Skippy's Daygame Journal


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Hey Guys!

I've been silent on the boards for a while but now with the updates, I'm excited to start posting again. I've been practicing daygame for about a year now and I would say my level is currently mid-beginner. I'm getting plenty of phone numbers and the occasional date through cold approach if I have (good momentum in a given month). I have a lot to learn/incorporate and I'm currently in grind mode, so I want to share my progress, insights, and analysis here.

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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
I'm no longer taking phone numbers until Feb 15th. The idea is that it will force me to learn how to get girls hooking hard. (I saw this idea suggested by @Watts on another thread and thought it was brilliant)

The only exceptions are if I already banged the girl or if she asks me herself (since...I don't want to just tell her no. And even in those cases I'll just tell her my phone is dead and I'll give her mine, so she still has to be the one to text me. This will encourage me to get her so hooked that she will want to initiate, herself.)

Outing 12-7-2019 Saturday

Outfit: Navy blue Racer Jacket w/ silver detailing. lilac v-neck, gray jeans, white sneakers
I went to the touristy place again. Crowds were better and it wasn't crazy packed today. But I was only there for an hour and I only approached 3 girls.

Girl 1: I stop her as she's about to head into a store.

Me: Hey, excuse me! I was actually just shopping around and I noticed you, and thought you looked adorable in this patterned top
Me: I'm skippy
Her: I'm [redacted]
Me: I'm guessing you're...well you don't look like a tourist.
Her: hm?
Me: You don't look like a tourist...
Her: Tourist?
Me: you look like you're probably just doing some shopping.
Her: Oh..I'm actually tourist haha. haha yea..
Her: I'm actually from korea
Me: Korea...How long are you here? This was sloppy on my part. Instead of just jumping to a different topic, I could've teased her about some stereotypes about korea("So I'm guessing you love soju, you spend your friday evenings watching k-dramas, and you're a huge BTS fangirl") and then transitioned to talking a bit more about korea, where she's from there, etc...
Her: Just two days
Her: I got here last night
Me: So you picked this as your first place to go touring? I have to say you probably picked the worst touristy spot in [city] (said with a smile)
Her: hahahaha...yea (she was laughing but I was probably still too harsh. better would be to say wildest instead of worst)
Me: That's an interesting bag
Me: Show me? This is probably why the interaction unraveled. It was an awkward compliance request and unclear what I meant. Also it was more the lettering rather than the bag itself that caught my attention. If she's not asking any questions about me(ie auto investing) what I can have her do so by just telling her to guess.
Her: haha
Her: I gotta go

Another thing is that I approached her as soon as she was about to enter a store. I don't think that's bad necessarily because otherwise, I wouldn't even have approached but this is something to keep in mind and address it somehow.

Girl 2: was on her way to catch the metro(not a good enough excuse for me to not persist). This one, I could've tried asking her to just stop for 2 min. I opened her rather weakly as well.

Girl 3: She glanced at me as she walked by. She was wearing a low cut red top and had large breasts(man, these south american girls are gorgeous)
I learn that she's from brazil and we talk about that. she says she's glad to be going back because she misses her country. She asks me if I've ever been there and I say I haven't but it's on my bucket list. I ask her what she loves about it and she says the weather, the people, the parties. I ask her what the people are like and she says friendly etc... But then she says it's also dangerous and that she can't be walking around on the streets like she can over here. I tease her that it's because too many charming strangers might come up and talk to her. Better would've been to say ( it's dangerous here too, a charming man might come up to you and sweep you off your feet/steal your heart ) During this time, she's still walking on and I'm walking with her. If I walk with her for too long, it feels like I'm chasing. So I need to figure out what to do about that. I think she was sufficiently engaged that I could've tried moving her earlier or gotten her to stop and spin around or something so I could admire her outfit. She was on her way home and I asked if she wanted to hangout more but she said no. Better would've been to use a yes ladder because there was a low chance of her saying yes just outright.
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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
I dicked around until 3pm today so I only had a short window to make approaches. Next time I'll try to type up field reports and a more reasonable hour and save the morning for work.

Girl 1: First I approached a pair of sexy japanese girls. The main girl just started speaking to me in japanese before I got a word in. I said "wut?" So then she says "I don't speak english" "ok" and I walk off. I forgot to smile, I realize. Ah well, it was a pair. I don't quite know how I would've opened actually. I was planning on figuring it out on the spot

Girl 2: Next, I approached a hot-ass czech girl who looked colombian.(her ass definitely looked colombian if you know what I mean). That turned into an instant date, but I didn't have the logistics to pull :( So no idea how that would've went, but I wrote about it here.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
I'm continuing my no numbers until Feb 13th (although I cheated a bit during break and took down a girl's number while I was visiting a city. That was to try and schedule something later in the day though)

Outing 1-14-2020
Girl 1
: J

Me: Hey :) I was just walking by and I noticed... your outfit looks really nice with the boots and the black top
Her: Thank you, I appreciate it
Me: I'm hearing a bit of an accent. Are you a tourist (she shakes her head).. not a tourist?
Her: I'm from here
Me: Oh you're from here! Oh okay, I just made a snap judgment
Her: No you're fine
Me: My name's Skippy btw
Her: [Name]
Me: Nice to meet you
Me: What are you up to?
Her: Uh... about to go to a photoshoot
Me: Oh okay
Her: Yea
Me: For...modeling?
Her:, I'm like taking photos
Me: Oh You're the photographer, oh okay.
Her: yea
Me: Well I'm going this way (I should not have ejected here. I could've told her a story about my friend who does photography and about a special tattoo she has related to that)
Her: bye

Girl 2: N
This was awkward. Apparently I had approached her before but I didn't quite recognize her because she was wearing heavy makeup this time. I also wasn't expecting to see her on literally the other side of the city. I had gotten her number before but she never texted back (except to ask to borrow 30 bucks). Come to think of it, I was even wearing the same outfit. fuck.

Girl 3: M
Cute asian girl wearing a really nice black jacket and silk trousers with a red turtle neck. She was doing something on her phone (checking uber) when I opened her.
Me: Hey :) This is really random, I just thought you looked super elegant in the all-black outfit and then I saw that you're wearing a red top. So I was like hmm, you're copying me! (No need to preface it with "this is really random")
Her: haha Sorry bro
Me: what's your name?
Her: [Name]
I think I forgot to introduce myself actually
Me: You look super corporate
Her: I just came from an interview
Me: Oh really, Accounting?
Her: Uh no marketing
Me: Are you a [my university] student?
Her: Yea
We talk about our programs a bit and I ask her where she just interviewed. It was for her dream company which makes videogames. I tell her she's lucky shes doing the marketing and not the programming since the programmers get burned out. I joke that marketing must be easy "just tell people to play the game!"
While she was talking to me she was also busy checking uber routes so I just ejected. She said bye and "maybe I'll see you around"
Her being distracted with her phone could mean she's just not super interested. I probably could've asked if she already called the uber, becaause then it's understandable. Also, I could've deep dived her on why [company] was her dream job.

Girl 4: C

Me: Hey :)
Her: Hey what's up?
Me: I was just walking by...and I thought you're rocking the athleisure look with your outfit
Her: OH thank you this is what I wear every single day
Me: really?
Her: Yea hahaha
Me: So it's a lifestyle then ;)
Her: Uh you know...Just comfortable. I... refuse to work a job or anything that requires me to wear something more formal. I've done that and I absolutely hated it. (Potential opportunity for deep diving here, by asking her about stories but this is likely to be a negative thread so maybe it's a good idea I didn't)
Me: Oh yea
Me: I couldn't wear a job--work a job-- that forces me to shave.
Her: Oh yea, totally right? It's part of your identity (this is a good place to ask some hypothetical questions about identity)
Her: well thankyou for the compliment. Even though I look like shit, like a zombie walking through the town. (What am I supposed to say to this? Maybe something you're telling me, this isn't even your final form?")
Me: Aw come on. Don't be too humble
Her: Aww stop it
Me: So.. what was your name again?
Her: I'm [Name]
Me: Skippy
Her: Nice to meet you
Me: So what do you do then?
Her: Uh... I'm actually currently funemployed (sounds like she's stressed about this given the way she's phrasing it)
Me: Ok
Her: I was literally just applying for jobs at home and so here I am, going to whole foods to buy groceries
Me: Oh Wow..I was just there 20 minutes ago(shows my wholefoods bag)
Her: Nice. And what do you do?
Me: What would you guess?
Her: Hmm. [Looks me over] Not like working in a financial office
Me: Yeah no
Her: What do you do?
Me: I'm a grad student at [university]. I study [Subject]
Her: Oh good for you, sounds like a hard major!
Me: Yea... trying to figure out what I want to do afterward
Her: That's the hard part. Some people spend their entire lives and never figure out what they want to do. But you'll get it (Opportunity to deep dive here and talk about what it means to live a meaningful life, etc...)
Me: Yeah no, I have some options, it's more like picking which one I want.
Her: Oh, yeah. Sure
Me: And what do you want to do?
Her: Not really sure at all. Ideally, something that allows me to live where I want at leisure and maybe do a bit more traveling, maybe just a weekend.
Her: Well I'm going this way, so anyway, maybe I'll see you around.
Me: Yea, maybe

This girl hooked and seemed reasonably talkative. I should've tried to find out what she's up to the rest of the day. When she mentioned groceries, instead of relating by saying that I was also at wholefoods, I should've asked her what else she had planned the rest of the day.

At this point, I was struggling to find girls to approach, and I was getting tired of just aimlessly walking around. I killed about an hour this way by trying to go after a girl only to have her vanish. Finally, I just said fuck it and approached this 60-YO art professor. She had a nice outfit. And no, I wasn't tryna smash. But it doesn't hurt to get some extra practice. I told her that the colors worked well together in her outfit and that I especially liked her golden boots. I said "golden boots...that sounds like it's from a fairytale. Oh I know, maybe wizard of oz. I'll call you Dorothy" She hooks and we talk about where we live and stuff. Afterwards, when she reaches her bus stop, she gives me her hand and introduces herself.

Girl 6:
She didn't really stop to talk after the opener, and actually she had to go a different direction. I know some people suggest the circle around front stop for killing the girl's momentum. I normally walk a few steps ahead and open her at a 10 o'clock angle. She also didn't smile back when I opened her but she did pause to take out her airpods.

I'm just glad that I'm on usual daygame schedule now that I'm back from winter break. I could've asked more Girls 1,3 and 4 to hangout right after or later in the day. No guarantees that they would've been up for it, but it's worth a shot.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 1-16-2020 Thursday

I left the house a little late and I got off at the wrong stop so I reached the campus much later than expected. It was almost dead by the time I made it.
I noticed a cute girl walking out though, so I went in her general direction. She stops by the curb to check her phone, presumably waiting for an uber or something

Girl 1
Me: Hey, I was actually just walking by that way and I saw your hairstyle and thought it looked..beautiful
Her: THANK you haha
Me: So I had to say hi
Her: Hi haha
Me: My name is Skippy
Me: That's an interesting name, I only remember one girl in my second-grade class who had that name.
Her: really?
Me: What's the etymology
Her: Um well, my mom got it from a TV show but it's um from south africa.
Me: Oh okay, that explains---
Her: It means beautiful flower. haha (Should've used this to flirt a bit more)
Me: wow
Her: yeah haha
Me: So you're a student
Her: Yes, I am
Me: Let me guess....Uh...Psych
Her: No, um x-ray tech, radiology tech
Me: Radiology tech...So you detect cancers or something?
Her: No it's like x-ray tech, stuff like that.

Here I give some backstory and guess that she's a student at the nearby university and I say it has a nice pool. I tell her I'm a student at another university and she asks my major, I have her guess and she guesses psych.

Me: What are you up to today?
Her: Waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.
He: Oh
Her; yeah he's almost here (Was this a window to ask for her number or for me to fuck off? If I was taking numbers, I probably should''ve been like "Oh so you have to leave soon. Well I'd like to get to know you better some other time. How about we exchange numbers and when you're free I can give you a call" Not sure if this would've worked b/c of the bf but also the conversation wasn't great before. She was fairly receptive though.)
Me: I like your piercing (Here I needed a smoother transition before exiting so I changed the thread)
Her: I have two
Me: My sister also has a lot of earrings
Her: Yea my mom has them all on her ear but, not me!
Me: Have you ever considered getting one, (what's it called where it goes through?)
Her: It's like one that you pierce up here and theres one down as well and it like connects but that is really painful. My mom has like 10.
Me: Oh I see, well anyways nice to meet you!
Her: Nice meeting you
Me: see you around

Girl 2:
Me: Hi!
Her: Hi
Me: I was just walking by and I thought you looked nice in the purple jacket
Her: Oh! haha thank you, it's very cozy
Me: Skippy
Her: [Name]
Me: Are you a student?
Me: I'm just visiting [place]. I'm guessing this is the college town?
Her: This is [place]. Are you new to the area?
Me: No. I just don't come here that often. I'm a grad student at [school]
Her: Oh so you're just here for an outing?
Me: yea I'm just hanging out. I was meeting a friend earlier, and now I have some time to kill
Her: Oh I'm meeting some friends later but now I'm going for a walk
Me: Oh.. trying to get your steps in?
Her: Yes!
Me: really, ooh okay. What's your daily target?
Her: Depends! I read some study about how walking everyday is actually really good for you. Even if it's just a little bit. Just get some blood flowing. (Yep this is precisely why I do daygame. To get the blood flowing ;) )
Her: It's not a workout but it's...theres a saying for it
Me: Use it or lose it?
Her: Yea yea, but also Motion is Lotion
Me: Oh I've never heard that
Her: So it's something you want to make a habit for when you get older.
Me: Are you interested in longevity?
Her: Well, I mean I think we all are
Me: I've lately started reading about it, there was this interesting book[We launched into a conversation about what longevity research] (The conversation started to get too factual here. A better idea would have been to mention that they were interviewing people who lived a long life and one woman said "to stop smoking by 75 and to never get married and stay away from men "

Eventually, she passes by a shop she wanted to go to so she wishes me a good day. She had a really high-pitched voice. it was kind of sexy.

Girl 3:
This was at a busy train station. I see a girl in denim on denim wheeling a suitcase. So her logistics are probably bad, but she was cute so I decided to go for it anyways. Turns out shes on her way to another city and she's coming from another city. When she reaches her train terminal, she just stops as if she's waiting around but at the same time she needs to catch her trains so I figure this is a good time to suggest hanging out next time she's visiting my city. I give her my number(because I'm not taking phone numbers). We'll see if she texts me. Unlikely though, because I realize she hardly knows anything about me. Probably a better idea is to have her ask me something in return à la James Tusk.

Girls were pretty receptive today. I passed up on two approaches that I really should've done, and I can do more to flirt and banter.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 1-18-2020 Saturday

I went to the usual tourist trap. It was crowded and most people were in groups, as is typical for a saturday. The first 4 approaches went nowhere. One of them, was a girl standing in the corner on her phone. She was wearing a pink top (with pink lipstick) and heavily ripped maroon jeans. She had lots of tattoos, but she still looked cute. I told her I liked her pink color coordination and she was receptive. Turned out she was waiting for a friend. So I ejected. No idea why I did that and I'm certain it came across as abrupt. On one hand, yeah, she doesn't have good logistics for an insta-date, but on the other hand, I could've talked to her a bit and tried to set up a meet for later in the day.

Another girl looked hot, wearing yoga pants and sneakers. She was powerwalking and I tell her she looks beautiful in the athleisure outfit. She's still powerwalking while talking to me. So I tell her to wait up, b/c she's walking so fast. So she explains that she was out for a jog and now she's cooling down with a powerwalk. I say "I see, well motion is lotion as they say" She chuckles at this but wishes me a good day and keeps powerwalking on. In the rush I didn't get a chance to introduce myself yet. I could've asked her to slow down for 2 min to chat. try something like "Social interaction with cute guys is also good for your health I hear"

Girl 5: J
Cute brunette with a banging hot ass. Turns out she's from france, works in Minnesota and is visiting for the day. She didn't give me straight answers in the beginning because she was a little suspicious. I think she felt like she was being "picked up". She was generally following my lead but her attention was scattered. I showed her around some spots and she came with me to this store I wanted to check out. I teasingly ask her if she's here to meet a lover and she's like "Heeell noo" so I tease her that she's here to get away from all her french lovers.

I asked her what she does for work in minnesota and she says she's "sort of a nanny" so I guess that she's an Au Pair, and she's surprised that I know and she says that I probably talk to a lot of american girls and that it's just "ugh!". (Truth be told, this is like the 4th au pair I've met, and all were super receptive).

I think Similarity is the main thing I needed to work on with her so I tried to talk a little more about my feelings like how you can feel overwhelmed when you're first visiting this area (it's a really bustling part of the city where all of your senses are attacked by so many stimuli) Also how when we entered the store, you feel calm. She relates to both of this. Also on the way to the store, I asked her about her relationship with her sister and she says she's the older one and tries to watch over her sister and make sure she's behaving because her parents are too lax with her. I could have shared a story about how my parents and I gave my sister advice indirectly by staging conversations that she was listening in on. Because if you try to give her life advice directly, she'll just think it's annoying lecturing.

After we went to the store her host family texted her to meet them at this restaurant. She was going to uber there so we hugged goodbye.

It was hard to have a proper conversation with J because we were walking and looking at stuff. Could be that she was just shy. Better would've been to sit somewhere but she didn't want to get smoothies or anything.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 1-19-2020 Sunday
Outfit: White oxford, black jeans, ox pendant necklace, gray/white marble bracelet, white sneakers(these need to be replaced now)

I went to a busy mall.

Girl 1:
Me: Hey! I was actually going the other way but then I walked by you and first I thought wow she looks really cute
Her: haha
Me: And next I realized, oh wait, we're wearing the same outfit, down to the same bag
Her: ah hahaha-
Me: My name's Skippy [Here I rushed into introducing myself a bit too quickly]
Her: [Name]
Me: [Name]? what are you up to today?
Her: I'm actually buying gifts for my boyfriends mom so I'm going to go have dinner with them later.
Me: Do you feel like theres a lot of pressure to get something that she will like? ( better would be do you feel like it's nervewracking trying to figure out what to get her?)
Her: Not necessarily. I think I'll just get her a couple things and have her pick out
Me: Yea, good luck!
Her: Thank you! Thank you so much have a great day!
Me: Yea

Girl 2: She stopped when I approached her
Me: Hey, excuse me. I was actually going by this way. but I noticed you and thought you looked adorable, especially in the gray and gray(referring to her bag and jeans).
Her: Thank you!
Me: It goes nice with your top too
Her: Thank you soo much!
Me: My name's Skippy
Her: Nice to meet you
Me: What's your name?
Me: What are you up to? Shopping?
Her: Yea I'm uh, just going to [store] to pick up some drinks and then to go to a friends house to watch the 49ers
Me: Oh is it the playoffs?
Her: Yea playoffs
Me: Yeah so they're playing the packers and it's to decide who goes to the superbowl.
Me: Oh wait really?
Me: So who else is playing
Her: Um the chiefs just played the titans and they won, or they're about to.
Me: And where's the superbowl?
Her; It's in miami
Me: Oh, so you're going to go all the way to miami as well ;)
Her: I wish haha
Her: But thank you for the compliment it was nice to meet you

Did asking too much about football hurt similarity? I'm thinking I could've shared some information about myself before grilling her on football. I've only asked one girl to spin around before and it worked well. Maybe I should've done that with her. Also I think another problem is that she wasn't locked in because we were both standing in the middle of a hallway. Although she was turned away from the direction she was facing.

Girl 3: (She stopped when I approached her)
Me: Hey! I was actually walking by that way but then I noticed you and thought you looked adorable so I had to say hi
Her: haha Uh Hi!
Me: My name's Skippy
Her: Uh [Name]
Me:[Name] You look like you just finished an intense workout
Her: I did hehehe
Me: Really what'd you hit?
Her: Uh I hit legs!
Me: Legs, Oh so your legs are probably jelly right now
Her: yeaaa
Me: I notice you have like a nice purple uh-
Her: Oh it's an inter belt
Me: Just turn so I can see it
Her: [she shows me]
Me: Yea I use one with a chain
Her: Oh okay, for dips yea
Me: Yea, I use it for pullups
Her: oh I hate pullups haha (Maybe I could've teased her by trying to guess how many she can do)
Me: really, so you said you do powerlifiting?
Her; yea
Me: you have to do snatches and clean jerks?
Her: well that's Olympic weightlifting. I do squat bench deadlift (Here I could've talked more about this thread because I feel like I changed it rather abruptly, maybe I could've shared a story about how I got into weightlifting and then ask her how she got into it. Then I can talk about why I like going to the gym and maybe something about keystone habits)
Me: Oh ok. So what are you up to(now)?
Her: I'm on my way to get a boba for my bf's sister
Me; [went on a tangent about a boba place I saw on the way here. It was a bit irrelevant actually]
Her: Well it was interesting to meet you. Maybe I'll see you around, you go to [gym at the mall]?
Me: No no, I'm just here for shopping, I go to [school] actually
Her: Oh ok
Me: Are you a student?
Her: yea I am
Me: Where
Her: [place]
Me: Oh okay, I do tutoring there sometimes.

Her: Oh cool! I don't-
Me: what do you study
Her: I'm a kinesthesiology major and I'm a personal trainer on the side.
Me: Got it, so you study kinesthesiology and then you go to the gym to do applied kinesthesiology
Her: Yea hahaha
Me: okay-- oh you looked like you wanted to say something
Her: oh, no
Me: Okay, well nice meeting you

So yea, the ending was awkward. I shouldn't call it out if it looks like she wanted to say something. She was probably just nervous. She had that look the entire interaction. I'm not sure what to do when girls mention something related to their boyfriends, but only tangentially, not as an objection. When I resume taking numbers I can suggest we hangout another time and if she brings up the bf as an objection I can say" yea I get it. how about I text you once tomorrow asking you out and once in 6 months. Feel free to respond to either of those messages or neither of them" I think it's unlikely anyway if she's already chums with her bf's sister. But worth a shot.

Girl 4:
She was seated by a table, eating lunch and just checking her phone. I walked by and said
Me: I know you're busy swiping on tinder(At this point she takes out her airpods), but I saw you and thought you looked really nice with the white sweater
Her: Thank you
Me: so I had to come say hi.
Her: Hello!
Me: My name's skippy
Her: [name]
Me: do you mind if I join you for a couple minutes? (It was maybe too soon to ask her to join. Maybe I could ask to feel her fuzzy sweater first or get her talking a little bit. Or try to figure out what she's doing first before asking to sit. But I can't wait for too long because otherwise, it feels strange if she's sitting and I'm standing next to her)
Her: Um I'm going to leave soon soo
Me: Oh you're going to leave soon
Her: yea sorry
Me: Oh okay it's fine

Girl 5:
Me: Hey, excuse me, I was just walking by and I thought you looked really elegant so I had to say hello
Her: hi :)
Me: Something about your vibe I think
Her: oh haha
Me: My name is Skippy
Her: [She tries to pronounce it so I teach her how to say it]
Her: Oh haha [Says her name]
Me: are you just shopping today?
Her: Yea, I have some friends though (gestures to the stage)
Me: Oh they're performing?
Her: -No not performing they're at the gym, So I'm waiting for them haha
Me: Oh ok so when they get back they're going to be talking about their numbers? what records they hit? (This was a bit botched maybe I can stack some assumptions like "let me guess afterwards you guys are going to go to shake shack and demolish some burgers
Her: Most likely
Me: So you're just trying to kill some time then?
Her: I have to check out this store actually, but nice meeting you :)
Me: Ok nice meeting you

Here I definitely should not have let her jet so suddenly. Especially because she was really pretty. I can put my hand over my heart in mock dispair and say "is our relationship going to end so abruptly? you can spare like two minutes right?" Also partly why she was still in autopilot is that I didn't build enough compliance. I couldn't think of a specific feature in her outfit to ask her to show me. Maybe I could've asked her to show me her shoes. I forgot to check for any accessories.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
I sort of tried to cheat on my no phone numbers but the seduction gods punished me for it heavily.

I went to a slightly far away college campus town. I had just gotten a haircut and even got my eyebrows done. I also trimmed my beard. So I was looking very fresh. I wore my black jeans, suede biker jacket (in black) and a blue vneck underneath. I topped it off with my usual white sneakers.

Girl 1:

The first girl was wearing black yoga pants and a white tank top. And she was carrying a gym bag and I complimented her on on the black and white (also she was white and had black hair btw so it was an interesting combination). She had a bag with her and so I said it looked like she had her kick boxing gear in there. She wasn't really receptive and kind of ended up ignoring me actually. So I left it at that.

Girl 2

She seemed receptive judging by her voice when I complimented her on the denim on denim and she thanked me a couple times, but when I gave her my hand she apologized and said she was in a rush because her parking meter was about to finish. I should've said something like " oh before you go I would hate for you to miss out on meeting a cute guy over a parking meter. how about I walk with you"

Girl 3:

I complimented her on her white and gray and had her show me her nails and her pendant which were both white as well. She seemed receptive at first. she goes to hit the walk sign and I ask her what she studies. Psych. So I tell her how my sister also studies psych and she's always telling me about interesting experiments they study. So I tell her about one of them, involving the mere exposure effect. But she's kind of zoning out and it's awkward. It's almost like her demeanor turned unreceptive. Then the walk sign lights up and we both walk. It's awkward and then she makes a phone call

Girl 4: hbseacaptain

I saw this cute chinese girl in a nice jacket so I compliment her on that and tell her she looks like a sea captain. She doesn't know what I'm talking about so I just introduce myself instead, find out her major. She's giving very short answers so I try to make her more comfortable by saying "yea, I'm just here for the day. I was visiting some friends. and... you guys have a really nice college town!" No response (now that I think about it, that's a really pointless thing to be saying. What is she even supposed to respond to that? "yea it's nice". If I want to give observations like that, I should actually make them insightful. We walk a little bit more in awkward silence and then I ask her if she's an undergrad, whether she grew up here. She tells me she's from china...Which is what I suspected she'd say. So I start talking to her in chinese a little bit. Just to surprise her.(Not sure if this counts as building arousal or building similarity)

Now she starts to open up lol. I'm still carrying the conversation but it's much better than before and she is elaborating more on her answers. We talk a little bit about how she likes it here compared to shanghai(which I've been to as well) and how it compares to france, (she went there before). I ask her about the kind of work she has to do for business and she was giving me an example about how she had to market some shampoo, so I joked with her that to advertise it she just flicked back her beautiful hair as proof.

Then I asked her why she picked business and it turns out her mom picked it for her. She didn't have any preference so she went along with it. I said at least you like it. I told her a story about my friend who wanted to do medicine but her parents said there's too many doctors in the family so you should do finance instead. And to this day she still resents that choice. hbseacaptain tells me that she actually wanted to do fashion. and I say "you know, when I saw your sense of style I know there was something unique about it". I ask her what she's planning to do later today and she says she has to write 3 articles so she's very busy. Then as we're walking I have her guess my major. In general she wasn't asking me too much. I realize that compliance may have been a bit of a problem. She seems like the introverted type. Then she told me she had to turn to go into her apartment complex. She stops so I ask her if she wants to hangout sometime. And she says yea. I suggest adding her on wechat but she asks me what the best way to keep in touch is and that whatsapp or wechat or regular text all work. So I decide to just give her my phone number. She then has me type in my name and asks me how to pronounce it. She calls me and I wave her goodbye. I realize afterward that the call never went through so I never got her number. It's a bummer but serves me right for trying to number exchange instead of going for the kill. I did ask her what her plans for dinner are, but she told me she's not eating dinner today. Even though she's busy I never even asked her if she wanted to keep spending time or if I could come up to her place for a glass of water. While there's probably a low chance of her saying yes to those, I should be considering those options first during my month of no phone numbers.

Girl 5:
She was walking up the street and so I passed by and opened her. Besides giving me her name, she never answered my questions and just giggled nervously. and as I tried to talk to her she pointed at her phone and said she was about to make a call. Maybe she was uncomfortable because of a language gap. Maybe I could try being warmer?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Feb 1, 2015
It's good to meet a fellow daygamer. Keep up the good work. I look forward to ur post and progress.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
It's good to meet a fellow daygamer. Keep up the good work. I look forward to ur post and progress.
Thanks, same to you :) And I dig the reference in your profile pic

Outing 1/23/2020 Thursday

I went to a college campus but it was dead. I asked two girls why it was so dead and they said it was b/c of winter session. Then I got drowsy and decided to go back home for a nap :/ No idea why. Maybe I was sick or maybe I had too many carbs for lunch.

Outing 1/25/2020 Saturday

I went to two shopping malls and approached 5 girls.

Girl 1: Drop dead gorgeous Japanese girl. Seriously. I botched my opener though. Instead of going direct, I tried to build some curiosity by telling her I noticed something interesting. She also didn't understand me and I couldn't understand her accent. She thanked me and went into a shop. She also looked like she was in aggressive shopping mode bouncing from store to store.

Girl 2: I walked outside and noticed a cute girl in short shorts. She had a nice ass and tanned legs. I complimented her on the white fuzzy sweater and how it matched her white shoes. I should've made an insight but I didn't. We talked a bit about the city and what she does and how she wants to move back to where she grew up. We talk about the people in our current city and how they compare with the people in our old city. The conversation wasn't completely dead but it wasn't great either. She was contributing though. I couldn't really figure out how to tease her or banter with her much. She's a real estate agent. I realized I could've asked my question about that. Then she turned and had to go

Girl 3: had a bf

Girl 4: She didn't even stop and just thanked me but walked into the store. I think she misheard me at the end and said "you too". Even though I didn't say anything relevant. In this specific case, I wonder if approaching from the side is a bad idea and maybe I need to get properly in front of her. Or maybe I could've done a better job preopening.

Girl 5: Instadated this Beautiful Colombian girl. She's standing around so I go say hi. But she looks at me and says "sorry no english" but not in a dismissive way. So I speak to her in my broken spanish and she tries to speak to me in her broken english. and she's giggling at the absurdity of the situation. I use my google translate to help things along. She says she has no plans for the day so I ask her if she wants to come with me while I get a coffee ( she already had some juice with her). she's up for it. While walking I learn she's an agricultural engineer and she's only here for a day. When I'm in line for the coffee she asks me why I came up to her and I tell her it's because she's beautiful(that's the extent of my complimenting ability in spanish). Afterwards we go sit by the table. I learn about her plans for tomorrow and she doesn't know if she has any free time.(she leaves on monday). Her family is picking her up soon and taking her to dinner tonight. She asks for my instagram but I tell her I don't have one and she asks why?!. I say it's b/c I'm very busy and she understands. So I give her my whatsapp instead. She texts me and she puts in her full name.. After some time she has to go because her family is here to pick her up.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 1-26-2020
Today was a pretty good outing, but exhausting. I instadated 2 girls. I was wearing a purple crew neck long-sleeve shirt, (medium) gray jeans, a blue racer jacket, and white sneakers. I went to the usual tourist spot.

Girl 1: This was a blowout. Problem is, there was a huge siren that went off while I was delivering my opener and we were crowded by people. She just waved me off. I'm not sure if she even heard me.

Girl 2: Chilean girl with a nice ass. I instant dated her.

Girl 3: I told her she looked radiant and asked her what she did in the city. She was nice, but didn't really respond to what she did. I'm thinking I came off too high energy for her. She had to turn the corner and that was that.

Girl 4: She was on her way to a yoga class, but she stops to talk for a couple of seconds. I have her tell me something about herself(i.e what she does) and then she says she needs to leave. So before she finishes her sentence I cut her off and tell her I get that she probably has to go to class. I suggest we exchange numbers...(it just happened instinctively. I know I'm not supposed to technically). She offers her instagram, but I say I stay off of it, so I put my number down in her phone and tell her to text me. She's very receptive over text and texts me immediately.

Girl 5: Gorgeous Brazilian woman I insta-dated her so I posted a fr about this as well.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 1-28-2020

Today I went to the financial district. I was wearing an olive green v-neck and black skinny jeans, a bead bracelet, and my usual white sneakers(which I still have to replace)

Girl 1: I walked past her so I doubled back to approach her
Me: Hey I was actually heading by that way and then I saw you and thought you looked really elegant
Her: Oh thank you
Me: yeah I just had to meet you. (give her my hand)
Her: [says her name]
Me: Skippy
Her: I have to go back to work
Me: Oh are you going back to the office?
Her: I'm delivering some food (at [restaurant])
Me: Oh I've never been there
Her: you should check it out, it's good
Me: Yeah I've heard their pizzas are good

Then I ask her a bit about where she's from. I say I moved here about 2 and a half years ago and then say I'm originally from the east coast. " I go to school at [place]". Then the signal changes and she goes off. I couldn't figure out what to tease her on or what to banter on here. I'm also thinking maybe I could've used some curiosity gambits to get her more hooked. And I forgot to ask for compliance.

Girl 2: She was overjoyed by the compliment but she didn't seem to want to talk much because she said "thank you for the compliment" as if to end the conversation. she said she was going to pick up some lunch, and then go back to work. This is where I need to work on getting girls out of autopilot or getting them to ease up on their fixed plans...just for 2 minutes so I can get to know them a little bit.

Girl 3:
Me: Hi, excuse me, really random I was actually just coming by from over there...
Her: yea?
Me:...and I love the all black outfit
Her: Thank youuu!
Me: I think it really matches your hair
Her: thank you
Me: I just had had to meet you
Her: Nice to meet you. What's your name?
Me: Skippy
Her:[name] Nice to meet you
Me: Are you going to work?
Her: Um yea I'm going back to work
Me: let me guess. something
Her: No public health
Me: Oh so you must be super busy now with all the...
Her: Oh yea
Me: Are you on high alert or something
Her: Yes I am
Me: oh okay, so what kind of work does it involve?
Her: [state]
Me: [state]
Her: [state] children
Me: That's pretty noble
Her: Yea! I love it
Me: Okay well nice meeting you

Here I left because it felt like I was chasing her while she was walking a specific path and it felt like I was just following her. But she was really open in the beginning, and even asked me for my name. so I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I definitely could've done a better job with the conversation and maybe I could've asked her what direction she's headed. I could mention some information about myself so that it can motivate her to ask more questions about me.

Girl 4: I walked past her and then doubled back to go talk to her. She stops in the middle of the busy sidewalk when I open her.

Me: Hey excuse me. I was actually coming by—I was going that way actually but then I walked by you and I thought I love the denim on looked really nice in it so I just had to tell you.
Her: Thank you
Me: My name is Skippy
Her: [name]
Me: How do you spell it?
Her: [spells it]
Me: you look like...
Her: I got to [school] so
Me: Are you doing like fashion marketing
Her: yea
Me: Oh so how did you decide to do fashion marketing?
Her: Well I just wanted to do it, I guess
Me: Just wanted to do it...I guess probably because you like art and you like business?
Her: Yea I don't want to do just art because it's kinda boring
Me: So you're putting your analytical mind and your creative mind and just blending them together ?
Her: Yea
Me: That's cool, and what are you up to right now?
Her; Just trying to get home.
Me: Just trying to get home? you have to do a lot of projects?
Her: Yes
Me: Can you guess what I do?
Her: Probably something to do with art
Me: You're very close(I was just kidding)
Her: Ahhh [guesses a popular career in my city]
Me: Nope. I was just kidding, I'm a [subject] phd student
Her: ohhhh
Me: But I think [subject] is art in its own way. I got to [other school in the area]
Her: —yea I kinda figured since it's the only school in the area.
Me: yea and I was just doing some shopping rn. Are you just going home you said?
Me: Are you down to like—Do you know of any coffee shops on the way that are good?
Her: mentions some coffee shops nearby.
Me: Do you want to go there for a quick coffee?
Her: It's okay I actually have a boyfriend
Me: Oh okay no worries. Is he a good boyfriend ?
Her: yeah ahaha
Me: Oh okay. well, have a good day then.
Her: You too

She seemed pretty receptive. Since she was standing there, I should've asked her to spin around real quick but her standing there was already good compliance.

Girl 5: She was going to a meeting. Probably would just try and take down her number if I was doing that.

Girl 6: Really hot. I already hit my limit of 5 approaches and still decided to approach her. She was wearing yoga pants, a camo jacket and a pink fjall raven backpack.
Me: Hey! Excuse me. I was just passing by from over there...and I thought you looked really nice in the athleisure outfit.
Her; haha thank you
Me: So I had to say hi
Her: hi haha
Me: My name's skippy
Her: Hi [name] nice to meet you
Me: What are you up to today?
Her: grocery shopping
Me: ah. yea this is a great place you've got a [grocery store] and a whole foods nearby
Her: mhm
Me: I'm guessing you're a student?
Her: Uh no, I'm an Attourney
Me: Attourney..oh they're not making you work at this hour?
Her: Well I have a lot of flexibility
Me: thats so chill you can go grocery shopping at like...[checks phone] 3:30
Her: Well, yea but I'll be answering emails at midnight
Me: Oh , are they like the really urgent ones where it's like you have to answer them immediately or else...everything is going to fall apart.
Her: Most of them are like that
Me: I bet it drives you crazy
Her: yea it's really stressful
Me: but I mean, you probably like somethings about it.
Her: Yea sometimes! I guess
Me: So what do you love about it.
Her: Uhhhhhh right now...not a lot.
Me: oh..okay. because I have a lot of friends who work in ny...cuz after graduating everyone goes to ny... and they all tell me their work life and it's very hectic. I was bringing up this thread because I was trying to relate to her but I don't think it was the best choice. She hasn't asked my anything yet so I doubt she would care about my friends. I should've just thread cut and moved on something like "yeah sounds pretty stressful, but I bet you'll figure out a way out of it. I get the impression that you have a creative streak to you from your outfit. I love the pink backpack on you. It looks so girly and're totally hiding a big stash of cocaine in there. I would not be surprised" another response to the "not a lot" would be "well lucky for you, I'm considering finance so we're a match made in heaven. You can get me out of the insider trading charges and in return, I can put you on the board of some big company"
Her: Yeah it is.
Me: One of my friends was telling me how he goes to work at 7 and leaves at 7pm and before it used to be 6:30am to 7pm
Her: yea it's crazy hours. [the grocery store shows up] Well cya
Me: okay cya

Not sure how to get her to stop and chat for a couple more minutes. Any ideas?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 1-30-2020
I was just walking around my district and did 4 approaches.

Girl: N
Cute asian girl walking past me. She was checking something on her phone first but I doubled back and stopped her at the corner.

Me: Hey, excuse me, I was actually just going by that way and I thought you looked really elegant in your black dress so I had to say hi
Her: Ohh thank you!!
Me: My name's skippy
Her: N
Me: Are you a student? You look like you're in college
Her: yeah I am
Me: you study marketing? (a bit strange to just make an assumption like that. especially marketing. Instead, better is to build it up a little. "you look really put together and stylish, I bet you study something that involves marketing to people"--not the best example, but just an idea of what I mean)
Her: Well yes, business I guess
(I should have done a small ask at some point by having her twirl around for me to see her full outfit. She was already stopping to talk to me so there was some compliance off the bat)
Me: Oh okay, I'm a student at [nearby uni] (it was decent that I did this. I need to mention a couple random tidbits about myself so they can ask about them)
Her: Oh yea, me too
Me: oh really? So are you in [name of business school]
Her: yea and I'm a senior
Her: and what year are you?
Me: I'm a grad student in the [subject] program
Her: Oh thats cool
Me: did you recently move to [city] for school or?
Her: [I forget what she said] (later it's a good idea to delve deeper into the country she's from and maybe how it and it's people compare to this current city, but first this is a good time to stack some assumptions as a way to add banter. I've lately been hit or miss with my banter and I'd like to be more consistent about that. Usually, the problem is that I don't know what to riff on exactly. So stacking assumptions on her place of origin is a safe bet. This can be done in a couple ways. I can either think of some playful stereotypes or start with something like "I hear people from xyz...")
Me: And are you trying to get a job here after you graduate or you're going to apply for more school
Her: I'm going to apply here for masters
Me:...and stay here and party for another 2 years (okay so I tried, but this didn't really take)
Her: I dont know if I can get in haha
Me: oh really
Me: So where do you want to go then?
Her: Um...I applied for the masters program at [lists some schools] But I don't think I can get into that program they're like so difficult to get in
Me: Oh yea when I was applying to grad schools I picked them partly on good program but partly on good cities
Her: yea I think the location is important[here she had already missed one walk signal while she was staying to chat with me and I saw her glace again as the signal changed to walk]

Me: here, I'll walk with you, I can actually go this way too. So you're just doing some shopping here?
Her: yea I'm getting a drink
Me: where are you going?
Her: [name of popular dessert place], [she tries to explain it to me]
Me: Oh [name]! I know that. I like [other place better]
Her: oh really? where's that?
Me: [name] it's by [street] [The next signal changes and she wanted to cross] Oh you're going that way. Do you want to hangout someother time-- or actually are you really busy right now?
Her: hm?
Me: are you really busy right now or you want to hangout?
Her: um...I'm on a schedule so
Me: its fine
Her: sorry
Me: yea
Her: Maybe if I see you next time in school we can hangout
Me: Uh how do you like to stay in touch
Her: Um..maybe number?
Me: Normal number? should I give you my number?
Her: uhh...yes
Me: okay
[she gives me her phone and I notice it's set to chinese. I had just assumed she was korean actually and never brought it up]
Me: Oh its in chinese
Her: Oh yea haha
Me: So are you originally from china?
Her: yes
Me: oh you're chinese [I start speaking to her in chinese] what city
Her: oh you speak quite well
Me: What city in china
Her: [city]
Me: [city]...never been there
Her: haha
Her: It's pretty next to [other city]
Me: Oh so is everyone really frantic over there
Her: For what?
Me: because of the coronavirus
Her: Oh yea [talks a little about the situation there and her family] ...I'm pretty worried about it
Me: They're all trying to get their face masks I guess
Her: yea yea they're running out and I think the local authorities are really not doing a good job in allocating this resources
Me: Yea I've heard
Her: Oh really?
Me: I've heard that they're giving international students 8 masks a day and local students 2 masks.
Her: Oh yea...yea and like nonprofit organizations are not really distributing the masks thats a really bad thing
Me: Oh yea I heard there's a problem with donations, like hospitals can't get donations
Her: yea yea they have to go through some government process
[by this point her back is completely facing the signal and she was giving me her full attention]
Her: well it was nice to meet you
Me: yea
Her: cya!
Me: cya!...Also you can probably find my wechat through my number as well. you might need to add a +1 for the country code. (It's kind of needy that I said this, but I don't like exchanging numbers with foreign girls. Usually there's problems with the text going through. I much rather prefer wechat or whatsapp)
Her: Oh really, okay

She never texted me. Probably b/c I botched the actual verbals or maybe because she was slightly hooked but not enough to send me the text. Or maybe she was too shy. Of course, ordinarily, I would just take down her number myself.

The other three approaches didn't go anywhere. One girl was a complete blow out. One woman was clearly much older, but I needed to get the approach in because I was running out of time and needed to hit my goal of 45 approaches this month. I just told her her outfit looked nice and chatted with her for a couple minutes before wishing her a good day. One girl took out her airpods, checked out my jacket and asked me if I needed something. When I said no, she just put them back on. I delivered my opener but it didn't really register with her, I guess.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Where are you daygaming, skippy?
Hey :) I'll pm you, since I'm trying to avoid discussing location on this journal.
Outing 2-1-2020 Saturday

Girl 1
Me: Hey
Her: hi
Me: I was just passing by and I thought you had the most confident walk I've seen all day
Her: haha
Me: you're probably a CEO...or a runway model, which one is it?
Her; Oh, stop! stop no haha
Me: My name's skippy
Her:[Name][we shake hands] nice to meet you
Me: wow firm handshake too (okay, now I"m just being a dick)
Me: haha I'm just kidding [touches her shoulder] So are you working in [this area]
Her: Uh yea
Me: what do you do?
Her: Hospitality Management
Me: oh, so like hotels?
Her: Restaurants
Me: So you're like gordon ramsay then?
Her: No, I'm not a chef

we're standing by the signal and neither of us says anything. I wasn't sure how to continue the conversation. It felt like I was just peppering her with questions but I don't think she was reciprocating or asking anything back. I also wasn't sure what kind of compliance to get from her. Other problem is, she was still walking just as fast as before.

Girl 2: had a bf

Girl 3: she was waiting around for her bf to get off work. She was a little receptive. Turns out she lived in ny for 2 years. I could've teased her about that because she was shitting on nj and wearing an all black outfit. soo typical :) she asked me some questions and generally tried to keep the conversation from completely dying.

Girl 4: Slightly older woman wearing flowing silk pants that were basically see through...She looked sexy because of it though so I was inspired to approach.

Me: Hey, I was just passing by, and I like the color combinations in your outfits—
Her: Oh! Thanks
Me: so I had to say hello
Her: Thankyou, my name's [name]
Me: [name] my name's Skippy
Me: You're doing some shopping? looks like you got stuff from zara
Her: yea, I'm about to head home almost done
Me: Yea, I didn't find anything good today. but I'm very picky
Her: Aww [checks out my jacket] I like your jacket though
Me: Oh thanks!
Me: So what do you do in [city]
Her: I work for a wealth management company
Me: ohh money management. thats the same thing right
Her: yea. What do you do?
Me: What would you guess?
Her: Something artistic, maybe music?
Me: I'm a student at [school]
Her: Ohh
Me: but I'm in grad school and I study [subject]
[I relate it to her field]
Her: how do you like [school]
Me: Oh it's really nice. I feel like it's a lot more chill than undergrad. Grad school in general is more chill.
Her: oh okay
Her: You live here in [area]?
Me: Actually x. It's not close but whatever
Her: Well it's still [city] so theres that.
Me: So...have you ever worked in new york?
Her: oh no, I havent. We work on new york time though. I have to check out this store actually but it was nice to meet you!

So there was no banter. I'm not sure what I could do regarding banter here. What are some stereotypes about money management??

Girl 5: I approached her as she was waiting by the intersection. Otherwise, she was walking waayy too fast.

Me: Hey! I was just passing by and I couldn't help but notice that the color combinations in your outfit go really well
Her: haha thanks
Me: I just had to say hi
Her: Hi, thank you
Me: My name's Skippy
Her: I'm [name]
Me: Were you just doing some shopping? I'm guessing you didn't find anything new?
Me: no luck today. Yea I'm usually very picky when I go shopping. Half the time I'll find something half the time—
Her: yea I definitely feel the same
Me: I like your earrings too!
Me: t-turn—move your hair out of the way. (I meant to say "move your hair so I can see it better" but the delivery got botched)
Me: You've got 3 earrings there.
Her: yep. [here the energy changed. Maybe I embarrased her or annoyed her or made her feel self conscious ]

The signal changed and she walked on without so much as a glance back. Throughout the interaction, She didn't seem receptive even though she sounded sort of receptive. I think it's because she was looking straight ahead at the signal and not really looking at me? My memory is a little hazy now. I could've preopened her.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing Tuesday 2-4-202
First two approaches today the girls were receptive but they ended quickly because the girls were on their way back to work, so I hardly did any talking with them. The third approach hooked quite hard and she ended it asking for my name again. Basically trying to prolong the goodbye but me being an idiot did not act and did not ask her for her number because I was following my "no phone numbers until feb 15". Okay sure, maybe I could've stayed true and instead first tried to figure out what she was doing after target. or before target. In hindsight this was very simple. She was asking me what I was up to today. I said I was catching the metro back home but a better thing to say was "I'm pretty much done for the day. Maybe I'll stop by at a cafe and then take the metro home at some point" Then when she says she's going to target. I can figure out her logistics and see if she's down for getting some tea before her shopping. Also, I need to enunciate my words better. Sometimes I speak too fast and it gets garbled. I got "called out" on this twice this week by extroverted girls. I need to practice approaching in situations I'm not fully comfortable with, like stopped girls at an intersection with onlookers.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing Satuday 2-8-2020

Only did 2 approaches today. One girl basically said "sorry I have to go meet someone" when I gave her my hand to introduce myself. She largely ignored me before that as well. The other girl, I met while I was at the big train station. She was open when I approached her but then she said "Oh sorry my english is so bad" (It was indeed very hard for her to form words) But I found out she was from Taiwan. Jackpot ;) So I switched to chinese, much to her surprise. She was taking the train back to a neighboring town, unfortunately. I helped her find the train and said good bye. I was trolling around the train station checking for more girls to approach, when I notice her rush back into the hallway. So I busy myself with a nearby food stall as if I wanted to buy some food. She walks by and I say hi again. She tells me she bought the wrong ticket and asks if where the booth is for the train she was getting on. I made a big mistake of not going with her to sort that shit out, because I could've figured out her plans and whether she will come back to my city again (her town is only a 50 min drive, but 2hrs by public transport).

Outing 2-9-2020 Sunday

I was wearing a new coat today and I looked fucking sharp.

Today I hit up the mall and did my approaches fairly quickly. The first girl was receptive and I complimented her on her yellow and gray aesthetic. She had a really nice ass. She tells me she got it from a store nearby and then says she has to get to work, unfortunately. Should've gone for the quick number close smh.

The second girl was wearing black yoga pants (she also had a really nice ass) she glances at me as I walked by so I doubled back and complimented her on the black and green and I noticed it matched her green eyes. She stops and since theres a ton of people walking by in all directions, I motion for us to move out of the way. I introduce myself and ask her what she's up to, she says she's waiting to go to work and I ask her where she works and she says "somewhere up there" (indicating the second floor). So I just wish her good bye. Her energy was super nervous and flustered, and I thought I was annoying her. In hindsight, I was kicking myself for just ejecting because she was stopping to talk to me in a really crowded spot and I probably just needed to do more to put her at ease. Maybe I could've said "yeah I know people don't normally meet like this, but I'd be kicking myself if I didn't go for it". My tonality was not great.

Third girl was a polite blowout. One mistake I made was that while delivering my compliment I broke eye contact and looked away because I wanted her to have a chance to check me out, but it probably came across as unconfident.

Fourth girl just said thanks. I was not actually attracted to her but I did like her outfit so I could genuinely compliment her on it.

Fifth girl, was talkative and sort of hooked, but we were mostly still in small talk. She asked me what I was up to and she was "meeting someone" (her words) and so I said "sounds like a tinder date" and she just let out a laugh. We parted ways there.

Overal Thoughts
This month my goal is to be more Elegant/Sexy. I read Chase's article on it and I've decided to tackle the steps in bits and pieces. This week, I was working on good posture, unhurriedness, and deliberateness in movement. I'm not sure how to be deliberate in movement but my guess is that it means to be more mindful of your movements and pay attention to them more. Don't make unconscious movements, that make you seem frazzled. Do you guys have any ideas about this? Having good posture--pretty self explanatory. and unhurriedness. This one is tricky because in general if I'm trying to catch up to a briskly walking girl I'll have to hurry a little bit to get to her. In general though this means being on top of your schedule so that you're not running around like a headless chicken. It also means I need to talk slower, and not be in a rush to get my words out, Something which I have to still work on. I'll add good eye contact this week. And then it starts to differentiate between elegant and sexy. I think I'll pick elegant first and then add on sexy. Not sure though.
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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
Outing 2/11/2020-Tuesday
Did 5 approaches today(although the 5th was a cop-out). I was wearing a black v-neck, black jeans, white sneakers (new) and a gray button-less cardigan. I went to a shopping district.

Girl 1: She stopped when I opened her. I should've moved her to the side of the walkway. She was quite receptive initially but the conversation was drying out fast. First I tried to guess whether or not she was a student and she confirmed that she was in her early 20s so I asked her what she did and she said actor. I wasn't really sure where to go with that. Maybe I could banter about having stunt doubles or something. Then I mentioned that I'm in grad school and she said "Oh wow!" (imo it's a bit too soon for her to be impressed). It tells me that she was at least trying to bring good energy into the conversation. So a good idea would've been to talk about myself a little more. Then I asked where she was from and she said korea. I would not have guessed actually because her english was flawless and she didn't have an accent. I teased her that she probably loves drinking soju and watching kdramas. She says no haha. I asked her if she wanted to keep walking(since we were in the middle of the sidewalk) and she said she is going to continue shopping actually. So we walked a bit to the store and parted ways. The problem is that the conversation was really one-sided and she never asked me any questions and didn't really expand on her answers. (granted, I also didn't ask particularly penetrating questions either). What to do when girls seem interested but don't necessarily contribute to the conversation?

After that interaction, I realized I needed some water so I went and chilled in a starbucks for a bit. I played a game where I would try to come up with a silly backstory for each of the people ordering coffee. Or try to guess some outlandish thoughts that they might be having. The idea was to put my mind in more of a bantery state. And...I think it worked!

Girl 2: She was wearing black and white and had a gray bag. I decided I could have some fun with this

Me: Hey :) I was just passing by and...I like your black, white, and gray color palate that you've got going on. but to be're kinda copying me
Her: Oh haha (she checks out my outfit and mumbles something) thanks!
Me: My name's skippy by the way
Her: [name] (we shake hands and she's very firm in her handshake)
Me: wow firm handshake
Her: Huh?
Me: Firm handshake! you do something in business?
Her: yes...
Me: really! I did not expect that guess to actually be accurate. But what do you do specifically
Her: Project Management
Me: Project Management... Is it related to tech?
Her: I couldn't tell you anything about tech haha zero knowledge of it.
Me: So what are you up to? just shopping? or just going for a walk?
Her: Yea, sure :)
Me: oh okay haha
Her: haha
Me: seems like you're just hanging out then
Her: yep!
Me: Yea, I'm uh searching for inspiration in a sense
Her: mhm
Me: see if theres any nice designs that I like or something that looks interesting
Her: yea
Me: are you heading this way? Oh you're going there
Her: good luck with that
We were parting ways. She wasn't saying too much again but I could've tried to instant date b/c her schedule was open.

Girl 3: She had a bf and was doing some Valentine's day shopping for him.

Girl 4: Gorgeous Latina. Long silky hair, nice boobs, and an even nicer booty. I later find out she has a bf but she was being secretive about it at first. I walk past her and realize that she's fucking gorgeous so I double back and open her and compliment her on her hairstyle. She stops in the middle of the street to talk to me. I can tell she's a little shy but giving me her full attention. I have her move a little bit so that she's not completely in the way. and I learn that she works at a bank,so I joke that she can see what I do with my credit card(since I use that bank). I have her guess what I do and she has no clue so I tell her I'm a student and she asks me where I go.

I learn that she works as a teller so I say that my dad used to work as a bank teller. This seems to put her at ease actually. I go on to say that it requires good social skills b/c you have to work with clients and also be really polished. so she tells me that yeah she has to sell packages to the clients and I tease her that she probably just gives them a smile and they become putty in her hands.
Me: So are you super busy after your apple store visit?
Her: Yea because I'm actually meeting up with someone
Me: well another time, I'd like to get to know you better.[but something seems off] Is that cool?
Her: Umm okay
Me: sure how about we exchange numbers(better idea would've been to be more authoritative and just give her my phone to put in her number but I sensed that she was a little uneasy so I needed to figure out what was up)
Her: [she's giggling uncomfortably]
Her: I'm actually meeting up with my boyfriend
Me: Oh that's that "someone". I see. Well that makes more sense
Her: yea
Me: okay, well have a good day then

I could work in some screening and qualifying because I currently don't do those at all. Regarding the bf. She didn't mention him until she absolutely had to which made me think that perhaps she was interested and that I could've suggested something like "well, I'm not interested in replacing your bf. so here's what we'll do. I'll take down your number and then I'll send you one text tomorrow asking you out and one text in 6 months. feel free to respond to either or neither of them"

Girl 5: this was a cop-out. I don't know if she ever heard me or is just a master at ignoring people. Basically she was looking down at some paper while simultaneously talking (to someone or to herself I have no clue). But she didn't even look up when I said hey. Whatever. I was running out of time and I needed to approach the 5th one.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Mar 11, 2018
Ploiesti, Romania
Me: sure how about we exchange numbers(better idea would've been to be more authoritative and just give her my phone to put in her number but I sensed that she was a little uneasy so I needed to figure out what was up)

Agree with the bold part.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 6, 2014
More thoughts on Tuesday's Outing

I got in 4 approaches by 4pm but the last approach was fucking hard. This is my fault though because there were certainly many good opportunities but because I don't like to open girls at intersections with lots of onlookers it took much longer to find someone worth approaching.. Another excuse that I make when approaching are "she already noticed you noticing her, so it'd be weird to approach". Perhaps, but... I should be using peripherals anyway! I can go through my outings and figure out how I could've approached the girls that a passed up as that will cut down the time I spend out in the field. Which can benefit my overall productivity greatly. Imagine if I can finish my approaches within an hour or an hour and a half instead of 3 hours. The extra 1.5 hours makes a huge difference, not in terms of time, but rather in terms of my energy later in the day. And if I can't think of what to say, just tell them they look glowing. I also am passing up doing front stops. Which ironically used to be my favorite way to open girls. A long long time ago!

Thursday's Outing 2-13-2020

I can ask the golden question in my conversations and remember to do touch. Today I only did 3 approaches. I was visiting a new venue and wasted a lot of time and energy going after girls who would then just disappear (ie going into a parking lot or building). My plan is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays to stop after 4,4:30 and just head home. and if I don't get in enough approaches, then make up for it on weekends. I was getting a lot of glances today and a guy came up to me with glistening eyes to tell me that my jacket was beautiful.