1. ninjaboynaru

    Help Ninja Find The Target

    Changing Aim The 14 Day Noob Challenge helped me get a better picture of where I am in my Game journey. Having completed 13 out of 14 challenges, and with the new year coming, it's time I sit down and recalibrate my approach to learning Game. I'm asking the experienced PUAs here to help me...
  2. C

    Resident Wingman in Scarborough area?

    Hi, I'm Richard, 24, I lived in Scarborough my entire life. I just discovered this sub-thread so not sure why I haven't utilized it yet. Background: I've been reading a lot of GC material and have done some cold approaching, bar pickups, and in-person speed dating. Even though I'm still...
  3. F

    Visiting Waiting help

    Hi, I have a special and different case: When I was very young ages like 12 I have been abused and raped by older boys than me. And this has made change in my sexual drive. I have never had a girlfriend and suffered from difficult lone times. Now I am sure and believe that if I could have a...
  4. U

    FR Did she want me to re-engage? Talking to club girls.

    I went to the club a few days ago by myself to improve my skills and a few interesting things happened. My night started off with me going to the pub with my work colleagues, initially I felt a bit left out (since I'm quite new) but I managed to get involved quite well after a while. Normally...
  5. M

    i live in tampa and have a issue

    so what i encountered is that i barely see girls at the mall or book store maybe i have bad luck i mean its tampa its huge but i just want to stick to tampa not tampabay like drive to st pete or sarasota whats some advice and tips for finding cute girls the nightlife isnt my scene and i suck at...