Paid Service Two Years of Progress in Two Months - Life Coaching with Tony D

Tony D

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Jul 26, 2018
Hi Guys. Just a notice, I'm raising the price of this program from $1200 to $1500 in the next week. If you haven't grabbed a free session, now's the time.

Who is this coaching for? Anyone that isn't meeting their goals, or reaching their potential, and needs help learning how to solve their own problems.

Not only am I one of the most experienced in field pickup coaches in the world, with hundreds of bootcamps under my belt, I'm also a certified life coach.

Inner game is everything. Outer game is just an expression of what's inside. That's what I help with.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Apr 30, 2020
Just get the coaching call a few hours ago. Tony gives pointed advice that will save me years of hard work to focus on the right thing.

Most importantly he points out a flaw in my mindset. I’m focusing too much on results, and he points out the important of putting in the practice without caring for the outcome, and years of hard work can lead to amazing results especially as a young guy.