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Nov 11, 2019
Notes - scribbled style, inside the experience

New sc today

- perfect entry with sticky response and shit loads of leading and exprssiveness
basically spitting game.
stuck too much in one set due to wanting to catchup w key friends there.
but should be able to close HB RUSSIA there mingly style at the same time

i did not choose to get her which was mistake one as i noted her immediate affection for me after a short while.

For a similar situation re-locking next to target fast
When noting interest in +tree sets switch and re-lockin next to target within a min. max - just relocate in the set. chat up and minii-solate.
Also increase sexual tensions velocity and depth with girls in this state ignoring everyone.

Sliding her out of set
There were a group of guys trying to catch her and others in the open style sc it was but i entered as i was leaving and literally blasted them. One guy was massaging her while i rechatted her up and increased sexual tension connection with her.. basically stealing whatevr he had build w her. Another guy tried to amog me but she defended me and then i stimulated on top of sexual tension enhancement to amplify our connection. Then i put out my hand and said join m.. just for a sec. the just for a sec is a key phrase for her to comply even if the connection was not enough.

the difference between them and me is i had inside connection w her...

Future: Go in more confidently and determined. Spit game. enhance the sexual tension. pace and lead on amogs. outrank them by far. do so confidently, no glinch. Few can play in my league so go take what i want. This is not meant as an ego type style but more of an inner resolve and cajun like cool as f, connected w the girls on other levels entry.


Social connector add
lol. just added another social connector - i sorta sensed he was like this.
Shot a short follow up from the meet to him and another from the event yest
his response already incl. an invite to a new recurrent private gathering.
he taps into a particular scene thats light but with a few diamonds - fits me well these days.
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Nov 11, 2019
Room game plans
Things are expanding Sc-wise and im planning to up my "room game". After that relational vibing will be the key. Reactivating and refining things. I did some rereading of older nextasf posts which was just nice and insightful.

Im still smashed inside from a long period of disease but things are gradually turning more positive. I hope to walk like i used too once again in the next couple of months (pains have made me crouch), loosing the added pounds and getting more shine on. It want be tmrw and it is a bit of raising from the grave type thing. But its progressing.. finally!

The initial mash im planning on is the combo of
- Ijjjis post on mingling and vibe game (enter-exit + shoot mini-openers, sensory awareness vs pre-meditation)
- Mysterys approach to room game (Set thinking, Lockins etc )
plan to keep it simplified in action aka Ijjjji and Cozys "approaches" will be centred for a strong feel of things and weightful, active presence(also sen w cajun). Mystery added on top of that. This will give a soft relaxed core with a more technical layer and mindset on top.

might add
- Force iois, vibe sends, central points work
- be the owner of the owner thinking - razor
- various vibes
- bad ass entries

something cool is forming here - it feels... substantial.

fail zones
- get too cool for these people - instead stay actively leading, open fun-loving with the rest. several states and sends.
- not get technical.
- too "hyped and light" in the mingling

There is a hard flip between typical socially oriented room game and attraction generating room game. i will need to be able to do both conscious to eachs impacts.

Two other doings ive been amping up again:
- Spitting game
- Nudging topics strategically

Again social circles are great for rebuilding skills when in a low energy period and now its extending into venues and bigger scs. ill be cold approaching too sometime soon but more as an extension of my life. Im mini-opening girls everywhere daily -yesterday w a RP but i didnt captivate her nor lock-in properly or "spit game" to lock her through verbals. Just need to get back gradually so no stress to close yet.
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Nov 11, 2019
Social skills upgrading - relational vibing
im just adding new social skills to become more memorable to insure that people want to reconnect with me after meeting me. Its part of the work in our navy seal team to enhance social skills.

The basic models (elicitation, game spitting and topic nudging)
My base model of calibrated questions - mirror - pace works like a charm. it sets a lot of intel up in their worlds. i can then nudge topics from there into various strategic areas fun and interesting, imaginative and "romantic".
As i execute it im finding more subcategories atm eg edgy, eg erotic. etc. that just stir different vibrancies and adds excitement and intique into the mix.

i still need to spit game more.. being more of a driver of topics

Better Questions
Im enhancing my questioning abilities atm as this is one key - to ask questions that make people think and feel on particular areas, that adds vibe to the questions that stir. Yesterday i made 3 people say thats a good question while eliciting into particular life important invigorating areas for them. The questions i think sat up paradoxes in their doings, and asked into uniqueness of their doings which they had to think about to explain. But its more of a fluid ability atm. so there are many nuances i miss.

The key was working in an existing group
- Activating a new guy into the group
- Connecting with an existing more resistant guy i got opened and build good vibe with - sorta moving him to a better one. takes a few repeats though.
- Spoke to a chick who i found shit - exit

i still see
- when i execute this they become extremely active in the convo, forward leaning and i see eyes wide moments. they get bubbly excited too.

- One thing im wondering if its too excited and not enough grounded type feels where you sorta connect and ooze together. Ill consdier how to add that part more. A sense of warmth.
- Reminds me i wanna amp up the vibes around me to be someone who is just really nice to be around even when silent.

Confidence and control in social groups
Im feeling more in control in social groups these days with these abilities falling into place.
This is a great achievement as itll increase things a lot.
over time i want a "weight" to my presence too.
but first things first.

My response management (to their answers and points)
ive noted i am creating a better evaluation of people coming from a true confident base that is emerging.

i select more how i react dependent on the person im addressing - hot girls i use it to challenge bs and few of them can meet me here so theres a sorta hidden neg in it. makes them shape up better, reduces shields and makes them have to work for me on the level of respect and thinking. less strong guys or girls socially i dont do this with but am more compassionate.

One that drives respect for me is that i dont autoreact but make people work more for my acknowledgement sometimes when i choose too. like i make them have to provide a bit more complexity and thinking to their answers or they get a slight tension hold with a strength that just considers them and gives no sign of approval or disapproval. jus to make them defuse unattractive autobehaviors i dislike.

Sometimes its great to amp up drama. really awakes the other too - ignites them which can really form more potent interactions and awake ones in dry or reluctant states. Emotional rollercoaster material.

im working to enhance response variety here. and especially making key people realise they need to think a bit more around me, no bs. A core of respect.
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Nov 11, 2019
Guilty pleasure baits. Or Pure Pleasure Baits
ive found certain baits can create strong pulls for women. Just inject it anywhere along a convo or buildup to put it in their head.

Aka i have xxx guilty pleasure and a nice terrasse w a hammack

Very good to bait like this in SCs - Gives girls cravings and reason to drop by/pull you

Combined w decent fundamentals, sex appeal and nice to be around and you have surebet girl request for a percentage of women. From many I note something in their eyes - the longing. i get calls on random nights for it. I get pulled by them suggestively to do it.

Ive found particular cultures have particular guilty pleasures. And some are equivalent to netflix and chill. I am intriqued to see how strong i can make it with no or very little active seduction from my side, just a lil lock-in usage and random smoothness. Also certain cultures as in party chicks etc can have particular crave areas. Key is to resonate with her life world. Aka read her, get her surrounding culture.

i mostly deliver it as a site note, a story or while holding court in Sets. let it do its work.
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Nov 11, 2019
Social circle effects hitting me - more weight of being
im starting to really feel the effects of the social circle building.
Im feeling a social weight meaning i expect more from people socially cause im getting used to a certain level of behavior continuedly. Im also turning a lot more selective in who i feel like being with and around. These are emotional states not something im mentally forcing. means theyre way more solid and radiating.

Yesterday 2 people asked for meet-ups outside an event. A cool dude (w. some seemingly cool friends ive noted) and a quite sexy-hot latina chick. Going for a chill session w the Latina next week. And will hit a bar w the guy once out anyways - collecting cool people style. But just people wanting to hang w me and doing the active inviting-suggesting.
This wknd i have many options to pick between. and an agreed too dual girl chill on friday in a seaside bar from the women-group-meeting this week.
Also invited to visit people in their respective countries giving low cost travel options and cozy travels.
one job offer and several help with internal job opportunities.
Solid SC momentum.

Im starting to use it to train or de-rustify for seduction. Key focus is still social skills and vibing though. But seduction side of things is pretty easy for me so just needs a lil ignite. Latina eg was quite sticky yesterday thus easy bait seeding for SC extract(getting a target away from the sc/group for seductive purposes as reputation is key in SCs), do my thing and lay. The two girls on sunday one has potential. The other is one from my inner circle. ill prob stack up 2 or 3 over the wknd for next week.

Ill just need to update my frame game for frame setting in SCs to make the girls understand appropriate behaviors - for me toavoid drama etc.

Latina is a great pawn btw. Sexy expressive chick w. quality business background layer. For the right venues rolling in w her on my arm will generate massive attention and preselection related effects.

lol. a normally "posh" spanish chick is super sticky even in facebook group chats from a last week meet. I sense an alluring, feisty desire in her behind it... its obvious shes a very sexual person. Im pretty sure the access to her was by going emotional with her... she exists in emotion almost. To be investigated.
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Nov 11, 2019
Fuckup - Too obvious move-in in SC

2 warm SC leads today - i interacted w both in simple interactions.

i sensed initially a light sense of something with the first even if not that prominent.

Another i went a bit blatant direct with as i had to move fast as she left right as the sc thing ended. So i did. I knew that some people would notice but thought fuck it. Got her number and a date agreement. was very lidyrn i trslly lirkf yout

Afterwards #2 comes by me looking at me w obvious disturbed eyes due to my obvious fast move after the other.

Clumsy Glow. Might not be worth the display even if nothing was done my speed of movement and intent could suggest things easily.
problem is it could suggest im a bit too agressive in the SC. not good.


Just an afterthought that its funny how guys speak of ais etc. in here. Like a concept of which they have no clue. The looks from women are so obvious once you build the resources for sensing them - what we called make out intuition back in the days. It is actually more a fine intuition about the sorta feelings she has towards you and deeper sensations about her sexual being. You intuit her. The levels of this is beamed across sexual tension "lines" when u make them. Often certain vibes and muscle tensions will create these..

also an ai can be so different dependent on her state at the moment, being around guys and connections with us etc (fast vs slow, evolved vs not etc etc)

talking about ai as one thing is just meh. There are so many nuances and "states of ais".. each demands adaptive tactics that fits where she is behind the ai


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Nov 11, 2019
Simple approach to a more fun opening initiation style + route that follows.
1) Engage the say hi program - shoot his to women left and right. Focus is to learn to see variations of opportunities (situational and responses) and be the action that disturbs women. The latter can later be balanced for calibrated optimalisation.
2) Just be curious - turn you system into general curiosity
3) ask questions from that to her

This simple approach will remove the weird vibe and penetrate the initial oddness via curiosity. its one of the strongest way to cut through all the bs eg even gorgous gilrs will respond to you and you bypass the value bs by just being genuinely curious which forms a connection that cuts through a lot of masks.

Add to that from there - more precise use of techniques eg train spitting game and smooth escalation(subtle forms).
if you feel into it you will sense that this bypasses a lot of facading and shields, cutting through to better interactions where small instinctive moves can be added with precision to eg ignite temptation, awake affection, stimulate fun and openness and eg appreciation ( a sexual-pre-primer).

add one or two intense moments to display what is hidden to evoke her curiosity ( eg sligth signs of sexual prize levels to ignit her curiosity and imagination).

the genuine path enables a more real seeing her direction which enables a more varied level of attraction for me from variou sides of her that are brought mor forward. Aka it enables that she becomes more stimulating and "beautiful" for me - a wider display.

this approach is fun, effective and creates a more pleasurable fun process for me.


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Nov 11, 2019
Kickstarting things
Back out reigniting things..

Took a stroll today. During the afternoon mayhem of last day Chrismast shopping. I noticed the chaos, checked into my body, ranked up.. while enjoing the sharpened energy from it. I felt a potency arise.. and slowed my pace breathing it all in a lil. Slowly i stepped into a present attentive state allowing my perceptiveness to arise. I spread my vision out across the incoming traffic of people and entered a self-indulgent mode. While still being outward oriented. mmmmhh. Took a few cuties in while screening for any impact on me. nothing.

I slowly stroll from this on a few errands. Switching back into it then to doing my thing. I gradually note the diversity of states and responses girls gives me. Some have a slight longing but look down - which is not bad but nervous default reaction, some are busy in action mode, some are distant. hm.. nothing really pinging me. I slow down even more... and the pings start coming.

I notice a few girls triangulate me as the tension of ec is too strong and i ground down, increasing my feel of warmth and contentfulness. They like it i notice. i laugh and breathe it in. Feeling back in the mode of awareness and attunement. The pings are strong again and i cast a net out.

I chat up a few random sets to just get my social on. Im a lil over reactive... hm.. ok. attune more to the moment. Train a lil determined walk-ins with various people and open them to get a sense of good distance, angling and voice level again.

And BAM two redhead siebling like girls one lets call her HB REDSASS gives me such a powerful sense of seductive connect that i am actually shocked. lol. I feel e feisty confidence in her and it awakes a fire in me. its been awhile since i entered these states. I hold ec for a sec enjoying the connection while focussing in on my reaction to them and i feel an explosion as we connect. A strong intent rises - waaay to potent but arrrg its nice to feel it.

They stroll by slightly overextending in an inviting supplication..

i feel back.

On the various interactions i need to adjust my reactions-on-interactions but i know the path. Increase presence with the person in focus to not auto respond but connect in the moment. Will take some interactions but my system knows the drill.

Gonna make a few more runs like this until i feel things land a lil and im less reactive - then engage girls like HB REDSASS of the spur of the moment.

One step at a time.. at the right pace.
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Nov 11, 2019
Out yest - NY eve

Had decided to keep it w friends and chill, avoiding any couple-sorta dinner of death. Glad i did. Had a fun night w a new social circle group - 5 people.

Intent for the night: just to push myself to open more - minimingle, presence on entries to areas and spit game. As good as can do with a non seducer group.

Overall execution to intent:
Not much sassy shit to to write, no lay potentials not even close since the venue we ended with was not w quality level nor am i sharpshooting on command these days. But i felt i got my mingle back as it was in the good days on and i shot a more punch style presence which i noted girls considered and were impacted by - just these lil reflections i noted in them, lags to their talking in sets where they just enjoyed me and i noted i got points up in their minds and sexual tension initiated from my more potent presence. Especially wilder, ballbreaker state type girls. i should capitalise on this and steal them away.
Along the night I spit game everywhere and was in so many sets. Its so ingrained in me to mingle. One of the guy i was with was continually amazed like wow you got serious game especially referring to my impact to girls and verbals in sets.. two other guys were just baffled lol. They chode crystalled a lot so i tried to push energy into them but once guys redraw like that its tough. One fun chick was w us too - coupled with the first guy. But we had so much fun and i loved their open positive attitudes all night. Good shit. A small note to self is that i Wanna be TRULY cool in all my social groups - make people enjoy their times and be a cool sexy fun and affable guy that makes them feel good(SC training btw).
i noted that everyone sorta is a bit amazed by me which allows me to flow between the group and sets/the venue easily. I opened a lot from the group into adjacent sets and lone wolfes - w good lockins leaning. Lot of good techniques are just there ingrained.

Key work areas
- I dont capitalise on the effects i make eg mingle effect on groups/chicks - slow down roll and pay attention to opportunities
- I dont get connection with sets/ eg mixed groups which makes them react to me when they see me again.
- My verbal progressions needs some work. straight forw.
- I dont capture enough initally Or via presence.. this comes from my feel i believe & lack of radiating presence.. this is a strong key to transform!
- Get my ass to better venues, network with good pees to hit out w. (buys shit, enjoys my skills and being etc)

A good change i noted from outing last week (3 days ago).
- I was truly back in mingling, shooting miniopeners, exitting some places staying a lil longer and shooting "smooth verbals" or 2nd gen verbals as some call em. I need to use the mingle effects for more cindarella effects that i capitalise on. I noticed several sets totally open up to me where i could have shot more connection which is key for a few strong sets in the venue. But fine. The mingle is ON! Also good to position me near key sets i can either side open or look for opportune moments.

From reflections from outing 3 days ago yesterday i developed a 3 layer verbal model that is to be executed side by side:
1) Spit Game part (potent presence and tech impact) - I had a lot of spit game oldschool game back in the arsenal - Good old "You guys look like the party openers", you-reads "initially you looked angelic but then your true nature came out.. i like it.. transfer into sexual predator gambit: "its funny, ive alsways been bewildered about how guys are seen as the sexual pursuers when its so clear that women are the actual prdators and guys are just... prey!! ... have you ever noticed how women...+ then pointing to my target girl everytime she had a certain look to her. Lot of push pulls, MCRs, and just a load of early style party game to hook in more potent chaotic environments.
2) Progressive Topic stream part - to roll across topics smoothly but smartly. My topic stream was a lil meh and how i connect it better to her world unitl hook or its on moment is on. This is def. the next thing to get down.
3) smooth talk - to do smooth style verbals for immersive experience for the girls(ss, 2nd gen). this is not good atm. So i am gonna create a bubble structure and just rif things down. This needs a bit of training. Elicitation, her attention, lead rolls and riffing. Then go materialise> shoot.
4) once the above is down more sexual potency needs to be added to add a subtle escalatory layer across the interactions to escalate the vibe and turn her on. i will use tempting escalations and keep an eye on her sexual readiness and activation in regards to me.

Anyways - its all awakening and my social ability to lord a place and create opportunities and Social proof is actually quite tight. Good.
At the same time i can add sharp shooting (silently materialise smooth verbals game )when i feel like it or spot opportune moments. Allows for various tactics. If i can amp up set handling itll be potent for variations of strategies fitting to various situations.

I didnt do any sharp shooting e yesterday. Outing 3 days ago I did one - a perf one in a cocktail bar last week
>hotgirl leaves her group walking toward the bar
>glow sees it and materialises next to her
>i side glance and our lines of vision meet in front, girls will from this hook slightly and be aware to your presence and the potential for a conenction.
>from there i look over at her w a slow sexual tension perfect face a slight lag and i shoot a "hey how is your night"
>interaction was meh and non potent - i noted i need to amp up the verbals for verbal immersion of her and add some more flavor. I was a lil meh on the topic introduction even if she even gave me great leads via my slight elicitation. All good - just need to drill a smooth verbal process to ignite bubbles and slide in its on moments etc. Commands and the likes.
But she opened so smoothly.. reflect on the openings feel and affect on her, to stir an initial path into sensual feelings in her and attraction. Hmmm...
This demands some attention and awakening., in action.

One key verbal route w her was to transfer into dancing - where i have loads of knowledge and deeper understanding + already developed SOT verbiage. I should just have elicited into HER world around it vs giving mine firstly. Elicit her values around doing it, listing a few potent options to stir her mind to show i am very pleasant to speak w. Ignite it. hm... good.
Today i further developed a new pull structure. that ill display in field rapports centred around music at my place and quality of music(authority frame). PD reason to go to my place.

Any how - good stuff when i was half focussed. It seems more a return of things than anything. More unrestrained. hm. Need to consider if this is an inner game problem for me currently. actually.. i know it is. LOL.

Anyways in sum - social presence is back on - loads of things to just refine and reactivate to create a potent presence.

Im not getting the presence impact at all i used to get. Need to reflect a lil on that...

Strong things in place to build off
- Mingle ability
- Sharpshooting - materialise + smooth open
- No bs with more potent girls - sizzling meets/hot vibes. Sparks shoot!
- Girls eye ball me when i dance. Use it. Engage them from their response nature adaptively(do the perv insecurely or do they sizzle confidently or just submerged in arousal.. yumme feel + dancing where they can secretly perv at me.

- slow down a lil but maintain active even keel of forward momentum. Add weight to it all. More confidence. Cast a web.
- For snipar game/sharp shooting - more focus on her and lead activation, smooth verbals reignite - topic structure and language techs
- Play with shifts in game spitting and increase repertoire
- create better connections with sets and isolated openings next time. To roll along opportune sexual connections immediately (move close eg - lockin or side miniisolate when its there!)
- use mingling and SP - eye the reactions and seize them smoothly. Slowing down a lil will support this.


Initial "smooth talk" package for reaching bubble
Just a simple structure to help have a progressive plan for initial immersion. Just to have a lil framework to ignite things from in my unrustification. im sure once i get back into itll transform a lot.

OPENING HER - smooth style or with a lil punch I badass I strong activating her lock-in vua posture of expectancy or alike.
1) How is your night going?
R you a xxx?

Do you know tha feeling when >> insert command ? resonating statement that a cool guy would use (display im cool) that evokes her.
Initially you seem x but then y? Double Cold read OR mixed warm read w mcr. Dual Reads - to get her to react and focus on her
How did you feel about.. whatever is relevant nearby?
2) Shoot a What-she-does-read R you a xxx? (great for transitions)
OR initial starter question: What do you do when youre not partying, drinking and chatting up handsome guys at the bar? > elicitation of values behind it
Note that this is a basic normal Chode type small talk questioning you can do anywhere. The reads and eg command attitude can amp it up a lil.
3) how she relate to the place/event thing around?

Tactic on response
- Elicit on leads!! Mirror pace etc
- use little angles and vibes to ignite more potency.
- Use her answers to amp up energy a lil
- Smooth vibe, vibe shifts to stir emotion for her, amping up in relation to her responses.

Key is to subtly ignite topics and leads from her world and use responses
Can also amp up energy 20% with read style engagement or challenge her if shes more feisty

- eg. Tatoos - have you ver noticed how.. ive always bee fascinated by,
- Dancing - immersive, music - being creative, creative endavours.. basic dance reality pace, club as environment etc.
- Travelling - travel gambit, cultures, flirt cultures, hookup cultures, approaches (light sexual frames)
- Hookup culture

- Being in the moment - SOT, the world diss-appears around you, minutes becomes hours.. full immersion, those nigths of no expectations...
- Indulgence SOT
- Connection SOT, instant connections gambit
also add potent responses an vibe shifts (julien)
8) Somewhere along drop a Music pull bait - Head phones and quality - sound experience, eargasms.. becoming the music

- will be added as i flow but i initially use commands, trance words and RPs

This is just to have a base and overly techical at glance. its not. i train each component separately and adjust as i get insights from field. It flows well and you will notice smart immersive routes that leads to what we call a bubble between me and her.
Once down its about tuning more into the energy of the moment/her.
And i assume better topics. Ill improve as a go along.

Please note that this is a riker-based model mixed with more oldschool spit game type techs and rolls of what i call sniper game where you use an evolved form of hovering we call "materialisation" (Credit @Bacchus). also check Mysterys "Over the shoulder type openings" and sixty, sleazy, cozy and the likes for the nature of sexual tension and attraction creation.
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Nov 11, 2019
Presence game - Metro Captivation - girl opens me
yesterday a cute girl prob a seven+ mild eight in my book of a four set opens me in the metro after making eye contact - shes the outward type - chattng me up. obviously she liked me and wanted to just open a line. Very one-two-opening from her aka fast. The trigger was strong eye contact moment that i generate by default.
I was tired as f and heavy from a bit of wine drinking and a tough week but old habits die hard and i shifted gears immediately

She ask questions where im going etc. and i unload a barrage of chick crack mostly minicold reads.
so you guys are not sisters i suppose - nodding to the team
girl no laughin were sxxx
me: haha ok i though maybe you were tourists..
girl wuuut hahaah no...
glow: hehe good - i love people who can have fun you guys seem like the party...
girl: yeah me too yeah we just wanna go have fun
glow - party-having-fun-people-are-too-serious-SOT continuation...

Shortly i pump up the emotions with the girls old-school set mgt style, the opening girl invited me to join them but i decline and number-close her. Her friends were more shy which i noted and thus focussed in on her as access. she was the target anyways or i would reallocate into the set. but as it looked she was gaming me from a fourset, all hot looking and handling it like a king. The whole metro was following like at the theatre lol.

This is the ability to shift gears and spit game to amp up her cool opening of me
sick social proof to number close a young hottie in the metro packd w people. a guy nodded and said impressive, two girls going out smiled acknowingly sendng me interested eyes.

shes responding immediately to texts so its a short dynamite fuse. good. easy close.

ps: i was semi dressed in a large oversize jacket and a bag, and a pendant neclace visible. not looking too much but the reason she came in was obviously the strong eye-contact moment with my vibe and sexual tension + a decent thin slice appearance. Funny thing her one-two opening ive considered adapting to fast track my own opening game. Now she showed how it felt which was super. But also a bit overwhelming from my initial state. hm...

Ive had more hot girls open me or close to do it lately eg in a cafe-evening-time thursday. Obvious eye contact moment there w one as she entered. This energy and opening-style can fyi happen especially when girls are on their way to town when their energy is open and fun loving - seeking excitement and guys. Often in sets one such girl can be a smart access point, then to relockin in the set, reallocate and engage a target adapting to her energy after driving the set enough to be an invited insider. Thing is not to dependent on it but recognise it also as its easy to open if shes there or close - eager to meet guys and have fun.

Im ramping up my its-on-moment creation at a distance to generate captivations which is a stronger way than just doing socalled attention grabs. And its working.
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Nov 11, 2019
Vibe Game

Towards tighter command of Vibes
Its interesting. been training a slowed down, grounded presence in various constellations for awhile now. Ive developed what i call a vibers presence. Step1 as its just reveling itself for me more clearly.

Im at the level where i can omit vibe and people say they feel me strongly in my comms. Like the loaded feel i add. These are attentive audiences though. So a certain pre-captivation might be demanded to receive the vibe w strangers or in social settings (Captivation is one seductive key for many reasons way beyond all this meh that is discussed as keys these days). But interestingly the strength of it is obvious in their feedback. And i feel a certain rythm to things that ive landed.

Its a new access to another level of vibe game for me. A radiating presence.

Vibe as literally dispersed vapor (how it feels/sensory perception of it)
I can literally sense the emotional loads as they dispersed across between me and others atm.
but i have to really feel it in some sense,, not fully sure but it seems to strengthn the vibe density if you will. Make it substantial.
i recall cozy talking about setting up the tub referring to the contextual sorta tub i could make around me and women. Or between us.
But this is literally a feeling of sensation as a fog or vapor in the very air. Im not naive to think it is so but it is how its sensed.

Current foundations for vibe
The key is really in the pace - allowing enough space between words for sensation to arise/ignite. And the inner sensation coming out aka feel(another key).
its in less strong body movements, more rounded ones, a softness
Its in not wanting to force anything but sorta hold my horses back, not just ijjji style constraint but a true just be present sorta on my spot
Allowing a crisp presence to arise - one that just is. Not trying anything.

One foundation is a sorta grounded, soft, calm presence more somatically embodied (where your attention is).
A second is a cleared mind, with a tuned awareness
A third is better inner reactions - it demands a coolness of being understood more as non-reactive, senses things ligthly, an attentive positive, mild even kind presence. there.... a sense of weness and cohesiveness w other in it.

A few vibes in focus
Ill be training key seductive vibes to omit these even more on command.
- Yummy feel - extremely sexually-captivating
- Contenfullnes
- Having purpose, intentful
Which begs the question of how to control or guide these feelings as vibes in a more controlled fashion.

Gentle command
The command is brittle, its a feel capacity and activation via body and the inner systems. theres a certain grace and gentleness in the control of it.

hm... its still somewhat cloudy.. with a few clear elements though. But ill just continue to build this capacity, see where it takes me.

Im slimming down to allow my body to better omit this. While also gaining more solid control of this particular "viber presence" i create in lack of a better word.

to be continued...

- solidify the ability to ignite this presence
- solidify in rel to disturbances or incomins (reactions)
- solidify on particular attractive vibes
Allow it to become more commandable and dense by letting it substantiate and evolve.
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Nov 11, 2019
The dance of the eyes - presence game
Just a reminder to self of the dance of eyes and immediate interactions across space eg in a venue. So much is said in these and that interaction shapes everything. Aka use it for captivating impact or vibe bombs. Set up tensions. etc. Its part of spaceous awarenes and usage(room game).

in short the focus is the little instances where eye contact is made. And what shoots off from that in term of continued seeking of each other. Ijjjji spoke of seductions undercurrent as a gravitation towards one another - a softer view of the natural process of this that i see hold true for most people. Sensing each other out. Understanding the nature of the interest. Controlling this and shaping it actively as a seducer is one of the strongest tools to setup openings and for doing targeted sniper game etc. In more chaotic places mingling-like movement or room game is preferable to get into position, in less chaos spaces positionings are key eg over the shoulder positions.

First step is pre-igniting a vibe, setting it up. Then use eye contact to exchange it. its best done along a tension beam.

The dance
Follows a natural sequence of exchanges:

The initial capture (eyes meet)
The subsequent sensing (can trigger bad or good reactions in her)
The intensities
The nature of the connectivenes created

Her response to it varies dependent on the mix of captivation and her state. Know both and apply adaptively.

- pure tension or sexual tension
- vibe
- degree of give and grounding
- making determined positions to captivate and start the dance of the eyes
- sense her - intuitive assessment

The above demands a capacity to do to even get access too and embody. but look out for the dance of the eyes and start shaping it.

but keys:
- Be the active creator of it (eg via positions, movement choices, intercepts, exposure spots, adjacent sets, "materialisations"(a particular form of hover) etc). Use eg beyond words type presence. Or hovers to allow her to take me in. Or mingle behaviors for the same.
- then manage the follow up exchanges and use it as a gravitation to stir adequate vibes
- then engage

I like to accelerate these these days to create a stumble upon effect that blasts through shields and appears to be a natural flow that "just happened". As such i create a series of fairy tail like moments.. or fixty shades experiences. Key is to play with various forms and enjoy this seductive preengagement to stir good moments that opens her.

Theres a lot more in it but just a quick overview,


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Positionings & movement flows for captivation/capture/vibe sends
For Tension establishment #Notetoself

Just came across an unavoidable beggar trying to create eye contacct with me and inducing a poor me vibe aka creating guilt/helpfulness/compassion in me. She was well placed perfactly in the midddle of an exit of a super market where one could not avoid contact from 3 directions. She makes eyecontact, a im in suchn misery andpain vibe is sent and then she shoots hi in the most sad way. Very well constructed.

just a reminder how captivating eyes can be if you place yourself in particular spots eg ind the middle of a door way just outside. eye contact basically becomes unavoidable on the first encounter as one naturally seeks to see. And the other elements creates the emotional impact to serve her cause.

The same happens when i walk into girls sphere of vision somewhats towards them or by rimming their edges proportionally. Make em look. This is the usage of determined positonings/spots to impact from. Its really about how you roll into venues and around in them.

using these detemined movememtns and positionings to captivate is a key in proper presence game/room game where you use presence and eg "sexual tension ignites" on the distance eg for club fast makeouts (kiss openers etc.) eg just to strike them and ignite their sexual system.

The shitty way is to become used furniture in them or to become an annoying factor where people willl beahviorally avoid you and be irritated to your unavoidable shitty vibe/presence.


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Nov 11, 2019
Late 4 months ive been hassled with business but feel like a bit of seduction time again.

As such i am
- revamping my looks and outfits - getting the glittery pieces that appears like jewlery for women, a subtleness of quality in my choices and appaerance.
- Reigniting social circles to get out especially to social summer events to build the ecosystem
- found a potential wing which is rare. We both aligned a bit yest. he is clumsy compated to me but could be fun to get a comrade of arms so will give it a local try.
- im just progressively improving my doings in social settings (3 numbers yest. from all 4 sets of chicks aka female social circle building).
- im also jsut using various encounters everywhere to slide into an inside connection and seduction "softly" the romantic dream for women. i add in that i show my sexual beast and caapcity just for them to get curious around me on that matter and ignite their more sexual sides subtly.

Im rocksolid these days from success and how i dress and look. i notice a shitload of ais and had several direct passes from women at me. At the same time i feel a little ruffled so just need to take care of my self. But women tell me they feel good around me and its pleasant not to be engaged agressively. lol. Im not working it enough on the draw atm so will focus in on microescalations and smooth escalations to open their imagination to be sexual with me.. im aiming for a less than meet them level to create a draw towards me i can then collect on where i want it.

Im just adjusting my mix of verbals, escalations and karakter display/comfort building.

i am looking for quality women atm. Particular types i like or that awake things in me.

focal points
- relax more
- being less reachy - minimising the send to a balanced grounded one
- rock solid confidence in lead, cajun
- spit game when needed, poilte hook dropping where needed
- slow mingle, jim morrison style but with cajunish confidence.

- get out to social events and engage sets/girls actively
- establish a solid mix of verbals and escalatory practices that i just do
- build female minicircles, pick a few hens i spiderweb around me
- build particluar miniggrops as accesspoints to mutliple scs
- find one or two rich, elite level girls that has visitng friends.

personal challenges
- sexualised game in sexualised venues
- makeout openings
- increase my on-sight captivation and use body reactions
- stronger presence and tune-in to the very air between us - enjoy the tension and what happens between the lines

paths to train
- Elicitation after hook drop
- Set management to shift to target to verbals/escalation
- chick set energising to number close of group
- materialisation and hook drops

add confident lead
add not ejecting
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Nov 11, 2019
Nudging her to "flirty", Making her escalation ready
A core concept for seducers is to understand the following dynamic as a core underlying dynamic we need to lead:

Seduction tends to be an act of
1) Moving her or nudging her into states where she is ready for manifestive escalations.
2) Escalating to the appropriate amount of the given moment and where we are/she is.
manifestive escalations refers to those escalations you make where you tip from its on to its agreed that its on. Other escalations are more subtle and seek to nudge her state in directions towards higher attraction to me both sexually and non sexually. Escalations are here seen in its wider perspective as outlined in MASF or Gen2 escalation ( a variety of escalatory practices are used to pre-emt resistance, removing it or not giving her a chance to enact it, and designed as a momentum of many so-called micro-escalations that stirs emotions in her eg arousal. as per gen2 this needs to be embedded in in-betweeners to smoothn the escalation as a whole - especially at less sexually activated states.)

Even with green girls this is needed to a certain extend as you need to pave the way well with her to create a path for her to follow that resonates with her qualifiers for sex and the likes. In general that is. You can construct fast access routes that follows stronger principles for escalations via sexual routes eg.

1) can be done in multiple ways but is the key to ignite and mobilise. i like to think of it as a series of "moments" you create that fosters a transition in her state and inclination towards you. this is deeply embedded in what is called second gen escalation. This can take many paths and the key is to look at where she is!

A lot of mis-percieved second gen escalation discussions somewhat assumes a responsiveness to the micro-escalations done and thats not nessecarily automatic. So you need to adjust your moment creations and design an array of them specific in relation to where the girl is. This is especially the case in early night situations and most DG at the go about her day time.

So it is more a leading a direction that enables escalation based on where she is. The starting point her is - where is she atm, and what is her auto-response to you primally and initially. question is then - how can you work those? how can you create its on moments and how can you get and create the mutual its on moment in accelerated fashions, in creative fashions, in fashions you like. The mutual its on point is a key where things are contracted from both sides and the its on moment becomes real. And intimate inside connection arises. With girls at the right states you can tap into this immediately.

Also beware that the route into her starting point with you can be designed well to ignite a powerful starting point. Eg by being strikingly sexy and confident apparent at the moment she sees you.

my considerations above is from a bit of a fast tracking it mindset which is actually counterproductive. hm...

but point being
- see where she is
- ignite or lead the moments that transfers us into states conducive for escalations or provide a route to just orchestrate it via
- escalate accordingly to manifest the transfers eg articulating the vibe, mutual hand caress, kissing etc.

Point being - a lot of seduction is about nudging her forw. and creating a path for seduction to be done via. to enable the creation of these moments and nudges. Certain impacts and timings can be smartly applied to make this process more or less smooth/easy.

Doing the above will give a stronger understanding of the undercurrent path that needs to be LEAD by us vs following action models blindly with no understanding of the girl and the context.

just shooting a bit of thoughts here to work them in my head as i go...
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