1. B

    Any advice on artsy girls?

    So I've realized that I have a type. Artsy girls. I've been thinking about my past relationships and I've realized that the main reason why they never worked out is because they just haven't been my type. I like creative girls. I myself am a film maker. And I'm interested in girls who have an...
  2. M

    FR Accidental Sniper Approaches

    HBEastAfrican (Last Monday) 40-50 minute interaction(?) Something about africans and having dat ass. Well I hope so because it was hard to tell with her jacket. She had a very nice shape though. What I looked like sort of. Rough draft of what I was wearing Red sweater fit (Close to this)...
  3. O

    [Urgent Help] How do I connect with a girl (who likes me) in my class to move things forward from general small talk to building personal connection?

    Hello, everyone. I am just starting out on this journey of understanding pickup/game. And, needed some solid advice on how to progress things forward. The thing is I am in college right now, and there's this girl with whom I have a class together. It's only been a few days/classes, and we...
  4. M

    The Return Of The Mack

    Intro- 11/15/21 Wassup playas! I'll be chronicling my adventures with women, along with what I'm thinking about during the process, in this journal. Back in my high school years, I had some success with women without knowing pick up artists even existed. I pulled mostly from social circle...
  5. Lobo

    LR Mr. Worldwide

    Where do we begin? It seemed today, I found myself in unique circumstances only befitting a ladykiller. Lunch With Social Circle.... Oblivious to HB? First I'm just shooting the shit, talking with my girl friends over dinner, when a group of girls come in and sit right next to us. I didn't...
  6. F

    College dating tips other than Cold Approach?

    Hey so I've recently went back to college to finish my degree. I'm a senior so I only have 1 year left. The thing is, I don't have time to slow game and build a huge social circle, yet cold approach doesn't really work at college (from my experience). Most girls care about their reputations and...
  7. Lobo

    FR+ Two botched escalations

    Saturday, May 1st Had a lot of fun tonight... learning about SMMA has really skyrocketed my game as using techniques such as the rainbow ruse has given me this mystifying vibe complemented by my sexual voice, eye contact, and smile which all added up to stupefyingly quick escalations tonight...
  8. Lobo

    Lobo - Sexiest Man Alive

    I've lurked around this site for long enough, and after seeing the results of people like Lofty, someone who is also a college student, I've decided to commit myself further to this hobby so that I may eventually drown myself in the slippery, warm embrace of results. Before embarking on this...
  9. Beck Bass

    LR Using Some Silly Meme to Sleep With My Crush From University

    I was at a university party with my buddy, I had already made out with a bunch of chicks (I tend to lose memory in those crazier parties, drinking lots of Vodka Redbull, good thing my friend keeps counting lol), one of them being from one of my classes (I just told her to meet me using IG...
  10. WittyJester

    How to find parties

    How do I find parties. People always say if you wanna party you can find a party but I can’t find anyone who parties.
  11. WittyJester

    Socializing BMOC

    Wondering how to do BMOC game when I’m 20 but did not attend school. How do I get the college experience if I did not attend school?
  12. C

    Resident Looking for NYC Wings

    Whats up guys, my names Chase. Ive been in the game for almost 2 years but havent had much success running solo game. Im from NYC and live around the Queens area. Looking for wings or anyone serious about improving their game. Feel free to message me and lets connect