Should you have a baby at 25 as an aspiring entrepreneur?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 14, 2020
Same here man....the only difference is that "older women" are my age now, LOL

Just live the moment and focus on your goals.
You are fricking 22 for fucks sake....your dick is gonna be drowning in pussy for a very long time before you even decide to settle down and have kids!

As a comparison, I discovered seduction and red pill when I was 32 years old after a series of failed relationships (meaning I was 10 years older than you).
Now I'm 40 and settling down with a high end MLTR (which soon is gonna be my first OLTR).

But before I've reached that point I fucked virtually every kind of chick you can think of: tall, short, super young, very mature, prudes, bitches, executives, self-employed, women who used me as a sex toy, women who wanted to marry me, MILFs...I lost count a long time ago (my estimations are I had over 150 lays in the last 8 years).

Like I said, take your'll have plenty of room to love again if this woman is not the one for you right now.
I appreciate the words, it makes sense what you are saying. Things have gotten a little rocky in the past couple weeks in our relationship because she is having trouble accepting my dream of being an entrepreneur. I've asked to read a book that made me think this way. Let's see how she reacts to it.