight over. It doesn't cost a lot of time to open the door and put on a condom. :)

I currently have a rotation of 10 to 15 girls going again (it fluctuates a bit cause sometimes one of them will find a serious boyfriend aka provider, and there's a couple of new girls coming into the rotation per month so they sometimes bump some old ones out so to speak, and then sometimes a girl breaks up with her BF and comes back), and I have a little word file with their names and the date when I last met them. This may sound misogynistic, like Paul Janka's spread sheet, but it's not. It's just to keep track so I don't meet any one girl too often and get her too attached, or too rarely and have her feel neglected. If you strike the right balance, you can have sex with a different girl every night, and whenever you can get a new girl, you just pencil her in.