What are you currently Field testing? #Round2


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Another round of focus on #fieldfocus - to help shape focus on the right things and at least get the crowd in action to team up a lil.

Let us know:
  1. What are you currently field testing?
  2. Why is this interesting for you?
  3. Any learnings so far?
Shoot :cool:

Stunning 10s and bjs will rain from the above on all comment posters
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
my own focus is divided into two areas:
  • I am stepping up more aka open more or move the connection forward more through prolonged attention, hover opens and materialisations type moveins. Be more determined confident in it vs lazy. Move in. with that i wanna get straight into inside game through more advanced RPOs.
    • cause i want to pull the trigger more.
  • I am growing my inner resources for attractiveness and for sexual tension and step up in moving it forward. its very far away for some reason.
    • Key current focus on lags in EC connections where i just slightly add a paimaish lag to my connection which generates chemistry/its on moments as a series of impacts vs one moment. Aka smooth escalation as a momentum which is how its done - MASF insight. And a more evolved version of sixtys original insights. Done from a grounded base ofc.
      • Cause I wanna reactivate my second gen type escalation again. its almost blocked atm for some reason. Also currently curious about EC lags, feints etc as a tool.
    • Also i am getting back to the tension based presence i normally have thats highly impactful on women. Feels of veils. Attentive refined delicate touch through the air. brush. Revisit.
      • Cause it was thrilling
- Glow
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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 20, 2015
berg's psych ward for cluster b women


i am a beginner in elicitation. for me right now its 75% learning/theorizing about it and 25% field practice on it.

its interesting to me because its stimulating my own thoughts..so i know it will definitely stimulate the thoughts of other people around me...and in my limited field practice, it has triggered happy feelings in others.

as a basic exercise, i was thinking...how to elicit what a girl does for work? well...i would ask her probing questions related to her work:

- is your boss a guy or a girl
- are u mostly thinking or doing during the day
- are you around more girls or guys during the weekdays
- is there anything your coworkers do that make you feel joy

another exercise ive been doing includes coming up with beginning sentence structures to elicit states:

- have you ever felt joy?
- whats it mean when you feel joy?
- how do you think youll feel the next time youre happy?
- have you ever considered how you will feel the next time youre happy?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 7, 2019
It’s about time that I contributed to this thread. Here are some of the things I’ve been working on lately.

Experimentation With RPOs

One of the most pivotal implementations to my game has been the speaker-centered pre-opener followed by a reality-pace opener. What really helped me at first was to write out a few for each of my seduction locations, and then after I began to obtain a feel for the RPO creation process, I felt an urge to create them more spontaneously.

Also, I’ve seen first-hand that developing a fondness for RPOs vastly improved my pacing abilities at large. Anyway, probably my favorite RPO to use became this:
Me: You know, I’ve realized something really interesting about tonight. I’m wondering if you’ll agree.
HB: Okay…
Me: Have you noticed how there’s a certain special vibe in the air tonight? It’s like the temperature has cooled… and we’re relaxed as a result… but the brisk air brushing against our skin tells us that something exciting is within the realm of possibility… like everyone is trying to get their fun in NOW before the semester ends… like the night isn’t over yet, you know?
I came up with the original version of this a while back, and then I’ve since began to mold it even more based on the environment (for instance, this particular RPO was used during street nightgame to a fellow university student at the end of our academic semester). Generally, the responses to the RPOs have been positive as long as I focused my energy towards perceiving the girl in the moment.

As aforementioned, I recently started to create these on-the-spot. Basically, I tried to quickly solidify two things before opening: a topic based on our shared reality and a leading end. Then just trust myself to fill in the middle as I’m staring into her eyes. A recent example is how I opened a cute girl at the nighttime curbside:
Me: You know, I’m waiting for a ride, right? And I guess you are too… do you ever get that feeling, like, your friends say that they’re going to pick you up… and then you’re left waiting… fending for yourself… but at the same time, it’s actually nice just to be relaxing out here, you know? Taking the vibe of the night in… it’s a unique vibe… like everyone is just trying to get their fun in NOW. Know what I mean?

Overall, I know that I have more work to do in regard to smoothening RPOs. Though, the power of the RPO is evident and will undoubtedly be a primary part of my game despite the need for fine-tuning.

Efficiency (Blurring The Attention/Immersion Phases + Sexual Framing with Sex Talk Gambits)

Perhaps what I’m calling this is a bit of a misnomer, but it's just how the notion is floating around my head…

A concept that has been piquing my interest as of late is the possibility of blurring together the attention and immersion phases while also setting sexual frames in the process.

I was getting extremely frustrated with my transition phases being rather clunky… and then reaching a spot of isolation only to be bombarded with ASD. @Velasco also pointed out that I simply wasn’t arousing these girls consistently enough because I wasn’t setting enough sexual arousal frames.

So, I thought: how can I solve these issues in one fell swoop? Well, I haven’t reached this point just yet. But what I have been playing with is trying to hook and immerse her at the same time with a sexual frame. One instance of this effort was during a moving approach a few weeks ago:
Me: Hey… wait up. I’ve just noticed something… it’s actually really fascinating. Has anyone ever told you who you look just like?
HBVapor (stopping at my side): No?
Me: Well… maybe actually I shouldn’t tell you…. because all my women friends try to tell me this one thing and it really does make sense to me now that I take a moment to… step in their shoes and see it from their own perspective…
HB: What do they tell you?
Me: They tell me that… women tend to get internally self-conscious when they get told they look like someone famous nowadays, instantly comparing themselves… and there’s already so much pressure on women comparing themselves to others, like with all the social media that just… draws you in… but endlessly judges you for your appearance… in a beauty contest that never ends… it’s so unfair for women… because it’s true that even most men judge you in the same way… like a sexual object. It’s so unfortunate to be compared to others like that… like you must desire someone who FINALLY wants YOU for YOU. Are my friends right here, like is that how you feel, too?
HB: Yeah, of course they are! That’s so true, and yep it is unfair. What's on the inside is what matters, after all, right?
Me: Yeah I do think so as well... you know, I’ll actually let you in on a secret here… I think that I actually prefer women who think this way because that shows confidence and maturity, like you’re comfortable in your own skin… so it’s almost like you can LET LOOSE whenever you feel like it. Girls like that are so open-minded, it’s like their nights can get better in just an instant. Does that make sense?
HB: It does, yeah!
Me: Hmm… okay, good to know that we think so similarly. I do kinda get this vibe about you… hmmm…. is that kind of how you see yourself, too, like really open-minded and spontaneous?
HB (puts phone in her pocket and starts vaping): Definitely! You only live once… wait what’s your name?
Thought it worked okay here, although I later scrapped that motion opener for being a bit gamey. Anyway, it worked for this girl and gave me a chance to quickly pull her. Unfortunately, I could not handle a wildcard on the way to my place…

I’ve also tried to apply this concept through sex talk gambits, one of which has been what is maybe a serpentine take on Teevster’s Purity Gambit… but I still like testing it :)
*About 30 seconds after she approaches me talking about how some guys were mean to her*
HB: Thank you for being so nice to me! I guess I’m just a little upset about how my life is going.
Me: Hey, like I said, we all have those types of nights. So maybe just try to end that bad night… and start a good one. I mean, things can be worse... we're actually pretty fortunate to be out on such a beautiful night. Like, would it help to hear THE MOST BULLSHIT break-up story EVER?
HB: Sure, okay…
Me: Alright, so this is crazy… listen to this. My friend Kaitlin met this guy a few weeks ago, and you know how that goes… like they REALLY HIT IT OFF… we all have had those sort of instant connections, you know? Maybe some aren't real, but others ARE... this one wasn't...
HB: Yeah, true! And they broke-up?
Me: Wait, hold on… the story is just getting started. Yeah, they liked the way that each other looked… and maybe felt even… but after a few weeks… they started learning more about each other. And you know… most men are just so disgusting, right? Like they only view women as sexual objects… not even valuing the person inside, like that’s what really matters…
HB: Right…
Me: So they start learning about each other’s past, and this guy, well you should know that my friend Kaitlin, she’s a very open and expressive person. I prefer people like that, the type who really GRABS LIFE BY THE HORNS, you know? So this guy… he finds out something. And he immediately wants to break up… right away… and she didn’t even do anything wrong. What do you think happened?
HB: Was he cheating on her?
Me: You would think that… but no. He said it was because she was “impure.”
HB: Impure? Was she not a virgin?
Me: No… she wasn’t. But… she never had sex with a man before.
HB: Oh….
Me: Yeah, my friend Kaitlin, who is so open and expressive, told him that she was actually bisexual. And he said that homosexuality was “impure” and that he only wanted a “pure” girlfriend. Now, I think that this is such a shame… I feel like we live in a day and age where people can be themselves… and not be afraid to try new things… and take chances… and have fun, you know what I mean? In fact, I’d actually argue that sexual freedom is actually the truest form of “purity”!
HB: Oh my god, that’s horrible! Yeah, I agree with you on that.
Me: Right? Like, what does female purity even mean? To this jerk… he’s so closed-minded… that it meant chastity, exclusivity, but don’t you think that people should be free to express themselves sexually, like isn’t “purity” the opportunity for YOU to feel expressive… for YOU to feel liberated… like YOU can try anything you want, whenever you want… I mean, what is more pure than sex, which is so natural, and the confidence that comes along with it?
HB: No doubt, these guys are always trying to mold women into whatever they want with no concern for the girl. But that’s so messed up because the girl is the one who cares so much about them.
Me: I completely agree with that. Like, have you ever kissed a girl?
HB: Haha yeah, a few times!
Me: Yeah, I see no problem with that at all. Though, you want to hear some… inside dirt on this jerk that Kaitlin told me?
HB: Hell yeah!
Me: Okay, well, it turns out that he was actually HORRIBLE in bed. Apparently, he never even was able to get her off… and only lasted for thirty seconds… and flailed around like a fish… she said that it was so pathetic… he didn’t even like kissing… and cuddling… and stroking his hand against her body… and holding her so close… you know, the things that girls like… or even rubbing her clit…. you know, I read that in a science magazine that the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings… twice as much as the penis… so I can only imagine how good that feels to be licked… and he wouldn’t even to do that, either! Maybe it was for the best…
HB: Yup! Get rid of that guy…
This helped build the sexual tension and involved a little bit of sexual prizing, which I’m still very new to. In the end, I was able to pull her shortly afterwards.

I’m still working on becoming cleaner with this process, but I do really like the idea of blurring the hook and immersion points. So we can jump straight into where we want things to go real quick.

Motion Openers

As I’ve been street nightgaming, moving girls are a natural part of the domain. While I have first-hand experienced the efficacy of approaching stationary girls, conquering the moving approach is a tempting task as well.

I did note one motion opener above, but I think that I’m retiring that one as it lacked sprezzatura. My addition to Gun's efficient opener was far too convoluted. For instance:
Me: Hey there… I’ve just realized something very fascinating. Has anyone ever told you who you look EXACTLY like?
HB (bitch-tone): Who?
Me: Well, maybe I shouldn’t tell you… because honestly, I’ve been trying to be more cognizant of something that all my women friends tell me. They tell me that when women are compared to others, they may get really self-conscious… especially with all of the pressures like social media just WEIGHING YOU DOWN… it’s such a shame… like I’m sure you just want someone who wants YOU for YOU. Does that make sense, like are my friends right?
HB (bitch-tone): You should just tell a woman that you think she’s beautiful. That’ll get you places.
Me: *Stare*
HB: *Stare*
*We both simultaneously walk in different directions*
In any case, another style that I’ve been testing is the back-pocketed “1-10” motion opener (side note: these were probably the two hottest girls I approached all semester :p):
Me: Hey there, I have a very… important question for you two.
*I stop, and both stare at me while continuing their pace. They’re still looking at me after taking a few more steps when I continue…*
Me: If I were to ask you… how your nights were going… on a scale of 1-10… what would you say?
*they both stop about five feet away*
HBEmerald: Nine! How about you, HBOpal?
HBOpal: Nine! Wait, more like an eight! How about you?
Me: I completely get that… sounds like a solid night for you two. It’s so nice when we can just take some time to RELAX with our friends… and alleviate the TENSION in our shoulders. But you know, experience tells me that an 8 out of 10 night can become a 10 out of 10 night… in just an instant. But yes… my night has been so-so. Let me tell you why. I’d love to hear your perspective on it.
*now both come back closer to me with a curious look. Heck yeah.*
Me: You know, aren’t most men just disgusting? Listen to what my friend [random name] told me happened to her. She was at the bar… trying to relax… and hang out with friends… like we all do, of course. But then… out of nowhere… a random guy walks up to her… and without even saying hi… screams at her, “You’re coming home with me!”… and continues to grope her… and she told me that she was so afraid… and just had to get away. I feel so bad for women nowadays… having to deal with creeps all the time who don’t understand what women truly WANT.
HBEmerald: How surprising! NOT. That happens to us like every single night! *looks at HBOpal*
HBOpal: Oh yeah! It sucks so much and takes the fun away.
Me: I completely get that. Because all we really want is to feel… UNDERSTOOD… right? And that’s what these creeps… just… don’t… get. I can see that women do not want to be groped… and viewed as sexual objects… it’s such a shame that this happens to you. Rather, I can FEEL that women just YEARN and DESIRE a simple conversation… to get to know you at a DEEPER level… and be able to CONNECT with someone and FREELY EXPRESS YOURSELF… like with someone who truly wants you for you
HBEmerald: What did you just say?
HBOpal: He said that most men are disgusting!
HBEmerald: Did you really just say all of that?
Me: Yes.
HBEmerald: Don’t say that… are you really saying that right now?
Me: Yes.
HBEmerald: But no guy ever says that.
This opener has worked to get girls stopped, but the problem is that it places a ton of pressure on me to get the first reframe just right. If not… I’ll appear uncalibrated or they can just walk away. But I like how easy it is to use, and it’s given me a chance while preventing any excuses to not approach.

I’ve also recently tested just a simple, “Hey, I have a VERY important question for you. Do you consider yourself an open-minded person?” And then going into framing the next part of the conversation as if I’d like to hear her thoughts about “my friend’s breakup” in one of my sex talk gambits.

Eh, like I said… gives me a chance at least. Maybe the final destination for my motion opener attempts will be the tried-and-true Gunwitch-style, “You look EXACTLY like my ex-girlfriend, but there’s something different about X.”

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has been experimenting with motion openers in COVID-era streetgame…

Handling Boyfriend Objections

I’ve been testing out a recommendation from @Gunwitch about BF objections, and it's worked perfectly so far. How it works is just by replying to any variant of the BF objections with “Nice, nice… how long you been together?”

Her answer is irrelevant, 'cause we just ignore it and move the conversation back to the topic at the hook point. Tested this a couple times with great success. The process goes like:
HB: *BF objection*
Me: Oh nice… nice. Great. How long have you been together?
HB: *Answer*
Me: Ah… so how’s it working out?
HB: *Answer*
Me: *Verbally match her and reframe to show understanding*
Me: *Remember how she was hooked and high noted, then do that same hook to high note process*
I'm sure this will continue to be a key tactic in my verbal arsenal.

Reducing Demands Into Requests & Barriers + Resistance

Something that @fog recommended has dramatically improved my social frame. Previously, girls would throw me into a tizzy with weird frame grabs like asking for their shoes to be tied. Now, I try this:
HBBusty: Hold on, say “both.”
Me: Hmm, how come?
HBCharlotte: My roommate is from [place around place that I said], too, and we want to see something.
Me: That’s interesting, okay. But you have to ask VERY NICELY first.
HBBusty:… will you please say “both”?
Me: “Both” of you have a certain look in your eyes… like you’re very open-minded.
HBCharlotte: Oh my god, he says it just like my roommate! With the “o” sounding that way!
Me: Is that right? Alright, “both” of you… say “both.”
*they “both” say it*
Me: You do say it weird, you’re right… and I do know where your roommate is from. It’s about two hours south of my hometown. Looks like we have some connections already… like we were supposed to meet tonight, almost.
And in terms of setting barriers/resistance to also strengthen my frame, I try:
Me: Hey there… hold on for a second. I just noticed something really peculiar… and I really would like some clarification here.
HBBlowout (stopping): Yeah?
Me: I’m wondering… did that guy in the black shirt… just walk up to you… OUT OF NOWHERE… and ask you out… like you were best friends or something?
HB: Oh my god, yeah! It was so weird! He just walked up to me and said that he broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to go to on a date with me hahahaha.
Me: Wait, and you don’t know him? Never even seen him before?
HB: No, never!
Me: Hold on, this is crazy, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Actually… yeah, sit down with me for a second – I have an important question to ask you about this now.
HB: Umm…
Me: Yeah, just for a second… I mean, you’re not a serial killer or anything, right?
HB: No haha, okay. *sits down next to me*

Big-time stuff here. Staples in my game now. Holding together my frame.

Sexual Fantasy Archetypes

Delving into the sexual fantasy archetypes was a humbling experience. I thought that I understood these concepts after a few reads, but I really didn’t. I misapprehended how to properly implement these learnings. Trying to be all cute, I attempted to mold them into tech that was simply far too gamey.

Now, I think that the proper application is through a simple perception of her actions and personality. The signs will be there. THEN arouse and elicit her through these ideas. Channel her energies… let her lose herself in fantastical whims.

Perhaps the archetypes aren’t about exploiting her… it’s about letting her exploit herself.

More Concentration On Non-Verbals

When I was having the same repeated hang-ups in the latter stages of my approaches, @Bismarck aptly pointed out that I was relying far too much on my verbals. He reminded me that I needed to refine my non-verbals to create sexual tension. Yes, arouse and tempt her. Then pounce on her offerings with a calibrated little nudge or stroke of my own…

This became one of the connections between letting her start the escalating… and then encouraging her to do more escalating.

Turned out to be a vital aspect in my lay and my recent close-calls. The dagger to her defenses.

Those are just a few things that I’ve been testing as of late. Couple others would be articulating the vibe and inducing a high note to move her. But I've been trying to work on a lot. The community has given me a lot to work on.

And I hope to work on a lot more very soon, even though I’m largely out of the game until I get back to school for next semester. Still lots to improve on in the meantime.
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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Jul 20, 2015
berg's psych ward for cluster b women
My main focus right now, and for the next while (~6 months), lies at the intersection of two different strategies.

1. Gunwitch's 3 Keys

Social frame, emotional stimulation and sexual arousal.

2. Thin Man's 3 Fantasy Archetypes

The Thin Man has an empathetic model called the 3 fantasy archetypes. It highlights 3 different types of women. Each type has their own sexual fantasy:
  1. Pretty Petty Princess (PPP). Girls who fantasize about becoming transformed by associating with an authority figure.
  2. Submissive/Service Oriented (SUB). Girls who fantasize about the validation of pleasing this authority figure.
  3. Overcome By Passion (OCP). Girls who fantasize about getting swept away in mutual heat with an authority figure.
The Intersection

The keys and fantasy archetypes strategies have both been great on their own to guide my game. To take it even further, I am merging the two and tailoring the keys to each archetype. For example:

Pretty Petty Princess (PPP)
  1. social frame
  2. emotional stimulators
  3. sexual arousal
Submissive/Service Oriented (SUB)
  1. social frame
  2. emotional stimulators
  3. sexual arousal
Overcome With Passion (OCP)
  1. social frame
  2. emotional stimulators
  3. sexual arousal
Successfully applying the two strategies like this means I will run different game depending on the archetype. This will increase my efficiency, leading to a new level of abundance. Previously I was running the same game on all women.

Currently I am focused on mastering the Overcome by Passion archetype and sub-archetypes.

I've found that Cluster B women are a highly amplified example of this archetype, so I've been studying to understand them inside out. I've been reading a lot of books (ie the DSM) and learning from psychologists about their personality traits, behaviors and relational styles. I'm also planning to conduct interviews with Cluster B women from reddit.

The knowledge I am gaining will serve as a strong foundation to build my field experience on with this wonderful group of women.
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