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    Calls & Texts How do you deal with friendliness on text

    Told a girl that her gym white shoes are kinda cute, her reply was "Thanks! This shoes is very stable for workout." Initially, I thought she is just replying back without any friendly connotation, but further down the text, she replied things like "Thanks! You are a very sweet person. I hope you...
  2. T

    How to react when a girl chooses something else over a date with you?

    There's this girl I've had two dates/hookups with, ended up in my bed both times, and she's been kinda iffy with me over being kinda not in a super outgoing mood over these past two dates. Now I asked her to get drinks with me at this place, she said she had to make up her mind between that and...
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    Calls & Texts Girl prefer talk on phone

    I approached a girl and she was quite receptive and talkative. Went back and texted her, we went back and forth texting, and she was also receptive and even asked me questions about myself. Then when I asked her about her schedule for a coffee date, she said let's continue talk on phone. (back...
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    FR Pickup and texting

    Approached a girl from behind. Below is the conversation during a pickup. Seems there can be improvement but not sure where. Me: "Hi" Her: "Hi" Me: "Just now I walk pass by I saw you. I think you are attractive. Just come to say hi" Her: "Oh hi haha. I thought my stuff fell off or something."...
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    Calls & Texts Girl says need to know me more before going out

    Picked up a girl and have some chat, then I got her number and continue texted her. When trying to invite her out, she say "I still don't know much about you yet, I need to know more about a person before going out with him". What does this mean? Should I just keep texting her and share more...

    To flake or not to flake

    So I made out with this girl over the weekend. She’s in the periphery of my social circle. We planned a date for Sunday. I’m worried that if I don’t text her or do like a mini date before Sunday she will loose attraction. How do you know if a girl is going to flake or not? Also something...
  7. Calibration

    Is this a shit test or a done deal?

    A chic I met yesterday during lunch break. In person interaction was great. I think I fucked up texting a bit and had to double text with a long text. Anyway, I said I'm 32 and she was 18 and she didn't seem to mind in person. When she asked my age, I said 65 and joked around and made her guess...
  8. Railer

    Expelled by her social group. One text message to fix this?

    In yesterday's outing I did get the girls number, but the final interaction left a bitter aftertaste, leading me to think she will probably block me as soon as I text - unless I manage to recover right away. Any ideas?
  9. Calibration

    Calls & Texts How can I change the frame over text?

    I met a super hot chic today in a park. Tbh, I was a bit intimidated by her looks (I know, I know). I opened her direct, complimented on her hair. She was investing and the conversation lasted a good 15 mins or so and I left the conversation since I had to go somewhere. She was a psychology...
  10. Calibration

    FU How to seduce when a girl is resisting lover frame due to past bad experiences?

    I'm not sure if this fits in the FU section, as you'll see below. Anyway, I met this cute chic a month ago in a supermarket. Had a brief interaction but she was into me I guess. I just opened with my name with a winky face over text but she wrote a whole paragraph about how she enjoyed our...
  11. Calibration

    Calls & Texts Feedback on this text interaction

    I met this chic in a grocery store who is here for a short holiday. Complimented on her hair and had a very brief interaction. She said she's likely going to return this Friday. So, today was technically her last night and had to go all out. I followed texting principles and method from PWF and...
  12. Railer

    Revisiting "What to Do When a Girl Doesn't Text Back"

    Whenever a girl would not react to my icebreaker text, I never, not once, found myself closing her afterwards. Rather, further attempts of communication would often result in a block. At certain points, due to the attempts being a waste (and bad for my mental wellbeing), I had made it a rule to...
  13. Calibration

    How can I get back girls from the past who I fucked up with, when I didn't have game?

    I was going through my past failures on my phone. I've hardly deleted any contact from over the years. There are at least 200 chats I've had on different platforms like Whatsapp, SMS, messenger, IG's DM etc. I went through a few of them and most of them were cringe. Although initially she was...
  14. Calibration

    How to pull back from an interaction if I've pushed too much?

    Yet another post relating to texting lol Some of you here know that I'm not good at texting but the good news is, I think I'm improving... One of the big breakthrough for me to know that I was writing lengthy texts which came across very logical. Anyway, after @DoWhatWorks pointed out this, I...
  15. Calibration

    Could you share your text screenshots that were successful?

    Hey guys, I've posted a lot of threads relating to texting on this forum and some of you here know I suck at texting FML. Although they've tried their best to help me, I don't seem to grasp it. I've failed a lot due to bad texting. So could you share your text screenshots of interactions that...
  16. Calibration

    How can I frame a girl as a chaser when I was the one who literally approached her?

    This may be a basic question but I fail to understand. I mostly do cold approach and sometimes it's street approach where I literally run to approach her. Most of the guys on this forum seems to frame the girl as the one who is chasing. I get that it's a lot easier to game with that frame but...
  17. Calibration

    How do I move the interaction towards the date over text if the girl takes forever to reply?

    This question is not for this specific interaction but in general as well I met this super-cute chic at a park and had an elaborate conversation for over an hour. I tried insta-date and she didn't agree since she said she wanted to chill in the park and instead offered her number. I made it...
  18. Calibration

    How long is too much before a girl goes into auto-rejection if I delay replying to her text?

    I've tried different variations but this is something I've struggled with for a long time. Sometimes I get busy, sometimes I can't think of a right reply and sometimes I'm anxious to reply to a text. So, I take time to reply. Sometimes a few hours and sometimes upto 24 hrs or more. When I've...
  19. J

    Texting Ex's Friend. Goal: hangout | Issue: Bit Complicated?

    Hey, Here's the situation: Recently broke up with my girlfriend about two months ago. The girl I just texted is someone who my girl and I hungout with once. My girl introduced me to her. It went great. We all vibed. Problem is - my ex has serious health complications, so I really don't want my...
  20. Calibration

    How to build comfort over text?

    Could you give me some examples? Or point to an article please