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Nov 11, 2019
Turned a woman today SOLIDFACE through fractional/micro escalation. the key was one moment of prolonged eye contact which i held to create the tunnel. Did this after strong presence and a bit of performance. I noted she liked me from the get go albeit more from a respecting me sorta place and hes cool. i purposefully sat next to her in a sofa at a moment to see what arose in slight proximity.. we had a continued acknowledging and referring to each other.
Finished with a lag to my gaze/prolonged eye contact hold which created an internal explosions in me noting to me its open. Just thinking about it makes it float in my body.
Fractional escalation for you. such subtle things at play. finesse.
ive been more of a force and alive in this, less tempting and cool.
its SC and ill see her soon again to collect

escalation note: notice the subtle very delicate escalations done here and the controlled use of sexual tension at the right time after other indirect micro escalations done very subtly along presence mgt of a sense of purposefulness - bringing up focussed intentful potent energy for action taking which is very attractive for women. mixed in with being purposeful, respectfully firm. And a smoothness to how i engage her adding to the border of sexual stimuli and just her feeling nice to my way of engaging her and the room.

Secondly i met BLONDECUTIE outside a cafe i know
Made an open handed look at you wow type expression and she jumped off coming over - look at you
She shined in it an talked about her jacket which looked like mine
i told her my friend teased me w mine but i loved it
she laughed and told me similar stories of how she wears it inside
at a moment i told her: you look ravishing these days and whatta glow you have
she flourished in it turning beautiful as flowers in specific lighting can hit a very potent captivating look
i told her she looked extremely attractive like this and if she didnt have a bf i would ask her out or kidnap her and head to some island
we talked
i warm read her as persistent
she agreed
and i said i found it sexy while shifting topic
we talk further, continued vibrant energy and i keep responding with a mix of drama, warmth and challenging her
she suggests coffee
i grabbed her number as i had shit to do and was on the move but should have fast-insta-dated.

Escalation note: Notice the arrray of compliments and continued sois done partly without giving her time to respond while boosting her feeling of beauty and being attractive in smooth ways. Her energy was more flirty and energised so i engage more in flirt of the bat - adaption while making my interest clear throug soi stacking packaged in complimetns and energy lift.

just a selfnote to activate more on eg prox. to stir things subtly. Tension based sexual observance with the erotic notions dialed super down. Almost pure tension to awaken more refined things. Awaken the second layer and purposefulness type energy to captivate and hook.
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Nov 11, 2019
Ive been off for awhile. Busy life and business has taken my time. Time to get back. Ive decided to "write" less this time. Focus the energy in field.

Just reading my last post, im reminded to use one woman to ignite me to fuel the next encounter. How one connection can awake the right resources which flows to the next encounter working merely on sight due to womens hyper sensitive antennas. Reminds me to fuel this as a way to get myself ready when going to seduce.

This can happen as a larger momentum too across days. Question is if i can connect with this and manage on command. My referential memory tells me yess. So i will pursue it.

Its time to fully do my own thing seductively.
I know where the next level lies w me as i have several cues to follow that still lies close to unveiling new things.
And if not i can create new ones as it seems i have a very vibrant access atm.
The best way to grow is to just follow that path.
Clear out all distractions.

Writeup - connecting the dots of the capacity
Im collecting it all in a writeup that connect the dots that on read through should ignite the right elements. broader dots from many things.


Ahh yess.... key experiences around the cues will help - a collected several lines writeup side by side. Connecting the new cues dots. Maybe something is forming in their midst. i feel something there.

Good - the next task is clear.

Glow out
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Nov 11, 2019
Yesterday i hover activated several chicks in various locations followed by penetrating eyecontact and tension. Im juicing up the vibes too. But its obvious that im back on strikingness in captivation.

At Mcdonals (i know!).
Hottie mom comes in and pays no attention at all. i purposefully stand up rearrrange my clothes with attention to detail in her field of vision. i carrie an eloquent scarf that captures attention. I do a slow cobraish move looking from down wards and up just sorta rimming her in my straight line of vision aka i dont look direcly at her but 15 degrees to the side of her eyes as if looking at something behind her. Aka its a feint that makes her look me in the eyes first. girl sensores activated. I could also look at her proongedly to start things. obvious "uh" in her.. tension line was initiated. Similar in coffee shop w a spanish hottie where i was more mingly but purposely in "her radius" and striking eye contact happened w a lil deer in headlights moment for her. Also one in metro where she avoided looking at me but i knw it was very on. But too much for her i felt.

- See hottie
- Positioning in her line of sight/radius - be active somehow in attractive generating manners- get noticed by her. Or walk ins towards her igniting ec while moving.
- Potential triangulation. Or straight shot. read the opportunity,
- Moment creation
- ignite the dance of engagement

back in nextasf times we would often circle each other and either could open dependent on location. Waitresses often had to ground themselves by touching me eg. which my friends wondered about.

aaaah i recall, the its on moment across several connects through what i used to call trianguulations. allowing women to adjust to me and power themselves up for potential contact.. dependent on state they would make moves. yesss.

Next up: set up vibe pre-connect, vibe transfers and harmonic nonverbal use (jugglers presmile, stumble upon, rp shot, read-comment etc)
i want her to be struck by me and feel a natural incline to react connectively with me - its on moment direction and warmth of connect. Maybe politeness. Or curiosity read... this is a sorta preemt for forcing iois (its more like igniting relevant feelings in her that gives her a nudge towards wanting to connect and a vibe that serves to make her feel theres an opening w me).
In this part at m im too technical though. Wanna go let it unveil for me more.

but i want to activate the dance between us more which i know is about choice of vibes and positionings.

I wanna continue to captivate a lil until it lands. Gonna consider how i upgrade quality to my presence for capture. And how i setup vibes that creates encounters.. flirts.. its on moments..


Actually let me stay w the active hovering for some days. I wanna let it all inform me a lil while letting it awake the body. Start finding moments and vibes.. informed by the connections that form.

Aim is to get 50% of these to get into potent interactions..

hmm.. its somewhat foggy in my head but very clear contours shape quickly. Interesting. Gives me a read of where i am.
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Nov 11, 2019
Sniper game
In a bar with colleagues. i see two targets from where we sit across the night(two-three hours). I feel strong intent towards some female action today while i wanna be smooth and discrete - i need to enter and leave pretty fast to not "disappear" from colleagues. So i lay back a lil awaiting optimal opportune moments. Gives me time to check the place well and get myself in a good state. And puts some pressure on me which i find i like.

Young model
As one, young model, hits the bar i walk to the bar quite decisively. she positions and i materialise on her left initially actively not looking at her. i glance across the bar for drinks and order and im sure she notices me (active hovering). i look slightly in her direction diagonally in front of her in a sorta directional gaze and the lines of our vision meet. She peripherally attunes to me and tension lines are created. i continue the flow of the movement and look at her softly holding it and she returns my gaze. i pause it for a moment while letting her feel my soft, soothing slightly sexual vibe and taking her in > its on moment happens > then i shift to look cheekily w. a smile. She smiles and says what? me: i hold the silence shortly and smile.. "nothing, i just thought what are we supposed to do with this amazing connection between us! Her: yeah what are we going to do!.. me: im Glow.. verbals happen #close

A group. I briefly consider to mystery style open them. But its to blatant for my colleagues i think. so i chill w. them and notice a hot latina in the group. I see her going to the bar and take her in a lil. Consider going in again but she goes back and her mode was a bit "intellectual" which can be bitchy. Prob from having to posture through the bar knowing shell attract glances and pressure. At least my sensors told me wait a lil, find a better moment. i sit well to keep an eye on her and at a time she walks outside w a friend to smoke with a more fun loving state of being. I follow and materialise next to them, do a direct head nod opener: "hey - a question! Are you Peruvian? (commanding vibe) girl no im Argentinian me: ah nice i love Argentina (fun loving vibe) - wait, are you a tourist (challenging vibe + making it dramatic with a slight move back) girl: noooo i a mdoing a phd.. me: a phd?? (mirroring) girl yeah, on topic xxx. me: now you got me curious, what makesone write about a subject like that..? (eliciting values) girl: blah blah Me: ah it sounds like youre very passionate about blah..(pace) Girl: lights up yeah,,, verbals continue.

both answered as i wrote a follow up.

Just one of those days where things went smooth and easy.

Edit: couple of reminders
- Girls are very different in chaotic areas - more tightned up so finding moments to engage can be a key to smoothn the entry. Or give her time.
- Being a bit under pressure helped me to patiently await opportune moments. hm... a slow speed of engagement. Precision.
- theres the pheripheral seeing me, and then the pheriperal connect where i actively escalate an initial relation/exchange which is Moving towards her in a larger sense of the word.. making her feel suspense/struck/goshed. just a reminder that there are several events going on in a sequence of micro elements. The following is a breakdown of each micro-step.
1. The seeing me and taking me and my vibe in
2. The suspense of connect when i move my eyes in her direction.
3. The eyes lock, presence & vibe transfer - explosion of feel/struck/man woman connect/charge
4. The opening/instigation of play in her - easening the communication and situation, leading a path - in this place smoothly direct by articulating the vibe.
it breathes a lot more than what is described. But the breakdown is where i wanna play a lil to solidify and grow what happens there..
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Nov 11, 2019
Social event
Was out to an event yest. semi sc. elite crowd.

Quite some incomings. one in particular

Towards even keel - aligning the pace to certain side of me
So m in the midst of changing my pace - im going for my version of the even keel mentioned by cozy in nextasf. It refers amongst others to the speed and steadyness of moving forward seductively, escalation wise. Slowing down allows for more bandwith in capacity, spatial awareness etc and precision while im exploring certain emotions i wanna refine and turn more resourceful. seeing what access they provide. taking some key steps exploring their sense of things and response. And also new steps to take/expand on.

Ive found i want to
- Slow down and allow for certain unevolved parts to be drivers in my seductive doings, no overwrites as they roughn the capacity. But a development of certain parts.
- Enable all the things that attract me with the women i engage w. vs one sided or less nuanced experiences of them. Expanding the view of what women can provide me.

i know a lot of access will follow
my ways will adapt
new things unfold.

Itll also be a step back on efficiency as it was yesterday with a hottie that send clear ais who i engaged based on this slower approach following the sensitive curious part of me. I know i didnt do what was powerful but it was interesting to explore this more sensitive side of me. see where it goes. I also know what it made me miss ( she was in the wilder state - aka i needed to grab the world and unfold more liberatedly/be unfoliding freely. powerup. take charge) so will try to integrate it with key feelings that mobilises it. refining things. I sense theres potential there.

I had an odd holding back yesterday. need to explore why. thinking something about the power nature of the SC.
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Nov 11, 2019
SC Extract
Number closed a hottie - a personal 9 at a sc event yesterday
Pretty simple

saw her
she mentioned she knw me as we were introduced by the host
i just smiled mildly - said ah as if i didnt quite remember which i didnt.. and i didnt dig into it. keeping it neutral initially.

i let her cruise the sc
at a time i went straight in w a question, from a place of genuine curiosity
then nudging into fun and interesting and continuing into interesting emotional subjects w some stir. But it was really just little things along a more strong leading of things, nothing like spitting game. much more even keel with a few balanced nudges and variations of good emotions. I did not go into any thing sexual or romantic but i delicately used proximity and side by sideness to stir things slightly.. just slightly edging the rim of how close we stood to stir the feeling of something in both of us. This is a more smooth light escalation for rookies reading and how you do it before theres anything in the air - create moments and the physical parts will naturally follow. Notice the level of nuance here. Precision. Give it space to grow in her. balanced.
we strolled around together isolated for quite awhile, quite some alone time, one guy sided us from the sc but he let us be - a good guy, respected the situation. smart of him :p
i lead us on a route, then back
as we came back she had to leave
i let her say good byes
helped out
then as a moment arose i walked up to her slowly, decisively - tension sizzling in the air as i held ec calmly, grounded. no bs asked for her number and said we should meet i would like to talk more about subject xx. Plausible deniability to help make things unakward. My presence gave a different stir to her. aka an escalation that she felt strongly in my vibe which i know is very attractive for her. = Escalation was an emperor close - clear i want to see you more weight-fulness and undeniable ask. calm. Eye contact moments were crisp and i was cool grounded strongly. Just enough with a slight show of the force inside me to make her feel something intense

but the key is nothing is awkward, nothing was done unbalanced, i just created a space and a route for us to get to know each other, firmly drove it and went in strongly w a weight-fulness, and a slight tension creation that added a quality to things. Enabling a route to get together privately while stirring her in various ways.

i could have juiced things more but im working on balancing the initial part to perfection and adequately preserving her social rep, making things discrete and stirring her on several levels i ways as few as possible will see. Even women would have a hard time assessing this even if our isolated togetherness could suggest something. The ligthness of the escalatory exchanges and her response was also very light. I wanna avoid anyone but me and her to know.

its tension focus vs sexual tension along stirring a balanced array of emotion in her for extract. Smooth escalation and an emotional talk which is more disarming, fun and feely on the right levels. Ignites. From there i can always add things if needed be. But the current aim is to make her and me feel a mix of things and ignite her imagination and drive her to automatically touch me to ground herself and the likes.. I wanna add more mutual escalation to it but just landing my core, then ill expand that way. Again this comes a lot from within which is my focus. feel this stuff out and enjoy it beyond the pleasure in the doing.

i realise the isolation created a feeling of being with a lover almost from the things we did. i recall girls telling me certain things we did made her think like this. its pretty certain she felt something there too.

A reminder how we can form certain situations that activates her to think of us in certain ways.. lead this, suggest for certain things, invite..
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Nov 11, 2019
Reigniting the seducers presence
Just made the cashier blush lol.
The soft gaze, slow move, a few soft, prolonged ec moments ( slight lag time ), taking her in, look from down up to catch her eyes, being grounded..
Slight curl of her lip and avoiding ec fully from shyness made me feel the harmonic shift..

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Nov 11, 2019
just a reminder to self
- The power of directional prolonged gaze as activating something for her-us. Load in it. Glance variations. walking towards her vs somewhat obvious doing it. Igniting the starting point and turning nothing to something.
- Timing of the engagement - seeding it vs entrance vs letting her take me in - attractive presence mgt.
- the contenful calm, tension rimmed vibes power. Ground it for harmonic effect.

using this with triangulation, presence, poof and hovering to use space. Beyond words elements.

Also dont go technical. just continuedly do but pay attention to the right things, the sizzle etc.
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Nov 11, 2019
Heading out tonight
Planning to collect a few keys

Will be
  • Playing with creating a more confident bad ass vibe everywhere i go. trying to balance it out so that its contained but displays in subtleties. prep it to a degree on entry laughing of how ridiculous these scenes are, moving slow, sexual is TIGHT, position well to see the room and what i have to work with, do what i feel like first/acclimatise, position with attractive pose, a nice hover, look or alike to draw them in. All with a momentum and keeping ready for several opportunities and directions for how i roll things out progressively.
    • owning this continually and balancing it will be key. I prob need to do more towards a level of vibe bombing the place. Hm...
      • i will try confident second gen type openers - smoothned. Its not what i usually do but i wanna explore this nonhesitant approach.
  • At the same time ill be grounding my own reactionary being. Reacting purposefully less to the girl to create a different more steady connection. Making her feel safe and connected. like shes sensing me for real between things. This is a core actually that i need to work on. my reaction to people as its a bit fuzzed atm. hm... good. thats where i need to set in.
Once in set a stable reactionary pattern in my verbal and engagement of how i react to her where she sees im not reacting to her too much or that im not that affected by her. From there i launch a variety of things. Throwing in things where they fit well. Like playing music.

its interesting actually, I need to map a lil how i react i realise. theres a huge key there atm for me. Good.

The mix of omitting attractive presence with an actual present presence will be combining two good essentials for my seduction.
ill also just consider my arsenal of escalatory engagements. just started it with someone i met and lol. quite a difference in response.

Lets see what unfolds..
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Nov 11, 2019
Focus on/Awareness of Automated Response patterns 0.1
On a new mission here - to ground myself around women and reduce anti-response-patterns. These sneak in i realise when i dont stay attentive to them. will take some work so will keep journal on it. Its part of socalled even keel work outlined by cozy back in NEXTASF. To create a foundation for a much better mode of interaction w women. I recalled in some experiences how much this made a much more harmonic response from women and decided to pursue this deeper. Aka im turning into field and old notes.

Just w. a nice woman i met last week on a stroll and a drink. I was very aware of my natural response patterns atm

This awareness in itself calmed me down and i felt i got more bandwith, And i felt more of my self. Much more present ind me and not auto-responding. Just added a slight space.

my answers were better, more thought through etc.
i felt more in it too - instead of just filling the space


in many regards my responses and our convo was more sophisticated in terms of thinking applied and the enabling of responses that arose..
i felt more centred, more calm.
i often waited to respond too vs what i thought would support. Noting things a bit more. Just sorta thinking and feeling what shes saying more.

as such i dont in the same way allow women to say what they want. Or i respond in a more nuanced and grounded way. I evaluate their expressions muuuch more this way. And the grounded base gives a slight difference in relation to what she can get back from me - eg if she expects support to her bogus which i saw some of today,

i asked more questions i noted. Like i wanted to see what she talked about for what they are vs her biased projection of it.

im thinking the questions made her think more... something i can use to make her realise better thinking. Will build respect and maybe get her on a better path. More attractive to me. Maybe not.

Going to stick with this for awhile to see where it takes me

Nonverbal response patterns?
i assume i can do this with nonverbal exchanges too.. which would give me a very different presence and "operating base"... which would provide much better women and quality of interactions.

i believe these might be harder to notice cause the interaction gives clarity. hm.. will go observe.

im quite curious to see what unveils here.

the fast changes i experience must point to quite a change that could lie here.. but lets see. Not expecting ease with this calmer, centre positioning. Its obvious its system wide changes, almost like these patterns have blocked much more interesting and mature resources.
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Nov 11, 2019
Two new chat-up topics I proxies I SOTs I sex talk
So I developed two new SOTs or what we may label them

Lets have fun, i wanna have fun - people are too serious frame
First one is people are too serious frame, lets have fun, i wanna have fun carpe diem. This is often chick language for lets kiss and escalate things if you listen in to their vibes when they express this. Often a cue they give to escalate the vibe and physicality when they hit a more wild. outgoing state with prob the second level of sexual activation. Or its in the preceding stage to wanna go this route dependent on her connection with you. Aka perfect to nudge things in that direction.

It can come well after having indicated interest more clearly which sets her free from trying to figure out where i am early stage- which enables a phase change for her into being more sexually expressive directly towards me vs. from the outside towards me. Inside vs outside game change. Or it can be a cure to move things up a not. aka girl verbal escalation.

Confidence is attractive and confidence is sexually attractive
Second one is confidence is attractive and confidence is sexually attractive or a serious sexual stimulant. This is more into sextalk type language but can be kept putside direct explicit by eg telling girls thats what i noticed about them when i saw them first. Confidence as attractive is hot girl language and bypasses beauty, disarms its. Attractiveness is about how you carry yourself. You can discuss types of confidence, how hers is more hidden, grounded etc. Its also a key in how girls carry themselves in club like environments. its chick language - they wanna appear confident more than anything and complimenting them on that and paying attention to detials of it is another level of compliment that bypasses the usual jargon and makes you pay attention to things they aspire towards. + I find this alot more along my type of sexuality vs most sextalk which i find misses some sophistication and thus quality to the contours of it.

i also see potential with this for stronger direct openings hm... or early stages shifts into turning things into the direct line of display with this type of line. Aka key is i wanna see if i can open w it at relevant times to ignite flirt-right-away. Or add it early phase along shifting the verbalness into you and me confirmations which ive used very successfully through soi stacks or alikes earlier. Ive talked about these things before - what i call articulating the vibe as an escalatory verbal technique that helps make the unsaid clear for her. Maybe even suggest things that wasnt noted.

ive been using courage too in terms of being sexually expressive when i set the frame, showing undestanding that thats what its about which can prob. be intertwirled with that. That it takes courage for a woman to dress more sexually expressive due to shaming.

i find these side of talks interesting in my talks and opens up for more sophisticated and interesting sexual exchange. Where its about whats sexual mixing sex and eg elegance or the more subtle sexual dimensions of behavior etc. Adds a quality to it. refinement.
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Nov 11, 2019
One SC Strategy
I am kickstarting some SC work to amp my social circle activities up these days and grow it some. I figured some open notebook style reflections might be cool for anyone interested. Note there are other strategies such as building a navy seal team, or a female inner circle group, party hosting and the likes. This is just a light gradual model you can do at various levels.

I write it here in my log as i dont feel like organising it atm.

So my strategy is to become a social connector for awhile to activate Social Circle momentum.

In social circles you have 4 types of people - labelled in relation to their SC role, social impact and access
Your regular peeps who will join and might be considered normal. Aka they can introduce you to a few once you get to know them etc or might bring a few friends. their circle is their usual friends.
2) Social connectors which are the types who always arranges things and know whats going on. Getting to know ONE of these can boost your access to new people, girls and evens IMMENSELY. their circles are broad and wide and grows, a lot of in and out flow. pulsating.
3) Social dead ends - avoid these. nothing additional comes out and they have a slightly depressive or heavy energy.
4) Social mavens - more high caliber people with specific access they can provide.
and then there are just difficult people. Dont spend your time with these. i prefer to collect cool people as in i like being with them .
This is taken from lovesystems manual on it btw which i found to be a good tool back in the days.

Taking the role of the social connector is good as the social ones will start resonating with you and ping back. You can note peoples response level and stay with the ones where theres a ping. if people are dead in the interaction, doesnt give any energy or real investment i leave them to their dead selves as soon as i feel theyre in this category. Theyre heavy to communicate with, slow responsive etc. By taking this role i initiate a flow via people that gives me even more intel on where whats going on + invites to things by knowing whats going on and continually inviting people to it casually and informatively for some. So youre looking for a momentum that will start rollling.

Its worth to note that you dont have ONE social circle. You have many. The idea here is to tap into many via relations and then work the ones you like, I maintain connection to a beauty segment eg via girls from a particular company. think more of an ecosystem. I tend to target individuals as access vs SCs themselves but both can work. I will probably head to a few events where i know certain segments are and chat people up via mingling, materialisations and the likes.

But it demands that you know whats going on. Aka spend time on figuring it out. Know spots. know events. And start talking about it. people will feed back things too you once you express interest in events of different sorts.

You can move your scs and relations in sc context in the direction u want
- Girls/women of your preferred target group
- Mixed
- Guys (what most are used too)

Pick some and reel them in closer. This happens gradually as you discover new cool peeps and meet them so take it easy on the selection initially and be more open there. Also be ready to flip from seducer to normal guy who befriend women cause they cool human beings, hot as f, social connectors or whatever.

Fyi i have access to quite a few older gamers who live this lifestyle with multiple women around them at age 50-60. They appear impressive in each of their ecosystems. Just to say its worth learning for long term just at it gets you more out of your outings as you come home w lays and new sc friends. Also its qualtiy on a pipeline served for you once its up and running with much less need for herculian efforts on one night to get a lay. Work is more continued and one has to enjoy being social.

A few things atm:
- i restarted this this week w. a few. Now a social connector girl has sensed it. and is writing to me + posting in a group. Shes already telling me she has a party w her foreign female friends coming together in a few weeks(air delivered lays w girls in the perfect travellers leaving again by themselves). + shes a bartender at a club. I now invited her to another party which makes me be valuable for her as i provide social knowledge and insight for her. Shes could be an initial powerhouse for me on several fronts.
- im also writing with two that i initially thought as low responsives. but the one is providing some material when he answers so i just adjust to his comm style and line more up w him than the other who seems dead end like. doesnt matter. Just cut by fading.. and focus on the ones providing.

This is simple low level suggestions in a talk, then facebook followups. im lowkey, casual and very cool, warm affirmative with people.
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Nov 11, 2019
Vibe game I presence magement - one powerful vibe: Feeling yummy in roll ups, hovers and entrys
A collection of captivation driving elements in presence or vibe game I room game

The following is ADVANCED game collecting several solid capacities and skills. It builds upon extensive vibe and presence game in my collected key inputs from people like cajun, cozy, ijjji and Bacchus - old posts, various old and recent talks and sparrings w. top seducers that are not available for linkup today. + my own field experience which connects a lot of dots and bridges new innovations. Its not some particular technique as some people seem to scream for - which is a counterintuitive approach how i see things if overfocussed on. instead its a wider capacity of presence management with an array of doings and insights gathering collected per field activity and where the levels of detail are fragmental meaning forcing iois eg is too simple to cover what is really done. Im trying to collect around the central resources and focal points to drive a barrage of effects in priming and captivating.

Just to let u know why it might be hard to get as some techniques or capacities i just mention but most have no reference experience or clue of how to. There should be many links to particular great outlines to explain foundations for this. I might write about them or repost for the good of the community as hard earned community wisdom is otherwise lost.

My own aim with this is: That im reigniting my roll in capacities to make girl groups drewl on sight via vibe game, then to connect with particular women and engage in an adaptive approach to their energies of the moment in various ways. eg typical group opening to relockin w target then seduce OR materialise next to target > moment > chat-up > seduce. Or just have whoever sees me react with an ignited seductive or intimate intent or curiosity. Besides I wanna be able to make-out open similar to cozy and using both routes of wet and dry game.

ive already done a lot with these things but wanna get back to and extend it.

Vibe foundations - one super vibe
Was reminded how much feeling yummy is a key as a vibe generator when i roll into an area
or for outside area presence game

I use it alongside slow, dramatised movement, lowered attention radius - an evolved alister type being. A contained level of coolness. sexy is ON. Light mildeness beneath to incite that theres an opening for women.
I enter in a slow roll where i walk and find centrespots i stay in bathing in the attention, being the spectacle, someone to be witnessed.
loads of tension generation and abitiliy to vibe impact a whole crowd if the right position is taken

The yummyness maintains a confidence too...

funny thing i realise per memory that its what several historic sex symbols use... ha!

Theres a danger of inward focus and not eyeing opportunities with this
A self-absorbance in the yummyness
attunement is key or staying connected as ijjji once outlined.

theres a key in keeping cool while doing this or reactions will overtake you. Aka maintaining a connectedness with the yumminess in the beginning until it lands more in my system. AKA it takes a prepping pre roll up to garner this focus and state initially. Just important that it arises gently, not as some Herculean project.

Active presence management on entries or roll ins
So in the roll i look for
- good movement patterns
- places to see things without being seen
- centrespots

And opportune moments arising - aka notable gosh type or wowed reactions

Im holding a calm readyness for slightly prolonged eye-contact movements for sexual tension explosions and lighter senses
A slight hold of the connect with more direct vibe and charge exchange
need to develop my capacity here - a clarity
and an action taking to initiate exchange across the created connect

Entry plan
- potential direct opening flirtidly articulating the vibe
- mingle in
- materialisation
- straight walk to hi
- force ioi - distance plays
hm... this is just tech but not the truth so will feel it all out instead while playing w paths that evolve from here. I assume a lot more will unveil.

key note for me is to train to seize the opportune moment - dont let it fade and practice the roll in

This builds partly on elements from cozys old bad ass presence post and cajuns sexualised presence pointers. But with a yummness vibe replacing the bad ass ness making it less loud and more direct to an inside yummy framed connection. Bad ass is good for sporty wild girls and maybe back heels too. Yummy hits the more flirty ones better i would assume. I will work to swithc between them.

ive just had a double experience of groups of girls totally pausing and eyeing me like prey. Feeds into the feelings power and its starting to take shape and nuance.

im using a simple look these days w messy slightly longer hair that falls over my sunglasses hinting a layer of ungroomed high class and makes girls wanna touch it, with simple but particular tshirts that makes me look like a rugby player according to cuties i fucked. its just a small design that creates different triggers in the thin slice when girls see me.

this is useful for anything from venue entries to new area entries or roll ins to outdoor patio areas to larger scenes like sun bathing spots and outdoor restaurent areas btw. Owning the tension spots and being seen to setup vibes.

To do
- sustain the yummy feeling and vibe by repeating the dos
- create a prep for it
- consider use in chaos vs non chaos areas
- test in various situatios

Further ideas
- bridge roll ups with active hoverings - activation of attetnion grabbing movements eg pointing, certain gestures, movements, staff interactions etc.
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Nov 11, 2019
SC GAME status
Sc game is rolling. And im expanding SCs step by step. Growing an ecosystem.

im in slow mode these days but gradually finding a rythm of sorts. Just recovering and focussing on being present and relaxing more in things Since i wrote on sc game ive done a few things
  1. I befriended a neighbour - whos now inviting me for various things in his primary social circle. He dresses in the direction of Teevs per natural so hes a grat thin slice which means i will gain attraction value purely by hanging w him when we go out. he is already inviting me to things and is a very social type with the right people. He has several hot female friends and is from abroad and he seems to have some visiting female single friends. Also per his role he taps directly into the beauty segment on female cuties enabling interesting furhter social circle opportunities. Fun guy too.
  2. I Invited out a local cafe set of girls - on very attractive asian one wtih lon legs and great energy who i already bubbled via SOT talk and elicitation. The rest are just fun girls who i love to chat with. i plan to facebook close all of them and write to them as a group
  3. i am creating a guy group of cool guys that will form my navy seal for managing SCs actively. i have three committed and just waiting to talk to one.
most of these things just come from minor along-my-day-opportunities and chat ups that i move forward into SC building and pipelining of girls via that. its a build-an-ecosystem manner of game. The ecosystem then provides the warm leads. Quality tends to be high here. + it gives other benefits.

Im further still hanging out quite often with the other one i wrote about. several events in pipeline w them too. Im finding myself leaving some of my old ones that appear dead, heavy and somewhat uninteresting. just slowly fading.

here in the beginning im less focussed on strategic work and more on fun and who peaks my interest. Who do i like. who is stimulating.

a few thoughts
- i wanna grow a few inner circle girls slowly - pick them one by one. as i used to do.
- i wanna work on getting hot-girl-connectors to work for me on the girls eg the neightbour. He understand what iwant sexually, is more open there and naturally supports this.
- im looking for SCs in areas that i find intersting and want to get to know atm. i might go for specific events soon to mingle and seize people within that segment or scene.
- im looking to create small events i have at home etc. where i can extract girls and some of these cool peeps too. Maybe manage a monthly thing etc.

Again.. im talking it in my rhythm, tempered, laid back atm. joy focussed. This supports my vibes to be a lot more geared for sustainable connection building. And i continue to look for day events where opportunities arise.

Besides several job opportunities has arisen from these activities. lol.
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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Taking A step back - a better focus
Just figured out how big of a mess i am inside w women these days
no wonder things a not really catching on most times.

im obviously overreaching atm.
which has been a habitual mode late week.
I need to find a good real inner motivation as a starting point.
might demand some work.

ahh im shaky actually.. inseucirities on crack. a mildness, bubblines,, hyper chaged
makes sense
my writing shows - in multiple directions and.... dissociated sorta
caught it.

Few Pointers i can use to change this in action
- Move forwards always a little w her, no passive observance bs, light inter-action.. even if moving towards her or letting her see me moving etc. dont expect much from too little.. continued sligth interactions . eg a barrage of glances while moving, circular to her... w a mild enjoying it feel, content maybe
- feel what is, tune into it. Review. acclimatise it.
- be less interested in everyone - i need to see something actually attractive in their behavior, vibe or alike and its just more of a screening investigation of her than anything.

Core in that is to focus on my emotional resolve to give it a name... demands some scrutinizing, and compassion. thats moe homework. emotional work. maybe some friend talk... to find some sense of clarity in it. Its very dissociated - liek white lith in many directions. cofnused. overwhelmed and very mild insecrure... yess thats it.

I opened a girl today and nothing happened. makes sense. in the interaction which was good i did not emote anything nor in any way build sexual tension or shared experience. its was... neutral but friendly from both sides. i was waytoo brittle, of sorts.. hm. but good. i step back from technique focus to real things

besides i really need to train escalator activations, sexual tension and better vibes for this while using qualities that stir. Just so that i can ad them.

even my writing shows this messiness. i cant grasp a clarity afterwards.
All good. time to handle that

ps: this is about the driver in me behind my seductions which is currently in an odd space to be frank. Hard to do ny proper seduction from this core as many bad behaviors follows it eg overreaching. no weiightt in things on how i come across. too much insecruity in there for some reason atm.

Will tke some time to alter and ill reconstruct my process around it.


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Day two - hitting the right path, considerations, slower feel
hm.. its interrsting..

im already realising by slowing down that the way i engage with the realisation of ysterday is wrong..

its not about screening her or adopting a new technical stance. its about feels and my inner reactive base.
i really need to gradually engage w women and establish some different places im coming from

A core sorta healthy selfishness is the first step, ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL. Maybe relaxed but connected. not reacting to her moods I letting her eg be moody. Not really my prob. Maybe unattractive if thats what she keeps bringing I leave her I maybe give her space or mirroring but from ME. not some auto-response to her coming from me. More a courtesy, emphathy, care.. to an extend where i think its needed to see if she takes it in.. a note of her perceptiveness.

Ask in from a place of expectancy of realness and something better, cut through the usual nonsense while ofc riding it where relevant. But make her think more complexily about me and bring that up cause it shows her more than some tits and ass. Demand some realness. Make her see that i come from this place. if she can adapt good. if not just leave her in her incessant surface blah. But seek to emphatise and provide a route out to a degree if i choose so and sense better things in her.

im reading up on old log parts too and it helps form my thinking. Forms my base feel even. Interesting.

but its a weight of sorts i wanna get too in my emotional presence or identity level wise. I think i never got there but sorta had glimpse of it back in the days.

My log will dig into these areas along SC game. Just planned a gathering for a great team that will play with SC activities. im already strangely out of nothing getting interesting invites for quite exciting things eg in diplomatic circles. Im changing from vibe game cause already it sorta hits a bad centre to have some technique focus or dispersed attention.

A foundation i realise is a healthy selfishness on the body, feel and mind level to own this level of seduction. and it is seduction. It needs an embodied emotional layering which demands slowness in creating it to activate the right parts. This is the base however to work from. Will create a stronger frame in the very presence of my being. But the important goal is just a feeeling of substance and weight in things, a calm centre and stoic weightfulness. Sorta like certain business men excude in a sorta slow responding domimance, a heavy, liquid feel of sorts.

My aim is to feel things from that base. nothing else. itll inform me better than my thinking atm.

things are organising inside me by itself i note to form this. But the principles will be governing principles. the work ingoing in there will be hard.

This feels right.. its dispersed for some reason... but its the right path i think for the first movement.
Fine with the dispersed feel of it. meanst its not solidly layered and will flip away easily fro other distractions. fair.
i just need to remind my self that this route is a lot of small moves. 1 percenters. the will gradullay sustain the weight of it while unveling the path.
many unclear moments will arrive.
the path will need creative shifts continuedly to unveil things and gain access to things i dont see today
but the process of unveiling is continuous
of identity-related landings, of new directions, of implementing the right principles.
its self compassion really
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Nov 11, 2019
An initially forming ecosystem
applied the above yesterday as good as possible.

i was out w. a few of the members of my navy seal team..

A superhot southern latina came in as a cold lead via a smaller SC event, and she ended up number closing me due to a mix of SC performance, fun lovingness, being in my owns skin, more focus on enjoying my time as outline above. Heatlhy selfishness mixed with the shared experiences principle outlined by cozy back in the days.
I was positively talking w her, and driving things a lil more complex that her superficial immediate social-auto-layer. Sorta pushing a bit forward to make her think a little more than shes used too.

we were at the event then went out to an area afterwards for socialising. The first she came. the second she literally was on my arm until bf came.

I noted she grew a respect for me. turned that into little moments of sexual tension, subtle manners. just more slight silences.. She stayed w me like glue being very friendly afterwards. i showed her little courtesies making her feel good andc clear rapport manifested.

that said i know this is brittle w a girl like her. and it was part cause i was the most shiny object yest. How to ground it more.. hm...

She number closed me before her bf came due to me shooting an activity and event - social bait, social connector style w. potential for more + plausible deniability.

Shes the latina time who likes appraisals to her feminity and attention. Very easy on connection. Blatant in her sexual display. and a body that rocks it. If i shock and awe her w. constrained escalation itll be impossible for her to resist.

She might become an immediate inner circle girl for particular venues and more trashy girls which is a preference of mine sexually sometimes.

i really need to get my amogging skills back on whn w chicks like her lol. several presumably argentinians came super intensely and said hello to her latin ameican blatantly direct style. Were easy but i need to start handling this with these type of chicks around which is what im colleting.

Another one - a blond diplomat has invited me for a free entrance event in the wknd. She might be another addition. Im actually busy but will prioritise it

- Was more in myself, less attentive to her initially in room. not overreaching but focussed on my own joy and how i saw people.
- sidewalekd w her - materialisation and talked. lots of descriptve elements, and giving i. I ws courteou sto her along the process attentive to her needs which created a soft connection between us.
- i had group leadership and was cool in interaction describing food as orgasmic etc. - gave an edge to things. Is there tension in the sharpnesss of this... hm.. i think so.

missing - considerations... to add or not w her and this early
- More slight tensions for captivation in motion her... just making her captivated in light moments
- introduction of a light sexual tension.. simmering
- Could have easily bridged the touch barrier for more feelign each others bodies and warmth tyoe connection...
- i should have maintained more inner focus on yummy and conetnt tyme feelings more solid in it.
- use elicitation and stimulation to her world more. totally forgot about that. bubble her.

- could have left her with bubbled feel via sots, verbals
- could have left her w an initial experience of subtle generated sexual tension by enhancing it slightly more between us
the two would have left her feeling things about me i hypothesise
- hide the event from others - escpecially boyfriend... no need to show the cards, even if she asks just answer inprecisely so that the lock w that stays w me. Might be to clingy though. but consider how to show the cards..

- oozed greatly via own vibes focus drawing this chick in. all other guys had a clumsy overreach to her alluring display of sexuality. imagine stripper in a nice summer dress.
- performance ws central and neutral chit chat in the venue to just make a social connect.
- materialisation in the walk from there to next area and along purchasing things she was very hanging onto me. I gave a lof of I and sdescriptive feelings here + paying attention to her needs, showing i see her and support her which makes her feel nice and safe w. me.
- edging sexual tension via language and slight eye contact parts... just mild ones that she would not be certain had intent. But they would make her feel and realise my sexual capacity...

so she saw a guy who was not overreaaching, socially friendly and open, had sompe MF and quality in perfromance, and who is access to a lot of good vibrant things, who further made her feel good and paid attention to her in a balanced fashion mking her feel connected, seen, nice and safe. Aka variety.

next keys
- be more attuned to myself in the interaction time - yumminss and other good feels especially as we get more one on one were i turn into more leading energetic automode.
- be sure to manifest a feel of connection - i rimmed this too much. Hm...
- enhance the sexual tension a degree more. just baby suck it and take it a bit further in the interaction... extend via focus and related feel and slight body openings and slight glances.
- use elicitation and sots or alike more strategically when one on one to support emotional stimulation and trance, bubble feel for her.
- dig more into the soft shared experience we had, caress level.. an early stage affection.
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Nov 11, 2019
Another private SC event yest.

I was reminded how
- quite some people are dead ends, a lot actually. Or passive socials, or just inadequate. Or overcompensating. A larger amount of the people in a crowd or venue is like this. And others masked. Or insecure in it maybe driving things very camly - trying a few steps but not adequately doing much. A lot are dead boring. Even some hot chicks are retards here. One was so reserved and dead unnattractive yesterday i just left. Just a reality check on whats actually out there.
- Being a voice and expression, self assertion is a key for leading dynamics
- Moving around and finding the fun and interesting peeps is key
i find a slow moving action path, good mood, self assertive and expressive while looking for the peeps who are fun and good vibes brings about a really good momentum or mingly

Anyways a new blonde fun social connector i bonded well with invited me to a party. I found out shes underground in a newer techno community. Should be fun. Well see.

next - For me
- more active mingling, slow, pace down beyond words style, feel more, attune
- better core feel - acclimatise actively and engage good feel more
- more spitting game, being expressive and assertion to drive group dynamics - find a balance. what social ignitions do i wanna create?
- realise the nature of people and find the fun people
- add more isolations and encouraged nudgings on fun things and indulgances in assuming rapport style to mobilise weness

i did well on lockins, somewhat on moving around actively shifting sets and nudging topics in the direction of fun and interesting. But i Was not where i want to be and a lil too unnused atm to being more of a social being. All good. its coming one by one.

No bs trainings
On another note im running yoga, kettlebelt training and eating low carb to schred up a lil again. Feels good.


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Social circle momentum
my social circle activations has gained a peak in initial momentum. I feel quite some new people reaching out to me asking what i do, quite some invites, and i meet more interesting people. several stimulating events, party invites etc. A lot of spontaneous things too which i love. And one event rolls into more as ideas generated for nexts and people invites for other things.

Just few things SC momentum provides - self reminder
- increase grounding socially which extends into all chat ups of girls. yesterday i spoke one hour w a yoga instructor ,escalated the vibe and had a insta data after class albeit i held back on anything. i just want sticky girls in my yoga classes to activate the hotties in there. But the opportunity arose out of SC mindset and how i conduct myself in the class w a certain social grounding and lift in confidence.
- A continued increased level of social abilities - power in social events, circles and even in yoga class. Im now back to a level where i move freely, i feel more confident and i mix spitting game with elicitation/topic nudging riker style. and thats just the beginning.
- shit loads of training options in the middle parts of game which many dont have eg allowing me to get my nudging skills back while also adding escalation techs without needing to spend time on cold approach or going out late nights.
- A lot of inspirations for how to increase my social doings, small things
- so many new options and connections - i add at least a person per event i do w. fresh energy and new accesses.

best description is that it adds a weight in ones doings that shapes all interactions and vibes for a much better place for all game styles. Partly cause i expect things in social relations now. and i dont care if people are social dead ends, insecure or dont return a message. I know there are various reasons for it and dont stress at all.

for me its perfect cause its just an extension of the life i already live with a few super circles for new social stimulation and experiences.
im slowly increasing warm lead centres and im already meeting and getting inner circle girls to enter places w one on each arm type.

a small, initial ecosystem is forming...


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
Tech self reminder: Spitting game
- creative misinterps
- stories/references
- future projections
- roleplays
- Reads, Mcrs
- we-things

in short: the idea of spitting game out aka taking the leadership and assertively stacking techs continuedly one after another for emotional rollercoastering to happen. Add any tech. Beginners should train this to a level where they can just spit game vs whatever they do.

Gives a presence, a leadership and makes you play ball vs more passive participations
Makes the girl react to you more
gives you varying degrees of punch.
but no matter how fast or steady you drive things, youre the force that makes her react to you..

Key is to balance it leaving space for others to play in while still keeping a certain lead of things and being active.

shift vibes in between techs or what you say eg load questions with various vibes

powerful for totally overwriting aka amogging others in group convos by plowing through them when they seek to overtake or misrepresent. can be amplifiec w voice increase too. Be balanced and attentive to onlookers level of compassion and pondus as it can appear douche.
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