PH's Daygame: I meet girls.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 30
Went out at night. Had time constraints. Walked fast. Talked fast. Realize that my AA is back in full force after not sarging for a week. Getting back into the game. Approached 3 girls today.

1st girl I ejected too early after opening as my mind literally blanked out.
2nd girl didn't understand me, but I complimented her square earrings, she said she didn't understand English. I asked whether she was from Malaysia. She said she needed to go somewhere. I told her to stay but she left.
3rd girl I opened, she continued walking and said thanks. I decided not to follow her.

- Made a couple of noob mistakes
Talking too fast, increasing my anxiety and making it hard for her to understand
Ejecting too early for the 2nd girl


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 31
Getting back to a regular sarging schedule. Today was great. Approaches 1 after the other, very fluid, did the whole thing in less than 1 hour. Conversations didn't last long as I told myself that the main purpose was to get the approaching flow back. Some were due to rookie mistakes like not showing enough warmth. Learning how to use the skeptical look to get women investing more into the conversation, so it sometimes backfired as girls think I'm cold.

Approached 7 girls in total today, 1 of them lead to a longer conversation

Me: Hey, do you know where the library is?
Her: I dont know I'm new here myself.
Me: Actually I just thought u looked really cute and I want to come and say hi
Her: I think its at pasir ris (she completely ignored my compliment)
Me: Oh really, my friend told me got one here
Her: Idk, let me check google for you.
Me: So which place are you more familiar
Her: Usually I am at AMK
Me: So you arent familiar here
Her: Yeah I came here looking for my cousin.
Me: Oh, your cousin lives near here?
Her: Nope
Me: Then why here though?
Her: We are meeting here first, then we go to lucky plaza
Me: Ohhh, I like that place, it has a lot of cheap food there and it tastes good.
Her: Yeah, also have Philippino stuff over there
Me: I used to work at Mount E hospital there myself, I always go there for lunch
Her: Oh

I left her after the first pause, as I didn't really find her attractive but I needed to approach. More for momentum. Onwards to tomorrow!


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Month of June Summary!
1) 18 days of sarging
2) Approached approximately 100+ women
3) Number closed 9
4) Dates 0 day game, 5 online, 2nd dates 1
5) K close/F close 0

Verdict: Meh, everyone's gotta start somewhere

Can definitely do better next month
July Summary/Progress
1) 13 days of sarging
2) Number closed 2
3) Dates 0 day game, 4 online, 3rd, 4th and 5th dates once
4) K close 1/F close 0

Verdict: Decent, especially since it was a shorter month for me


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 32
Once again, fast approaches. I tried a shotgun approach, approaching many women regardless of my type or not. It helped to speed up the process, allowing me to approach more women and gain more social momentum.

Approached 9 girls today, but only about 2 were noteworthy.

Girl 1
Back to my indirect direct (InDi)

Opened InDi
Me: Actually your shirt is really cute. Where did u buy it from?
Her: Haha its actually my work shirt
Me: Really, it looks really unique haha, from Japan
Her: Yeah.
Her: Oh this place does not have [store name]
Me: Ah crap I wanted to buy a telephone for my home
Her: Yeah I think u need to go to [place] instead
Me: Alright cya

Girl 2 - Not breaking circle for strangers
Opened InDi. She was an older girl so I didn't feel like approaching her. As I walked past her, I changed my mind and opened her as it was really convenient

Me: Actually I saw you standing here and I have to say that your dyed hair is beautiful
Her: Huh?
Me: Where did u dye your hair from?
Her: Singapore. I am from Myanmar
Me: That's really cool, I can show you around and be your tour guide
Her: What
Me: Tour guide
Her: (still looks confused)
Me: I will bring you around Singapore
Her: Ohh thank you

Random auntie who intruded into our conversation speaking Chinese, who I assume to be asking for directions.
Aunt (facing me): Where to go to this place?

The first time she said it, my attention faltered. I recovered quickly and maintained my full presence to talking to the girl.

Me: So what brought you to Singapore?
Her: Me, I came here for work
Aunt (facing me): Do you know where to go ...

Me: Oh how long have you been here already?
Her: 5 years
Aunt repeats herself again

Me: Wow that's a really long time
Her: Yeah

The random auntie finally gave up and asked someone else.
However, my girl walks off.

Proud of myself for not breaking circle. More momentum tomorrow. To stay in set for longer.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Oct 21, 2020
Hey man. Respect the hustle.

Proud of myself for not breaking circle.
Correct me if I'm wrong...but I think you're not supposed to break circle when you're in a more intimate conversation. When you're really vibing with the girl.

Seems like in this situation, you may hav come across as rude when you ignored that auntie. Perhaps that's why your girl walked away?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Seems like in this situation, you may hav come across as rude when you ignored that auntie. Perhaps that's why your girl walked away?
Don't think so. If she really felt I was rude, she could have stop chatting and attended to the auntie.

I would say I felt like our connection wasn't that strong because my game isn't good. I feel rusty on the fundamentals like talking slowly. Plus, my approach anxiety is back so I was speeding through conversations.

Foreign girls need slow conversation as their English isn't always that good.

Respect the hustle.
You too! You do journals?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 33
Another day, another lay... Yeah I wish. Eventually I will be there. But for now,
Another day, another number. We got 1 number today!

Spoke to 11 girls, most of which were fluff talk. I feel way too nervous, and my brain freeze and I can't think. Sometimes I even tell the girls that I am nervous, but my body is clearly calm so they think I am trolling them. I will be focusing on 2 of them in particular.

Girl 1
Opened with indirect direct (InDi) inside a book store.

Me: Hey do you know where typo is?
Her: Its here
Me: Oh (me pretending). Actually I came here because I saw u and I think u are really cute.
Her: Thanks
Me: My name's x
Her: I'm x
Me: You seem really artistic. Are you studying at the art school?
Her: Nope
Me: Oh really, u do science?
Her: Nope
Me: What wait, you don't learn arts or science, then what do you do?
Her: I did art when I was younger, now I am working in a office
Me: Ohhh
Her: By the way I gotta go
Me: Thats interesting, I never thought an art student would work like in an office job. What arts did u study?
Her: Fine arts.
Me: So you draw like really beautiful pictures
Her: It's not that great haha
Me: Really? That's what every artist says, until you see their work like wow
Her: Ok I really got to go.
Me: Cya

Girl 11
Opened InDi in front of a cake store. She was waiting for her friend in the queue standing there. I didn't intro my name.

Her: Explaining to me how to go to the destination
Me: (Interrupting her last words) Actually I saw your outfit and I thought it was really cute
Her: Thanks
Me: You seem like a - you seem really fit. Like you move around a lot, really jumpy haha. Are you a dancer?
Her: Haha nope.
Me: Oooh so what do you do for fun?
Her: I like reading like non-fiction books
Me: What books (I couldn't hear her, I did a skeptical look)
Her: Non-fiction books
Me: Oh those with the real life people huh
Her: Yeah

Her friend came back and waited politely at the side, not interrupting our conversation.

Me: Are you from Singapore, you seem like you are from somewhere else
Her: I am from Myanmar.
Me: Oh that's cool, I like meeting new people.

She starts to notice that her friend is waiting for her

Her: Oh yeah my friend.
Me: Lets go for coffee or tea some other time.
Her: Sure
Me: Let me add you on my phone

I notice her friend staring at me while she was typing into my phone her number. I tried to smile at her but she ignored me. She extended her hand out, and I just shook it

Me: Nice to meet you
Her: Nice to meet you

Speed was good -> I overcame my AA by maintaining social momentum, talking with girls, retail staff, random girls
Anxiety -> Breathe more when anxious to prevent brain freeze


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 34
Another day, another number.
Spoke with 12 girls today. Detailed 3 interactions.

Girl 5
Opened her at the corner while she was walking in my direction with indirect direct (InDi)

Me: Actually I thought that u look really cute and I wanted to come and say hi.
Her: Hi (Blushes*)
Me: What brought you here?
Her: I was about to meet a friend around here who is working

Me thinking in my head that she was going to go off very soon as soon as she said that she had to meet her friend. However, she continued to stay and talk.

Me: Oh wow do you work here or something?
Her: Nope, I am still studying
Me: No way, so you came here all the way so you could talk to her while she works?
Her: Yeah, I mean I can sit down while she works
Me: That's some real dedication haha. So you were saying you were studying right
Her: Yeah I am currently aiming to go into university.
Me: Haha reminds me of myself. Whats your interest?
Her: IT (something something). I like to do coding.

I hit her with my questioning look.

Her: Yeah you know coding is like necessary for all the IT processes like for example healthcare systems and the UIs all require like some coding work to run.
Me: Oh I get that, I'm in healthcare too and all the programs we run need coders like yourself
Her: Haha I am not that good yet haha, I am still studying
Me: Eventually you will be in charge of these systems! Really great.

We moved on to talk about her hobbies and why it was harder for her to get into university from the polytechnic route instead of junior college route as I had. She asked a little bit of my career and I gave her a vague answer which she didn't pursue.

Me: Btw lets have coffee or tea together sometime like in starbucks or coffee bean. Let me add you on my phone
Her: Let me add you on my phone.

I hesitated, is she interested or not, I thought to myself.

Me: Ok add me and then hit me with a miss call.
Her: Ok

Once we were done she wanted to leave to meet her friend and I said I was going to do more shopping. Looking back I should've tried to do an insta-date. She really didn't seem like she was in a rush to meet her friend. Taking her number was good but I think she won't reply.

Girl 6
Opened a girl in a shop selling adidas shoes with InDi

Me: Actually I just thought you looked really cute and I wanted to come and say hi
She seemed hesitant like she wanted to go but was not too sure
Me: What brought you here today?
Her: I am waiting for a friend. You?
Me: I am waiting for a friend too. Oh cool we both are.

She did not reply for 2 seconds

Me: Whats your name btw?
Her: xxx
Me: That's a really unique name, I'm xxx.

Hesitant handshake on her part.

Me: Why bugis though, why not meet your friend at the zoo or the gardens
Her: Oh she works around here and I work somewhere closeby too
Me: I see! Lets go for a walk around here
Her: It's ok, my friend coming in 5-10 minutes
Me: Ah, then we walk for awhile about few minutes
Her: Nope

Looking back I should have insisted more for practice.

Girl 12
Opened a girl who was standing. Indi opener

Me: Actually I just thought you looked really cute and I wanted to come and say hi
Her: Thank you
Me: You seem like a Malaysian girl. Where are you from
Her: Nope I am from Singapore. What made you think that, are you malaysian?
Me: Me, I live here since forever like 20 over years.
Her: Haha, people who live in indonesia identify indonesians easily
Me: Oh like if you live in Singapore you can identify Singaporeans easily in another country
Her: Yeah exactly.
Me: I can tell you are active! Do you play sports?
Her: Yeah I am I actually do rock climbing.
Me: Wow, that's unexpected. You don't seem like a rock climber
Her: Haha why?
Me: You are really tall and most of the other climbers are shorter and it's like easier
Her: Yeah that's true. Hold on I got a call
Me: Sure, no problem

I used my own phone while she answered her call. Then in the middle, she told me she was meeting her boyfriend. Aww. I left soon after.

Speed was GREAT -> Did everything in 1.5 hours
Facial expression faltered sometimes-> Need to visualize warmth
Increase compliance
Move girls


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jun 17, 2022
12 girls in 1.5 hours? That's some action.

Do you feel your state improved/got worse towards the end of the session?



Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
12 girls in 1.5 hours? That's some action.

Do you feel your state improved/got worse towards the end of the session?


Hey En, thanks!

When I started that day I didn't think that I would talk to that many girls. It felt really long even though it was only 1.5 hours. The other time I tried to do something similar I failed. So I felt really proud to have done that. I believe the key is to keep talking.

As I started sarging that day, I was in a nervous mood with a lack of social momentum. Definitely my initial state was not the best for approaching, so I just ask for directions for about 4 people until I feel ready to open with indirect direct. I missed a lot of opportunities that were difficult to get, but do not distract yourself with these difficult opportunities (girls who were walking fast, in their own interactions, with their boyfriend, in a small group) Instead, I focused all my attention on the solo girls, at times following them up and down the escalators before opening them, or walking beside them till it's less busy or less noisy and then open by the side. That was how I started the first few approaches. Usually they are the ones who are easier to approach(sitting down, standing nearby waiting for someone, walking slowly). My state slowly improves as my social momentum builds up. Everything goes according to plan and my momentum engine is sustained for a couple of approaches.

Unfortunately, not everything will go according to plan. I will meet one or two girls who reject me politely, if not harshly. Sometimes it affects me mildly and I will just continue sarging. Other times, I am greatly affected and I stop sarging for a couple of minutes, taking a rest and there goes my social momentum. Once I restart after resting, the key is to talk with anyone. If you don't feel comfortable continuing doing direct approaches, it is ok, don't talk to them. Talk to everyone else. Ask directions if necessary. Talk to staff, ask them for recommendations. Minimize the time spend not talking to anyone as far as possible. Slowly build up until you feel comfortable to open direct again.

I keep approaching until I hit my target for the day. Usually towards the end I will feel happier because I know it's meal time and I love to eat. So to answer your question yes, my state tends to improve towards the end, but sometime it worsens if I get a string of rejections.

Have fun approaching more women!


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 35
Another day, another number?

I did only 1 approach today ... and it was an insta-date :)
It's been years since I had an insta-date so I'm really proud of myself.


Saw a thin girl with brown hair sitting on a stone bench and I was thinking to myself "Omg this is gonna be so awkward if I am going to be locked in sitting beside the girl and she ignores me". Went in with indirect direct.

Description: Her face was slightly oval, with abit of pimples on the top of the face, wearing white glasses with rectangular frames. Her hair was dyed brown with slight new hair being black slowly grown out. She was wearing a brown top unbuttoned overshirt, white undershirt and white short.

Me: Actually you looked really cute and I want to come and say hi!
Her: Thank you (typical calm reaction)
Me: So what brought you here today?
Her: Just taking a walk
Me: Oooh why here though, why not like at orchard or gardens by the bay?
Her: I just came to Singapore on 3rd august
Me: Wow, so you are really new here
Her: Yeah. How about you?
Me: I live here all my life for about 20 over years.
Her: Ah you must know this place well then.
Me: Yeah, I could show u around when I am free.
Her: Haha, I am free on weekends
Me: Btw, my name's xxx
Her: I'm xxx


Me: So why did u come here and not like Australia

I gave her my skeptical eye look because I wanted to learn more about her.

Her: I came here to work as a nurse, I mean nursing assistant. Back in Philippine I am a registered nurse, but they don't recognise it over here. So I work as a nursing assistant.
Me: Thats really cool, I like people who take care of others. They give themselves to help others live better.
Her: Yeah. What do you work as?
Me: I'm in healthcare too.

I wanted to find out her logistics, as I was hungry and ready for food. I hope she was on the same page but she wasn't.

Me: Oh yeah, are u hungry?
Her: I will be eating at home.
Me: Where do you live?
Her: (She lives around here)
Me: Alright, I wanted to eat, but since you aren't hungry lets go for a walk then.
Her: Ok

I half expected her to say no. Silly me. I stood up and she followed me

Walking together!

We started walking towards a shopping mall. I was just talking fluff, finding out about her hobbies (tiktok dancing), what she does beside work (she just arrived), where she stays (apparently she has a roommate and they live together). I liked how she deliberately walk really close to me, a lot of incidental arm to arm contact. As we entered the shopping mall, we went into one of the shops and I teased her.

Me: Hey, you should wear this is looks good haha (I held a denim jacket pulled straight out of the store rack).
Her: Yeah looks good
Me: Come over here you so far (she was standing about 1 metre away)
Her: I can see from here

I compared the shirt briefly before putting it back

Me: Okay now u select something for me
Her: But there is only girl's clothes here
Me: I still look good in womens clothing
Her: Haha

We continued walking to the back of the mall and to the 2nd floor. I continued the fluff talk and directed her around (Lets go here. Go there. Follow me) to a food court at level 2. It was half full of people.

Dinner for 1!

Me: Hey, lets go for food. Oh wait you are eating at home. Watch me eat then.
Her: Ok

She sat at a table while I ordered my food. She started taking out and using her mobile phone. I came back with my food. I noticed her mobile phone was cracked.

Me: Oh my, that one is cracked bad.
Her: Yeah (She showed me as I motioned it over)
Me: Reminds me of my old phone. Had spider cracks all over and small glass pieces coming out every now and then. It was bad.
Her: Oh no
Me: You should repair yours like as soon as possible.
Her: It's ok

I started eating while she used her phone.

Me: Oh yeah u do tiktok?
Her: Yeah
Me: Show me your tiktok

She showed me her account, her roommate's photo. Apparently her roommate is attached. Then a couple of videos on her tiktok dances, including one where she was trying to be sexy. She was self consciously embarrassed haha. (Oh man I missed an easy chase frame here. Could've said Hey you trying to turn me on?) I asked for her number.

Me: You dance really well for someone who has never had dance lessons. A bit stiff here and there, but overall great.
Her: Thank you haha

I made a mistake by going back to talk about her phone and how she needs to repair it. I cared about it too much. Then I asked her whether she plays games on her phones

Her: Yeah I play mobile legends. How about you?
Me: I used to play dota, then I played League of Legends
Her: Oh league of legends.
Me: Yeah, who are you playing mobile legends with?
Her: My friend.
Me: Oh you have a clan?
Her: Nope

Eventually I finished my dinner. It was a mix of her checking her phone and talking to me. Looking back I felt that I should've asked her to put her phone away, but at the same time I felt like I wasn't paying her full attention too.

Walking again

I finished eating and we walked again. This time I directed her towards a phone repair shop. She instinctively avoided the shop as I wanted to talk to the shop staff.

Me: No I don't want them to repair your phone. I just want to ask how much it would be to replace the cracked screen
Her: No (she turned away)
Me: It's ok, maybe u get new phone
Her: Yeah better.

We continued walking a short while and she told me she wanted to go back.

Me: Oh I thought ur roommate is working?
Her: She ended work already. We going for food. (This was the 2nd time. She said it once while towards the end of my meal)
Me: Later we go back ok, lets go there.

Chocolate shop
I directed her towards a chocolate shop after asking her what her favorite shop is. She likes kit kat.

Me: Hey look at that, kit kat over there.
Her: Oh yeah
Me: Even the other side.

I ended up buying chocolates that I liked instead and gave her 1 to take away.

Walking again to the other mall
We walked towards the other mall. More fluff talk as usual, until I decided to switch it up and ask her out again

Me: Lets hang out again, maybe at Jewel Changi or Gardens by the bay
Her: Sure, you know my free days Sat and Sun
Me: Oh crap I have work for the next 2 weeks on weekends.
Her: Aww.
Me: Lets keep in touch then.
Her: Yeah when you are free.

Continued fluff talk to exit point.

Waved her goodbye. (I don't normally force hugs/kiss goodbyes. If I wanted to hug/kiss, I would do them in the middle of the date)

Moving girls is fun -> Do it more often
?Pay for girls if they seem poor/stingy


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 36
1 more day, 1 more number, 4 life

17 approaches today. I am just going to detail 3 of them because the amount of conversational content is getting out of hand.

Right now my aim is to increase the number of approaches gradually to about 25 per day. The more the girls, the more the chances of success, and the more experiences I can gain. I must increase the chance of an instant date with more girls I am approaching.

Girl 6
She was the store owner of a beauty shop with brown hair. I walked past her shop, turned around and walked back. Then I turned around and walk back again before I opened her. It was unintentional but funny.

Opened her with indirect direct (InDi)

Me: Actually I came here because I see you have really cute brown hair!
Her: Ohh
Me: You seem like you are from Philippine, like somewhere else.
Her: Yeah I am from Philippine. You seem really young
Me: Is it? I am older than you (wink)
Her: How old are you?
Me: Older than you. How old do you think I am?
Her: 29
Me: Close enough
Her: Oh haha you are older than me.
Me: See told you I am older
Her: Wait I mean I am older than you.
Me: Wait what. Anyway my name's xxx
Her: My name's xxx

We had some playful small talk. We were both enjoying and she was laughing, moving around the shop. Eventually I asked for her number and said I wanted to go and eat. So I left her behind. I am just glad she accepted the date request on mobile as I texted her later. Most of my day game numbers are useless.

Girl 8
She was sitting down and I plopped right beside her. Opened her InDi, chat a bit. Did not like her logistics schedule so I didn't ask for her number. I tried to move her, it was awkward as I will detail below. Apparently she was waiting for her friend.

We were both sitting
Me: Hey lets stand over there.
Her: My friend is coming already.
Me: Yeah, still need to stand up right

She switched the topic and asked me a question. I decided against forcing her to stand as I felt she wouldn't comply.

Her: So why you come here today?
Me: I came here shopping, its my off day
Her: Same, mine also today.
Me: Hey lets stand up
Her: Hesitates*

I slowly stood up and she followed me. I told her I was going but I didn't get her number because she was an older lady.

Girl 14
She was standing trying on fanciful hair bands with a large ribbon. I knew I had to approach her because I'm attracted to ribbon accessories on girls. I did InDi as usual

Me: Actually I came over here because I thought your ribbon hairband looked really cute.
Her: Oh, really which one you think it's better (the ribbon one or the mesh one)
Me: The ribbon one! Its so good.
Her: This one
Me: Yeah. Btw my name's xxx. What's your name?
Her: Im xxx


Me: You seem like you are from somewhere else, where are you from?
Her: Philippines
Me: No way I would have thought u were from Indonesia
Her: Yeah, Indonesia and Philippine a lot the same. (She went into a long history between Indonesia and Philippines. I already forgotten)
Me: That's really cool. I didn't learn that as I took geography that time not history.
Her: That's why the background is so similar.

Me: Lets go for a walk outside after you pay for that
Her: Let me see a few other thing.

She walked around the store while I followed her for a bit. Maybe I should have stayed and continue talking, but she was taking awhile and I left her.

Building rapport and repartee + moving girls -> Key to making numbers turn to dates
I try, but I keep opening girls whom I may not want to date


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 37
Another day, another insta-date?

One of my approaches today made me question the definition of insta-date. So I meet a girl, moved her around in the same place I met her, and moved her to another place that was about 5 minutes away. She followed me for another 10 minutes while we shopped in another large shop and she contributed less and less to the conversation as she followed me and eventually tried to lead me in the other shop.

She wasn't my type, but she just happened to be there and I needed someone to approach. So I didn't feel like making the effort to reel her back in when she started trying to lead me.

I approached 9 girls today, of which 3 of them were interesting.

Girl 5
She had tanned skin, looks older than she really is, whom nearly assumed that I was about her age. Instead of indirect direct (InDi), I opened her with true indirect and we instantly clicked, because she was also looking for directions standing at the side.

Me: Hey excuse me, do you know where Somerset 313 is?
Her: I was just about to ask u, where is Orchard Gateway?
Me: Haha I haven't been here for like ages!
Her: Same, I went to study at Canada before coming back to Singapore. I haven't been here since like several years ago.
Me: Ohh, you look like one of us Singaporeans not a Canadian
Her: Yeah I was always Singaporean, can you tell from my accent?
Me: Nope, you have a foreign accent
Her: Oh really I thought I already switched back a long while ago.
Me: So what brought you here?
Her: I'm actually about to meet up with my secondary school friends
Me: What? Secondary school friends, that's like really long ago
Her: Only a few years, I am in jc/poly right now
Me: Oh no way, that means u are like 17-18?
Her: Yeah, I am 17 this year. Hbu?

My heart sank. Oh well, time to exit.

Me: Me I am already working
Her: How old are you?
Me: I'm 26 this year (I blurted a random number between 26-30)
Her: I see
Me: Alright I need to go
Her: Yeah my friends are calling me as well.

Girl 8
She looked like a typical Singaporean girl, taking a lick off an ice cream cone. Our conversation sounded really boring on paper, relying heavily on positive vibes/feels. I started with InDi

Me: Actually I just thought your ice cream looks really delicious.

She smiled and look at me saying "ji kai"

Me: ji kai
Her: yeah ji kai

She showed me the two chinese looking words on the ice cream. Apparently it was the ice cream brand she was eating.

Me: ah ji kai nice
Her: Yeah
Me: Show me

She showed me her phone of herself, eating the same ice cream on another angle.

Me: Wow, you really like this ice cream!
Her: Yeah
Me: So what brought you here?
Her: I came here from Thailand, today's my last day here.
Me: No way, so you must be on holiday.

Oh man, logistics not in my favor.

Her: Yeah I'm over here for [weeks] already

From out of nowhere 2 other girls came forward to join us. Taller girl (TG) and older girl (OG). Usually in this type of situations where there is not much to gain, I would just bow out of the conversation. I was feeling the vibe and enjoying her company, so I stayed. My beaming smile enticed taller girl to return the smile to me.

Me: Hey so you are her friends from Thailand.
TG: Yeah
Me: I'm xxx, your friend was eating really nice ice cream and I just had to ask.
TG: Oh yeah ji kai ice cream over the other side.
Me: I like Thailand, also been there before. You like Thai or Sg?
TG: Yeah Thailand is more slower pace, Singapore is faster pacing of life. I really like Singapore's clean environment.
Me: I like Thailand's chill culture, way more relaxed than in Singapore.

We continued for awhile until I was contemplating whether to ask them to go somewhere with me. I decided against that as the whole group was leaving tomorrow and bid them farewell.

Girl 9
Opened mildly fat girl inside a shop and she was wearing a really interesting cyan colored shirt with 3 cats standing on top of one another. She has a resting bitch face i.e. was not so pleasant to look at, but I opened her regardless as it was either her, or underaged school students. Opened with InDi again.

Me: Actually I saw your clothes and I think it's really cute.
Her: Thank you
Me: Its like the artist saw this (pointed to cat like-prop sold in the shop) and decided hmm lets just place it on a shirt.
Her: Haha
Me: I like your choice of clothing! Where did you get it from?
Her: Oh my aunt gave it to me.
Me: No way, I bet you don't know where she got it
Her: She gave it to me because she couldn't wear it anymore.
Me: What? I thought you chose it
Her: Nope
Strangers: Excuse me

People brushed passed us. I moved forward a little to her side.

Me: So what brought you here today?
Her: I actually bought something and I came here to collect it, but the person did not come so I just came here to shop for a bit.
Me: Sounds really important
Her: Not really, it's just some trivial stuff.

I moved over to another section of the shop and motioned for her to follow.

Me: Oh no, so you had a wasted trip around here because of that.
Her: Yeah, but its ok it's not too far away.
(... ...)

We continued chatting for awhile, then I decided to move her to another shop.

Me: Have you bought new clothes recently?
Her: My cupboard is full of clothes.
Me: Lets find something nice at uniqlo.

I walked and she followed. Since I went up the escalator first, she stepped 1 escalator runk behind me, and it felt really awkward throughout the escalator climb as we both didn't talk. We went into uniqlo and saw some t-shirts.

Me: This color is really nice, its like chocolate
Her: Haha
Me: Would you wear this outdoors?
Her: It's just a t-shirt though

As we walked, she seemed more interested in shopping than talking. That's when I realize it was probably my mistake. I could've moved her to a place to sit to converse more easily so that we can build some rapport before going shopping.

I moved her to the 2nd floor and she started straying further away from me. At that point I couldn't be bothered to ask her to come back. I didn't want to follow her.

I feel it's better to move girls to a place to sit and connect better in an insta-date. Preferably a coffeeshop with minimal distractions. Transitioning is never really great for building connections.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 38
Another day, another number! Opened 16 girls today, 3 of which was notable. I feel like I am making progress at my day game adventures. In just the last 4 days alone, I have been approaching a ton of girls and gotten more numbers than the entire last month combined. I am really proud of myself for these results. It's time to bring it one step further and push for the close.

Nearly got insta-date today. I made a crucial mistake which was leading the girl to go shopping, excluding myself in the process as she went to the changing room. I had 1 chance to recover as she came out of the changing room, but I went and showed her even more jeans when I could have told her that since she didn't like the jeans, lets go for coffee/tea for a break.

Pink shirt (2nd girl)

Opened a girl with a pink shirt with indirect direct (InDi). Complimented her pink shirt, saying it was just the right color of red without it being overwhelming like a red card. She was interested and asked why my shirt was blue when it was national day today. I told her I celebrated new year's eve and it was more or less the same thing. I asked her about her nationality, since she seemed like she came from somewhere else. Apparently she was half Malaysian, and I was half Malaysian too.

Me: Actually I thought your shirt is really cute and I wanted to say hi
Her: What is it?
Me: My name's xxx
Her: I am xxx

Asked for logistics to see whether she was going to the national day parade in Singapore. Apparently she was going out with her friend and she just came early. Her friend would be coming soon. She too asked me back. I told her I was waiting for a friend as well. After that I tried to ask her to move.

Me: Hey lets go for shopping over there. See whether I can buy something red too.
Her: Wait ah, let me check this my friend tells me something (Uses her phone to text her friend)
Me: Come lets go over there your friend can join us in the shop.

She started calling her friend. At this point, it was about 2 minutes of waiting so I called off the interaction. Should've taken her number at least as she was about to leave. I felt like we had sufficient connection.

Girl in black (3rd girl)
Opened a girl with black shirt and skirts. She was a little big, but she presented herself well. Used my InDi opener again and complimented her brown eyes matching her brown hair. She was busy looking at the white chocolate jeans as I approached her.

At one point in the conversation, it nearly died because I was exhibiting way too much warmth. Too much nodding and reassuring gestures can really destroy a conversation, especially at the initial stages. There's social pressure on her to smile her fake smile. So I switched my expression and gave her a more questioning look. She appeared to feel more comfortable and less trying to leave the conversation. I went through my typical routine, how she wasn't local (she was Vietnamese), and asked about logistics. Apparently she just came to Singapore for about 1 entire month and she was first few days here. She came here to study in the local arts college. I teased her about her arts and she said she was in digital arts and animation. After that we exchanged numbers. She didn't even know her number.

I decided to move her as we talked for about 5 minutes already.

Me: Lets go see some other jeans. I mean I like these jeans, but the bottom is too big, doesnt fit very well
Her: Oh I actually like the jeans with the big bottoms, it's more comfortable
Me: I mean this one is way too large, we can have a smaller, better fitting one. Lets see over there.
Her: Ok

That's when she started following me around the shop. I was thinking hmm, there is potential in this girl. I showed her a few more jeans, asked her favorite color - black, just like what she was wearing. Picked her a new jeans and fluff talk. She wanted to try the jeans. I told her I was going to wait for her. Normally I don't wait for girls, but we already moved together so I felt she would be more sticky, especially since we already exchanged numbers earlier.

She took about 15 minutes to try on the jeans. I selected another black jeans for her that I think might fit her well. I also talked to the staff who wasn't really helpful with the jeans. I thought she ran away as I waited in the shop because I was on my phone and not really aware of my surroundings. So I decided to text her.

Me: Hey xxx, how is it going?
Her: I am coming out already.

Oh great, she didn't ran off. And that was when I made the mistake of advocating for her to ask the other staff for more jeans as the one I selected for her was low cut, which made her look shorter. She was already short. She wanted the high cut variant. As I said earlier, I could have told her that since she didn't like the jeans, lets go for coffee/tea for a break. That was all I needed to do.

So what happened was the staff gave her 2-3 new jeans, which meant I had to wait even longer, which meant I had to invest more time waiting. Whatever interest she had in me was greatly diminished. It was a costly mistake.

Her: Alright this is going to take a while (she said to me as she went back to the changing room to try the few jeans)
Me: I am gonna go take a seat first.

Me: Let me know when you are done
Her: Suree
4 minutes later
Me: How are the jeans like, did you take any photos?
Blue ticked about 3 minutes later

I decided to went to sarge other girls since I think she may not come back. As I was sarging other girls, I waited about half an hour before sending another follow up text.

Me: Lets go for coffee/tea when u are done.

Unfortunately, that was the last I heard from her. Day game can be punishing.

Girl with white outfit (11th girl)
I locked onto her as she walked onto the escalator. As soon as she left the escalator I opened her InDi. She didn't open really well, but I wasn't letting her go.

Me: Actually I came here because I really like your brown hair and brown eyes matching.
Her: Oh I don't know
Me: You seemed like you aren't from around here, where are you from?
Her: I am from China.
Me: No way, your English is really good
Her: Thank you
Me: What brought you all the way here on national day?
Her: I am meeting my friends later

She was about to leave and took one step, but I told her to wait and she turned back to face me.

Me: Wait. You can't wear that, you are supposed to wear red.
Her: Oh I didn't know that. If I knew I would have worn.
Me: Lets go for a walk there!
Her: Wait my friend going to come already.
Me: Just a while, it seems nice there.
Her: Sorry I really got to go.

It is what it is.

Lead girls where you want to go, not where you think they want to go.


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Oct 26, 2015

Girls are not your enemies. As long as she hasn't treated you badly, you can be nice and wait and give some leeway.

Shopping can be a bit much to ask right off the bat. Girl knows this could lock her in for longer than she might be willing to. You can offer to "stroll the mall" and, once there, make it seem spontaneous when you offer to try on some jeans.

Reading your report I got under the impression you cared so much for the outfits that you could just as well hire at one of those stores :)

Remember I once asked if you had a plan what to do when a girl reacts positively? It feels you try to decide your next step in the moment as opposed to have a clear process in mind beforehand. A written-out template might be helpful: 1. InDi > 2. Take to mall > 3. Shop > ...


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Shopping can be a bit much to ask right off the bat.
She was already shopping when I approached her, so I didn't have to ask her to shop. I should've asked her to leave the shop after she tried the first pair of jeans and didn't like it.

Reading your report I got under the impression you cared so much for the outfits that you could just as well hire at one of those stores
Yeah, I cared that she had the best outfit haha. Got too invested in her shopping for my own good. :)

A written-out template might be helpful: 1. InDi > 2. Take to mall > 3. Shop > ...
Definitely. I just need to stick to the schedule!


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
I don't normally create date reports, but since today's one wasn't the best I want to write so I can reflect on what to do/not to do for my other date tomorrow. It was a coffee shop date, with a girl I met online. She seems really active and likes my active lifestyle portrayed.

Met her at the first coffee shop. It was full. Spot her looking at me and I introduced myself.

Me: Hey, you must be xxx
Her: And you are xxx

I moved her backwards as there were people walking along and I think she was going to crash into them.

Me: Really great to know you
Her: Yeah you too
Me: Lets go to the other coffee shop at [the other mall]

We started walking together. Had some fluff talk about coming to the mall and apparently she hasn't been here for a long time, to which I said it was a long while since I been here. We moved on to talk about what she did in the weekend, which she had a barbeque. She was grilling using a mini-grill seafood and pork. I gave a half hearted qualification "that's cool". My social momentum was still warming up. We went to the other coffee shop and I inspected it. It was also full. So I took out my phone and checked a bit onto it, then led her outside the mall to another mall nearby into a shop that says Mellow coffee. At this point, it was mostly fluff talk, about me asking her what's her favorite drink - water and alcoholic drinks, and how she didn't like shopping, that's why she didn't come here often.

We went into the coffee shop and sat at the 2nd floor. I booked the comfortable looking table with 3 seats with my bag and we both went down to order our drink. I paid for the drinks.

The first problem came up. I had 3 calls from an unknown number. Apparently, the delivery personnel needed to reconfirm my delivery address. So I was distracted while waiting for the coffee, and ignoring her, having to retype my address onto the webpage that they give. She started using her phone and I apologized for the interruption. We were chatting again when they announced our number and we collected the coffee and sat upstairs.

I sat in the middle chair, between the left and right chair. I ended up facing her instead of facing her side. The chair was uncomfortable as it sink in, making me slouch. She started trying her latte and offering me to try. I agreed and slowly tasted her latte.

Her: Tastes good
Me: It's great

We started chatting and she asked me about myself. I felt like I answered too much. Definitely could've built more intrigue by giving half answers or deflections. I started asking her about herself. We shared our rock climbing experience. It was fun as a beginner using every rock to climb the wall instead of following a set order as we should.

We talked about our jobs next, but there was a disconnect. She said she didn't like her job. When I questioned her about it, she said it was ok enough for now. I shared about my job experience on not liking to work long hours, that's why I like my current job much more.

Somewhere in the middle, she mentioned about gym and how she wanted to get started. We connected over how covid interrupted both our gym routines and also over the same article on the internet which we read about the gym prices. She asked me about my routines and I told her about 3 big lifts, but I felt like she didn't get it. I asked her whether she knew about weightlifting and she clarified that she only knew about gym.

She didn't want to go gym because she hasnt tested positive for covid. She asked me whether I got covid and I said I wasn't sure. She felt that I was weird that I didn't test for covid and stayed 7 days at home instead.

We continued chatting about her learning rock climbing. I connected with her over how beginners take forever to execute techniques on the rock and experts seamlessly gets their hands into the right holds when climbing. Unfortunately the end of the coffee session with her asking me what I was doing next.

Her: What are you doing after this?
Me: Going shopping around this area
Her: I am going out with my friends. Meeting them at 4:30
Me: What time is it now?
Her: 4:10

I felt a tinge of disappointment. We chatted a bit more before I finished my tea and she her coffee.

Moved her multiple times

1) Paying for the drinks (Should've asked her to chip in half)
2) More intrigue and baiting the conversation
2) Distracted by phone calls during the date, and having to key in stuff (Silence the phone, it doesn't matter unless my house is burning)
3) Seat on tea/coffee shop was uncomfortable as it sink in, forcing me into a slouched position or an uncomfortable straight back position
4) Apply chase frames or push pull during the conversation
5) Stated that I didn't know I tested positive for covid or not (Just don't mention it)


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Day 39
Another day, another ?insta-date and another number. Today was a half-day sarge but it became more like 30 minutes long. I was surprised by my own abilities.

Girl 1
She was standing outside a mos burger joint. I opened her indirect direct

Me: Hey, do you know where this [mall] is?
Her: Which mall?
Me: [mall]
Her: Oh you are inside it
Me: Wow I didn't expect that. Btw that's a really cool watch!
Her: Thanks, my dad gave it to me
Me: Its really nice, is it apple watch?
Her: Yeah it is
Me: I am guessing you have an iphone as well right
Her: Yeah
Me: So what are you ordering today?
Her: Yakiniku rice burger
Me: That's fancy, looks really tasty haha. My favourite is the fish burger
Her: Oh the fish
Me: Yeah I like the filet, it's better than Mc Donalds. Have you tried it?
Her: Hmm I tried it once.
Me: Did you like it?
Her: Its good
Me: Yeah exactly that's why I always order it in Mos burger


Me: So what brought you here?
Her: I came to eat here just getting a meal
Me: After this?
Her: Not really doing anything.

At this point I contemplated asking her to have meal with me but I wasnt hungry and she was waiting for her food and I didn't want to get stuck with her eating if it got awkward. All that thinking made our interaction pause awkwardly long. So I ejected instead. Should've gotten her number instead.

Girl 2
I was feeling bold going into a clothing shop. There were a couple of old ladies inside so I was feeling like this may be a bad idea. I didn't want to lose hope as I spotted a younger girl to the side with brown hair. Unfortunately she was talking on her phone with others, facetiming. That didn't stop me as I boldly opened with Indirect opener.

Me: Hey, do you know where this [shop] in [mall] is?
Her: Which mall in what
Me: [shop] in [mall]
Her: Ohh, I think its erm...

I started using my phone while she looked at me. I went to key in google maps the place that I wanted to go, and suddenly she said "oh yeah I know where it is, I can bring you there!"

I didn't want her to lead me so I said "Actually I think I know where it is, follow me I bring you there" That was how we moved together out of the clothing store to walk about 25m to another health and beauty shop.

Me: Oh I know what u need, you need this hair dye. See your hair has some black spots already.
Her: I guess so.

She took a look at her hair.

Me: There's hair dye in this health and beauty shop. Where do you normally dye your hair?
Her: I go to this [hair salon]
Me: No need go hair salon, got cheaper hair dye here.

I brought her to the hair dye section. We started looking for a bit and she said it's ok. Oh no, she didn't want the hair dye. Well, lets just bring her around shopping then.

Me: Alright lets go take a walk upstairs. Do you come here often?
Her: Yeah I get about a hour or so of break. Everytime I would come here because it's really close to my place.
Me: Where's your place?
Her: [place]

We approached the top of the escalator and we stood at a corner and started chatting.

She spoke with many gestures and I liked it

Me: I like the how carefree you are. You can be a dancer
Her: Haha that's just the way I am
Me: Many people they are like "this they are not that fun" (I showed a rigid posture and flat vocal tone), but you are so much more interesting you move a lot!
Her: Thank you, where are you from?
Me: Me? I am ... half Malaysian and half Singaporean. What's your name btw?
Her: xxx

I took out my phone and got her contact details, then sent her a text.

Me: Lets go for a drink upstairs
Her: I need to go soon, my break going end already.

We went to see 1 more shop before calling it a day. Waved her goodbye held her arm.

Vibe was on point today
Felt like my leading skills improved


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 5, 2022
Bonus day game
Had no plans to sarge today. Worked a 12 hour shift in a mall. There is no possible way that I can sarge right?? 10 minutes to write this report, lets do this.

On my 1 hour break from work, I went for lunch and then I spot a girl and I automatically went for it. Didn't open well so I ejected myself after opening. Went to the basement, just as I was going to go back to work I spotted this girl standing in the shop. She had lovely orange hair and black hair, half of which was highlighted. Opened her with my favorite, indirect direct (InDi)

Me: Actually, I just had to come to tell you that your hair is really cute!
Her: Thank you
Me: You must have spend a lot of time working on your hair, I really appreciate people who takes care of their body.
Her: Yeah, I like my hair
Me: Where did u get it dyed from?

(pause as she continued looking at the hair product) I repeated myself.

Her: I got it dyed from [place]
Me: What's that?
Her: Its a serum
Me: What serum
Her: It's a hair serum
Me: Yeah see, u really take care of your hair even.
Her: Yeah
Me: You don't seem like someone around here. Where are you from?
Her: Indonesia (I heard it as Malaysia)
Me: Malaysia, no way, that was the place my mum was from too.
Her: Are you a Singaporean?
Me: I'm half Malaysian, half Singaporean. So what brings you to Singapore?
Her: Work
Me: Working as?
Her: I'm a domestic helper.
Me: Oooh, so you not only take care of yourself, also taking care of others.
Her: Haha, yeah I guess.
Me: What's your name, let me add you on my phone

Once I added her I had to leave due to work so I ejected shortly after.